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  1. Hello, Are you still looking for parts? I have one almost complete save for a broken arm at the front. I was planning on repairing and selling it on Ebay, proceeds to my favorite Charity. Let me know if of interest, 'as-is'?
  2. Dear Pals, Wondering if anyone can help with a pinion query. I have just changed the spur on my nephew's DF02 to a 55T, but I cannot find a pinion to fit, as the 55T has a smaller diameter than the original 61T. Anyone know which pinion is needed for this setup? Thanks
  3. There's also a car called the 'Quakewave' which is essentially the same model.
  4. Dear All, I was planning on working on this car as a project, however have now changed my mind. I've done very little on it save for replacing an upright. The car is seemingly mechanically sound, but there is a repair to the part that connects to the upright. The chassis and electrics seem to be in good condition, but are untested. I am only looking to sell it for what I purchased it for. £220 (Friends) plus postage. Collection welcomed and preferred. (Windsor/Slough/West London)
  5. I thought this would make some of you laugh, perhaps others cry. Maybe I deserved it, after-all, it's a Top Force with DF03 Avante wheels and a Manta Ray shell. https://photos.app.goo.gl/5Z9uDNMvnjTM3YoG7 Apologies for Rob's colorful language
  6. Dear All, I let someone drive my original Top Force into a barrier yesterday at top speed..... ...Would anyone a couple of ball diffs and front gearbox housing? Thanks in advance
  7. Dear All, I am in the process of doing a light refurb on an original 'Top Force Evolution'. I require the wing assembly parts , two if possible please. I can't seem to find these anywhere. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Hello. Is that the rear or front? I have some bits and will have a look..
  9. Really appreciate the ebay wisdom,. I'd already started this one. I have decided to follow your logic and started one for my Avante 2001 starting at £1. Thanks again.
  10. Hi Marc, I def have two somewhere. If you PM your address, I'll pop them in the post.
  11. The clear out continues. Under the guise of a summer project for my nephew, this was purchased. I neither have the will power, stamina or money to strip this down or start tinkering with it. It seems to be in good general order. I have never powered it on, however the gearbox seems fine. The body is not great for a 'shelf queen', more for driving around. It has a couple of repairs to it, and someone has over sprayed blue onto the rear shocks. What I believe you'd need to do to make it into a spiffing example: New shoes, complete strip/clean new or re painted shell and new under tray. I can send more detailed photos on request. Looking for £310 incl. postage or near offer Will keep here for a couple of days and probably ebay if nothing happens.
  12. Cheers Wills £1k? People are crazy! That's a family holiday! I got it for £460 and was hoping something similar. I've put it on Ebay now so am at mercy of bidders. I've been getting offers of £250 - £350 - I'm holding out!
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