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  1. That is good and love the mods for the bumper too! Thats one beefed up frog, looks like it could tackle the Paris - Dakar!
  2. Hi, Yes I can send worldwide no problem. Shipping outside of Europe is an additional £4 for up to two brackets in the one shipment. I'll drop you a PM with the details :-) Thanks, Pete
  3. Hi, I think @Problemchild said it was the front suspension knocking but I'm sure he'll let us know. I don't think I'd recommend much power through these gearbox though, or anywhere near this much to be honest. That amount of power through these gears was causing very rapid wear. Those alloy diff bevels and small internal diff gears are made of super soft metal and aren't suited to that sort of beating. I guess we have to remember these are 1980s designs and weren't intended for brushless and even lithium levels of power. Although it is fun while they last! :-)
  4. Hi, Yes As @Problemchild mentioned I've got a few sets if anybody would like them, drop me a PM. Both red and black now too. Any questions just let me know :-) Pete
  5. Hi, Just a quick update and to say thanks for all the interest in the brackets. The first sets have been posted out today and I'm looking forward to hearing what people think. The red filament is arriving tomorrow so I'll get printing those in earnest. Drop me a PM if you'd like some and have not already done so :-) Thanks again, Pete
  6. Hi, Just a quick update I was going to put my details in this thread but as @Problemchild suggested if you PM me l'll reply with the information and I can also make a note of what brackets you'd like. Thanks again, Pete :-)
  7. yes totally agree with the feedback. Would be nice to get the design as slick as possible so it becomes a fit and forget for this chassis and we can run them all we like with no clicking. :-)
  8. Afternoon All, We've got to a good place with testing. The brackets with 0.2mm of initial compression seem to do the job. @Problemchild has tested these now on grass with a decent brushless system and they did the job, no clicking! ;-) @Problemchild correct me if I am wrong, did you encounter any clicking with the 0.2 versions? One word of caution; With these clamps it’s possible to restrict the movement of the diff too much which is not what we want. What seems to be working is to install the clamps, tighten them down (you'll feel the diff starting to tighten) then back off 1/2 a turn. This gives a diff with a little resistance, but still allows it to function. Each gearbox assembly will be slightly different so it will be a case if backing of the screws, so the diff feels just a little restricted but still works. The first clamps are coming of the line now are and are the black Monster Beetle (allowing for the fitment of the rear bumper). I was next thinking of doing the Frog/Brat/Mud Blaster wrap around versions in black too then moving on to red versions of them, but I’m happy to go with what people want. They are £9.99 each for the first one and £5.99 for additional ones after that. This would be delivered to the UK. I will follow up shortly with prices that include shipping for the rest of the world. If you drop me a PM saying which brackets you'd like, I'll reply with my details and I'll also make a note of what you'd like. I will be putting these on Ebay too in due course if you’d prefer to use their eco system, they will be slightly more expensive on there to cover the fees mind.
  9. Hi, Yes that is a very good point. I'll take a look at that piece see if there is any room for improvement. Its a fairly tight fit in the pressed pate so it might be hard to get more material in there but I'll take a look. Pete
  10. Hi, The test pieces have been posted off now to @Problemchild , finger crossed they work! I'm sure we'll keep you all posted. Pete
  11. I do like the MHeald version but it had a few things that I hope I've improved on. It was a two piece plate design, a single piece of the same thickness will have increase bending stiffness and thus lower deflections under load. This new design has a raised boss on the inside to focus the support provided to the plate right behind the bearing mount and where deflections need to be controlled. See Pic. The three tabs on the old design were quite long and thin, these will be the main source of the flex when the plate is loaded. I've minimised the thinner sections where the bolts are located to reduced this potential flex. Pete
  12. And another version for the Frog/Brat with a wrap around underside to act as some protection. I've only done one side of this so far but I think you'll get the idea. Thoughts, feedback, improvement ideas or comments all welcomed
  13. Here is an updated version removing the "R" and "L" and cutting back the top edge to avoid the adjustable motor mount. :-)
  14. Black would be no worries and yep always interested in ideas, fire away Pete
  15. There is a set on the way to @Problemchild for testing with his brushless MB set up. Won't send any out until we are sure they do the job. Colour was just what I had on hand, I can do whatever people like really. I'd probably like to stick to a couple or three colours though as I'll buy the filament for the job specifically. Any requests? Red to match the MB maybe? Pete
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