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  1. Unfortunatly its not actually related to the mini, more of a "scene" sticker haha. It also can only be bought from the bigcartel site
  2. Here's the brief; basically, I'm trying to order some stickers for my 1:1 (lame, I know!) from the states but a couple companies do not ship internationally and don't reply to emails .Sooo, as I don't have any friends in the US, could someone on here give me a hand? I propose ordering to a house in the US, then get them posted to me in England? I would pay etc, and a bit more for the help!Many thanks,Will
  3. Seeing stuff like this makes me miss messing about with RC cars! Could you shoot me a ballpark figure of what you want?
  4. Out of interest, how much would a butterfly chassis be? I searched far and wide a few years ago and never came close to getting one!
  5. Cheers for the offers guys, I've got some arms and driveshafts sorted now
  6. The one on the left, best picture I got atm
  7. Last year I brought an M03 Mini, used it for a couple of months, then swapped it for a TB01. I got rid of the TB01, but always liked the Mini. As I now drive a real 1:1 Classic Mini, I thought I'd get another. s luck would have it, the chap I swapped with still had it, money exchanged hands and I'm now the owner of my old M03 Here's the old thread; http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=70731&hl= It arrived similar to how I swapped it, minus most of the stickers, so I've added a few back on. Going to do a few more things, like wide track conversion, different wheels, and may even get round to the Clubman front I've always wanted! Few photos of what its like now, none from when it arrived, and a cheeky feature of the Landy...
  8. Also need some dogbones, 39mm one a I beleive
  9. I knew there was people on here that like airsoft! Sounds cool, especially the BF Colt! Very, very cool! I had a deac SLR before the airsoft one, nice that they strip, but you can't actually do much with them. I must say, I prefer normal 'gas' types and AEG's, to CO2's, but they do seem to perform well. Pellet guns, do you mean like air rifles/pistols? Yeh, my dad tells me stories of when he was younger, you were allowed to go out anywhere with an air rifle, no questions asked. Games are great fun! Get along to one, most sites will let you rent a gun too (in the uk anyway!) Your 'Nam loadout looks pretty badass! And nice work doing your own M16 . My uncle and his friend do Nam reenacting. Are you in a group? I've been wanting to join a group, but there's very few doing 70's/80's Brit, and my mates want to go modern! I'd love to go to a night game, but no sites near me run any, and I currently can't drive (I'm learning ), so transport is a problem! The SLR is an Ares, with genuine wooden furniture modded and put on. Cost me a pretty penny though! I'll try and dig out some pictures of me in the gear. That bayonet and webbing is very tempting, my loft is full of my dad's old gear and the stuff I've brought. I've already got 2 bayonets and 10 sets of webbing, but I will always take more! PM, if you want:) Sounds mental!
  10. Just wondering of anyone is into airsoft on here. I been quite a few time now, and really enjoying it. It's great fun, running about the woods, shooting people! Feel free to share your local sites, your weapons, photos, etc. Here's my baby:
  11. Wow, I packed this in a box and came across it recently in my loft! The SRB chassis got sold though. Looking back kinda makes me want to finish it. One day....... Also, could I get this moved to the builds section in this funky new layout, please
  12. TB01 Transit Project www.ebay.co.uk/itm/111366053505 The Specs- TB01 Chassis Modded Front Arms Short Oil Shocks all round Locked Rear Diff Kamtec Transit Shell (Cut out, few details, roof rack (NO LADDER!) Few sets of wheels/tyres rally ones Steering servo (No other Leccy) Spare Road tyres and inserts Spare rally tyres
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