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  1. Got one of my brace sets fitted which should sort the gear box. I've been running my test rig on a silly hot brushless set up for ages and it's doing well :-)
  2. @moffmanwow that is spookily similar! Great minds as you say . I went for the alternative box art bit it came out a bit more angular and sharp than the swoopy lines of the box art. The natural moulds of the don't really fit the swoopy side pods.
  3. I use one like this powered by a bench power supply. Had it for years and it's covered all my batteries for cars, drones and planes.
  4. Hi, thanks, it did take a long time, and at points I wished I hadn't started :-) The pin striping is all painted in a dark green, masked off with thin masking tape, 1mm maybe I think.
  5. Painted a new fire dragon shell, no decals yet but I'll see how some might work.
  6. It's a blazing star shell and it does indeed look fantastic. Great job @Kol__ !! I never realised how much of a good looking shell it is, the box art does it no favours at all.
  7. Anybody been running these for a while now and got any feedback about how they are holding up? They have been out for a maybe a couple of years now so we might be able to get some long term data.
  8. Hi PiperFixer, Thanks for the PM, got it. I'll drop you a note back now, my pesky work keeps getting in the way of my Tamiya time If anybody else fancies a set drop me a PM. Price and shipping is the same as it has been. Thanks
  9. Hi was looking to get a few Frog Blackfoot Gearbox stiffener ,How much each$  postal code E2A6X9  NB Canada

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