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  1. Hi again, thanks for you help and the help from everyone who replied. Overall i can second to a drag car enthusiast that had a drag specific car... It was quite obvious i would loose to him as i have a buggy...
  2. well i cant really find any spots to use an electric even. The only places i can race with my dad is the royal mail car parks after they have closed
  3. Haha yeah sand viper is full ball bearing, also my rear tires are really worn down, good for the race! I was looking around for some Really thick and durable rear wheel tires, can anyone help me find some that will fit my car. also i might need new wheels to fit these tires.
  4. Wow thanks, im new to the hobby so dont really know what to look for. i didnt know you could get this speed for UNDER 50. For now ill stick to my 540. in the future i might get a HPi firestorm Nitro. id really like a nitro car, seems the best out there.
  5. Thanks all for your reply's. Have just received my sport tuned and 3racing aluminium shocks. works a treat.
  6. Hello all! Today the postman brought me a tamiya 540 Sport tuned. Yeys cant wait to have fun with it.
  7. Here it is: RADIO CONTROLLED DRAG RACING This was trialled at Big Bang and VW Action 2009 and was a resounding success. Open to anyone to come along and experience the excitement of Drag Racing only in miniature (1/10th scale to be precise), from all ages and skill levels. So maybe get building those dragsters, they don’t have to be perfect (most are homemade) and we guarantee you won’t be the slowest car (we save Icky for that ). Signing on will be from 10.00am both Saturday and Sunday, with racing commencing from 11.00am. The track will be set up in the Monster Truck Arena. (See Map) The rules to enter the competition proper are below, however this does not stop people with other types of cars simply having a go, you are all more than welcome to come and have some timed runs. Rules for competition and so you know what spec to build your cars are below: 540 Size Motor (£50 spend limit). RWD (Removing front drive shafts/belts will be fine). 7.2 volt battery (6 cell). Driver requires 2 radio crystals to prevent frequency clashes. 1/10th / 1/12th scale. It is run just like full scale Drag Racing where everyone gets 4 qualifiers, then go into eliminations, where the loser is out and the winner goes through to the next round. The track will be 40 meters long, so measure out those roads, playgrounds and running tracks at home and get some practice before the event . Overall, this is excellent fun for all the family and for racers/spectators alike.
  8. Id have to check, Can anyone explain what Turns even means. I don't have a clue.
  9. wow thanks for your Pro like advise. With it i hope i win the drag race. If anyones interested its at a VW club show at Santa Pod. All 1/10th scale are allowed. max motor size is 540, But i have a 540 sport tuned to i will win Muahaha lol.
  10. well its in a Sand Viper Dt-02. in the book it recommends to change back to the 17th when using the sport tuned but i want to get max speed out of the thing for a short time.
  11. Hi all, just wondering if its ok to use a 19th gear with a sport tuned 540 motor. will only be using for a few minuets as participating in a drag tournament and i wish to get maximum speed out of my Car.
  12. Just wanted to ask if the Holiday Buggy (2010) would be able to fit in a tamiya sport tuned motor. Also would the suspension from a Sand viper be compatible with it. Thanks
  13. I used Brake fluid with my Polycarbonate body and it came out looking brand new. No damage to the body whatsoever.
  14. Whats the best way to charge? Slow charge, fast charge and car charge are my options.
  15. Ok That motor seems quite pricey but the dirt tuned sounds good. Problem is iv read other post saying that the sport tuned is more fun than the dirt.
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