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  1. Hello, what car would this pertain to? Would you have a photo of the washer?
  2. Dear Community, I would appreciate some advice. Having seemingly ruined five or six Lipos in the past, I have used resorted to using a bunch of NIMH batteries which I purchased around eight years ago. Now that these have started to have started to come to the end of their usable life, I am thinking about giving Lipos another go. At present, I have a 'Pro Peak (yellow)' Nimh charger and an 'Etronix Power Pal' Lipo charger. I find the Etronix horribly fiddly and inconsistent. I am a casual user and require an idiot proof charger that could charge ALL of my batteries (that doesn't cost the earth). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  3. This is a bit of an odd one, possibly. I have always wanted an Egress to drive (as opposed to sitting on a shelf) and managed to get an original one this summer. However, as it's a runner, someone has advised me that the 'rerelease' would have been better for this. Would anyone want to swap their rerelease model for my original one? Assuming that they're worth the same? It has a Carson 2.4ghz controller, silver can and Tamiya ESC. I have treated it with much care on the rare occasion it was driven. If so, I will pop PM some photos. Thanks for reading.
  4. Dear All, Happy New Year Now, firstly, apologies if it's not permitted to sell a non-Tamiya - will delete if someone lets me know. This was purchased in a lot, I know absolutely nothing about these cars. It looks to have been used only very lightly. For some reason, the previous owner was running it as a 2wd. prop shaft included. I have very briefly driven it and it seems fine. The shell has some repairs to it, but the chassis seems to be driven lightly. I've seen them sold new for £140 so was asking for £70 incl postage and Paypal fees.
  5. One of Tamiya's finest cars. Probably the finest handling and most powerful This new and complete without an ESC. £70 delivered UK (Paypal Friends/Family) or £65 collected near Denham, South Bucks
  6. Me too. I had a 'Matshushiro' Knight 2000, my first RC. I still have it, although it's in bits. Your poor Dad, they were a big thing back then. I was so proud of it, until my 'friend' from Honk Kong with a Tamiya Hornet told me that my car was a mere toy. I was so disappointed.
  7. Being a good 80s child, I loved Knight Rider. I purchased this 'Hitari' RC Car a few months ago (used) from Ebay. It sat there for several weeks until I even inspected it, to find that the battery terminals had had batteries leak on them. They need a clean and all should work fine. I just don't have the time and space to tinker with it. It's a lovely model and hope it brings a smile to the face of someone that knows the difference between KITT from KARR
  8. Hi Leslie, I'm so sorry, someone had messaged me before you, and paid while I was waiting to hear from you. If it falls through, I promise you will be the first person I message. Take Care
  9. I love the DF03 chassis, and this may be the most stunning one I've ever seen. Well done.
  10. Hi Leslie, Not sure what happened. I'll ping you a message
  11. Hello Folks, I have a Schumacher Procat for sale. I've had it for ages as was going to refurb it for someone. I know very little about Schumacher cars and too many other bits to do. My nephew keeps getting me to buy this and that so we must have a clear out. The car drive train seems fine, but the front right upright needs replacing or repairing. It comes with Brand NEW shell, undertray, belt cover and wing; and all the (period) electrics and an excellent 'Reedy' motor. I would like £140 for it including postage to UK. If this is way off, someone please let me know!
  12. Bravo to you! And thanks again for the Ansmann controller. I have paired it with a new ESC and servo I had lying around, and will be going to an old pal with TA01 with 1991 components.
  13. If that's not what you're looking for, I have some that you're more than welcome to.
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