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  1. managed to get my hyper 7 running after a 3 month sit. Also took a look at my old fighter buggy and looked at it in shame lol Good to be back!
  2. hello guys My fighter buggy is now very worn out so could do with new parts or a roller. Many thanks Dan
  3. Yeah ill get some pics up soon. No it not like that one mate, its a truck with madbull size wheels only crome. Has friction shocks and a 550 motor. I know nothing about it :L Has a Truck shell. Pretty adjustable and a beefy centre drive shaft and bearings all round. thanks
  4. Hey Just got a TL01 truck. Looks cheap and nasty tbh though. Got it for free. Anyone tell me about it?? Cheers
  5. yeah that sounds the best way tbh. Got a decent brushless set up in there.
  6. okay cheers. Looks like ill probs have to sell it in bits so if anyone needs DT01 parts u knwo where i am!! llol
  7. Hiya Anyone have a clue what i could get for my fighter buggy rx? Been used alot in previous years by me. One owner! lol A few small improvements such as ; 1) Bearings 2) Sand viper wheels (bashed) 3) Proline tyres (new) 4) New mabuchi 5) New traxxas 19t 32dp pinion (steel) 6) New servo and horn 7) adjustable steering linkage (very well engineered) The shell is usable but had a crack in it but could be filled or plated. No cracks in chassis and the rolling chassis is original. A little TLC it could be mint. So price??? cheeers
  8. dan12

    SH18 engine

    hello My sh18 nitro engine is for sale. Had 1.5 litres through it and been ran rich. Its as new and looks mint. Very reliable and fast. Comes with pull start, flywheel and clutch. Will only take cheque. Open to offers. Many thanks Dan.
  9. Nice !! Wont go wrong being 1/8 scale what esc you gunna run? Would reccoment spider diffs aswell if your budget will cover it.
  10. very understanding parents i think. lol Nice stuff you had there mate.
  11. really? was told they were made by mabuchi...am i wrong? sorry if i am.
  12. have done pretty much everything to my fighter buggy. lol Ran 3980kb bl and 3s for a while and it coped just fine. Good strong buggy. What is urs gunna be powered by?
  13. They are all the same...made by mabuchi.
  14. I could of, but i only had a 3 slot rx. good idea though mate.
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