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  1. You have to push through this phase, think of it like a marathon runner hitting the pain wall. I've got to the point now where the wife doesn't even notice or care that another box or parcel has arrived, she's lost track of how many I've got and why. Keep buying them and she'll soon get lost in them all, you just have to put up with the grief short term. In fact faster you buy them the quicker you'll get past this phase and into the "she's lost the will to care" phase so fill your boots and go for it.
  2. A cockpit does fit quite well, I popped one in mine.
  3. Yes 100% agree, I did my first one with stickers. I was never happy with the alignment and thought I'd do it again with paint.
  4. The 959 with the blue, gold, red, white and black all painted was a right pain looking back at it. The Saint Dragon also took a long time but it was a very satisfying having it all painted rather than decals and its lasted really well.
  5. We all know the first rule of Tamiya Club; Never talk about the cost.
  6. Or if you are a member here and get the Fusion Hobbies -10%. Without ESC £75.6 or with an ESC the same £84.60 Fusion Hobbies - Tamiya Grasshopper 58346 Radio Control RC Model Car
  7. If you don't want an ESC £79.99 :- Tamiya 58346 The Grasshopper Kit (Kit Without ESC or Custom Deal Bundle) Radio Controlled R/C Car Model Kit, Time Tunnel Models
  8. Evening all, I've had a bit of a renewed interest in the gearbox fix braces of late so I did a run of a few. All in black and both types. If anybody fancies getting hold of a set drop me a PM and I'll send you across the details. If you are wondering if they work, rather than me giving my thoughts which you'd rightly think could be biased :-) maybe a few people running them would be kind enough to let us know their experience?
  9. The link seems to work fine now or for me? Avante BS is indeed in there :-)
  10. Hi @Montium, Sorry about the PM issue, I took a look and I'd reached my PM folder size limit. I've deleted a few old ones now so we should be good. I'll drop you a PM back :-) Pete
  11. Like these? Tamiya 2595071 Madcap/Saint Dragon Wheel Axles (x2) NEW | eBay
  12. I agree with the backing with black comments. Here are a few, 2CV without black backing, it looks a bit weak and watery I think compared to the others.
  13. Hi Tommyh89, Yes sure they are £9.99 for the first brace (plus £4 international postage outside the UK if needed). Any additional braces after the first would be £6.99 each. If you'd like any more info feel free to ask on here or drop me a message direct. Pete :-)
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