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  1. If Chris can't find these, I have lots of TL01 bits.
  2. You're brilliant. I was thinking the same but wasn't sure. I think I may have these somewhere.. Thanks again. Much appreciated.
  3. Dear RC Nuts, My nephew wants to have larger wheels on at the front of his car. I was going to install some larger wheels similar to the Subaru Brat, however the axel is too short. Would there be a model that I could steel longer axels from? Thanks in advance for any guidance. I wish you all good health.
  4. Guys, thanks very much indeed. Very much appreciated. I picked up a 3mm, 200mm length rod from eBay. I will cut it down to size for use. It's going to look slightly different with the thread full length, but it'll work fine. Thank you all once more.
  5. Thanks both for the tips, much appreciated. I still haven't been able to find a local or other supplier for the 80mm rods. Any other ideas? Thanks
  6. Hello All, Sorry to disturb. I am repairing my nephew's 'Super Blackfoot' which is like a 'Monster Beetles.' I have read that the servo works best in the centre, hence need another rod please. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Dear Tamiya Nuts! Anyone have a shell from any model (Madbull, Mad fighter or Fighter RX)? It's ok if it needs a repaint. Thanks
  8. Hello! That would technically make you super brilliant!! Thank you very much. Let me know how much and how I can pay you? Thanks again Sorry, in answering your question, the plastic rod ends would be helpful if you have them
  9. Dear All, I hope that the community is keeping well. I have been off RC for a short while, and my first project is repairing my nephew's original Monster Beetle. It requires both the steering rods and the part ('servo saver') that the rods attach to. If someone has the parts, excellent or perhaps a car in bits. Any help really appreciated.
  10. I am about to take apart and reassemble the rear diff of a DF03 clone car. The manuals say that I should be using a 'cement' or glue to lock the cup joint into place. Anyone done this before? Any pointers? Thanks
  11. Hello. I am looking for a chunky set of wheels to go on a Hornet e.g. Subaru Brat??
  12. PM Sent - I will take it
  13. Hello! I was wondering if anyone had some chunkier front wheels for the Hornet to improve handling? Something like the Brat ones would be great...don't have to be mint. Thanks.
  14. Dear All, I decided to have a kiddy half term RC Race. They had a great day but there were some casualties! I would appreciate the following if someone has these (happy to PayPal or bank transfer): HORNET: 1. 2 Rear wheels - currently running BOOMERANG wheels which work great. So either of these would be fine. 2. Need the rear shock bottom mounts ie where the shocks screw in at the top LUNCHBOX 1. A front wheel in yellow 2. The the bit that the bottom of the rear shock attached to DT02 Front shock mounts Any assistance would be appreciated.
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