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  1. I can agree with you there MadInventor! Modifying, testing, coming up with better preformance ideas, then modifying, then testing, the trial, then back to the drawing board again.
  2. very cool! You are most certainly an enthusiast, and enjoying every minute of it! I dsiplay my small collection as shelf queesn, even though they are used as runners too. I'm down to about 5 of them. All different chassis, 2wd, awd, and 4x4. It's enough for what I use them for. I like to be able to drift and practice with a tt-01. Fly fast my my Group C, go crazy with performance with a ta-05 vdf, let family use the lunchbox, and then do some light scale 4x4'ing with my high-lift. I contemplated selling my tt-01, but it's a great beginner car, and I worked on it a lot, and spent a lot of time with one of the shells for it. I am more into it for the building and learning experience. I like to drive them when location permits though. It's not every day, but there is something about spending a hot lazy saturday in August sitting at a picnic table around sunset and driving my 4x4 around until the sun goes down. Something about midnight racing my ta-05 in closed parking lots, and seeing family enjoy the crazy wheelies and funny action of the lunchbox. RC's = good times! Whether building, viewing, or operating, and actually discussing as well! I'm not huge into them like a lot of enthusiasts, but this is a great hobby to be into. It's a lot of fun. I totally get why someone could have 50+ cars and enjoy every minute of it, even though they are not "hand's on" with all those cars every weekend. "Because I can", sums it up nice I guess.
  3. Thanks for this link. Is the JAnderson talking in the video? What radio and esc are you guys putting in yours? My hands are not the best, so I am thinking of being patient for the rtr xb to come out. (Note: there hasn't been a release announcement of this. Just my speculation)
  4. This guys deserves an award! Coolest R/C story ever! What an enthusiast!!!
  5. I was wondering what his name is? They don;t write the champs name on the back of these? Deffinitly look form the 1980s. "gold addonised ball joint holder" sounds very cool!
  6. hey guys, just some spares up for sale. I am open to offers as well. I prefer to sell to the USA through Ebay, but if a member on here wants them internationally we can work something out off Ebay, but through Paypal. Price completely negotiable, and may consider breaking the lot up if there is no interest in it over time. Cheers, Greg http://www.ebay.com/itm/251004705515?ssPag...984.m1555.l2649
  7. Daves956 that is awesome man, thanks for the professional advice! Bearings are very interesting bearings are very interesting considering how important their function is. I'll see if I can find the grease and cleaning white kerosene you mentioned. Thanks a million for the pro advice on open and closed as well! cheers man!
  8. Oh cool, so the fingers measure the inside of things. That sounds like the best thing to me too. Thanks again Paul!
  9. Hi Paul, I didn;t even know there was a difference. I thought all micrometers were calipers. Just want to measure small things, like screws, bearings, openings, maybe small distances of steering knuckle modifications, stuff like that. That one from harbor frieght looks good, especially with their nice 50% off coupons at the stores. Thanks again for the heads up!
  10. 94eg!, Yeah I know, right, crazy expensive. but, do you think the performance is there in them? I guess they don;t mention what they are rated at, but i wonder if the design speaks for itself. Hmm. I just realized what you wrote before about the bearings coming in a light oil. Interesting the the sealed bearings use light oil, and it seems that the open ones use grease. Seams to reason that the grease would cause more friction. Sorry, I am just trying to understand how this stuff works. It's fascinating. Thanks for the link guys on tower, I think I am going to do an overhaul on my cars to the teflon bearings from Tower.
  11. Hey Guys, Anyone have a micrometer to recommend? Nothing too crazy, but just like a handheld size. Anyone try out the lcd versions? You think that the non digital ones are just as good? I am getting tired of estimating with my metric flat ruler, especially trying to gauge .5mm and smaller. Figured a handy micrometer might be a good investment for projects. Cheers, Greg
  12. What do you guys think about these: http://www.ebay.com/itm/RC-Full-Ceramic-Be...=item20a590c181 They are super expensive obviously, but all cost aside....is this like the ultimate bearing an r/c can have?
  13. 94eg, that post is awesome! Thank you!
  14. That's interesting JJ. So they are more free, but it comes at a higher maintenance cost. So what you are saying is that the performance is better, but requires more labor to maintain the higher efficiency. Interesting. I found this website: http://www.tecmetal.com/bearing/mr.htm It shows a diagram of open verse the closed at the top as well. As a side note, I wonder why there are no micro bearings like say, 4mmx7mmx2mm, that are full on ceramic? Maybe the tiny bearings are just so small that full ceramic doesn;t make much difference? Hmmm...
  15. Used shape is okay. Prefer radio gear if possible already with it. If you have one lying around collecting dust, please let me know. Thanks.
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