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  1. Also check your pinion mesh is correct too. I seem to think it's possible to get mesh that looks to connect with the spur but isn't meshed properly then skips when you try to use it.
  2. Hi, When installing make sure they are not too tight. The diff needs to be still smooth and free to rotate but supported. We found tightened down then 1/2 a turn back worked but that will vary for each gearbox. Although if your just running in your kitchen with fresh gears the normal gearbox unsupported should be just fine on it's own for this. It's only when the gearboxes are pushed hard at power and on grippy surfaces (like grass) the the limitations start to show and the diffs start to click and the gears jump teeth. If your gearbox sounds rough in your kitchen it sounds like something isn't right. I'd take the braces off (or back them right off) and see how your gearbox sounds in your kitchen on it's own. Pete
  3. This is my shed/workshop.
  4. For me the colour scheme is an improvement for a start.
  5. (285) TAMIYA - New 2WD off road chassis!! - YouTube Anybody know anymore?
  6. Vallejo Air paints - Gunmetal Grey backed with black for the Astute vs backed with silver then black on the Zahhak (I think that is right).
  7. This is Createx colors satin pearl gold mixed with fluorescent orange or transparent orange (i forget which now) backed with opaque white. If I did it again I'd back it with a final coat of black to darken the interior.
  8. I have been directed to you because you have plates that fix the diff problem in the monster beetle.

  9. Evening all, Sorry to dig up a very old thread but just wondering if anybody on here owns my old Astute that I restored many years ago? I sold it but I forget how or to who now, long shot but thought I'd ask :-) Pete
  10. Yeah that mud blaster looks so nice thanks foe the pics. Great to see the braces and hear they arrived ok too. I think I'm going to have to get a MB or Blackfoot kit and a brat body to get one made now..
  11. Looks fab ๐Ÿ˜stealth matt black and super quick ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ‘Œ How's everybody getting on with the new batch of brackets? A few have reached the USA already which is good to hear, although postal times are notoriously variable.
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