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  1. thanks for the info, i have another small problem. sometimes my car has a mind of its own and just sets off on its own! is this just down to transmitter batteries being low? even when i turn the main switch on the car to the off position, it continues to run. any ideas? cheers
  2. Excellent! cheers for that, off to order one now! thanks again.
  3. i have an old volvo 850 btcc (ff01 chassis, i think). i'm converting it to a hummvee with a scratch built body. couple of questions: can i lock the diff on this chassis, if so, any ideas how? is there any way of slowing the top speed down (gearing maybe?), i dont want to go fast, just as rough as i can with a fwd car! i've fiddled around with the suspension and managed to get the ground clearance to 40mm (with the aid of sdi trail doctor tyres too), is there any other suspension i could swap to get more? if there are any simple/cheap solutions, i'd love to hear but nothing too demanding or expensive, this is just a little project to keep my going while i save for a cr01 kit! cheers
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