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  1. Thank you so much Matt for the link! I already placed an order, as you say could be early March, but that is o.k.! Better than paying 50€ for shipping of 4€ bearings on Alibaba. I´ll be patient for sure, and curious on the bearings. Have some testing to do with them. If it works, I´ll post on TC the application for sure... I´m fine and staying away from Corona hopefully, good luck for the next steps, already some cool solutions like the roundnuts! Kind regards, Matthias
  2. Good news also for me, Nathaniel contacted me this week and asked, if something has popped up. So I denied and he promised me to send a new set 2 days ago. Then today, after all this weeks, guess what I got today from the postman in perfect condition? Yes, the missing package. Actually, the Vanquish decal set is really worth the money in my eyes, silver is really poppin.
  3. Great build comin along, this will be cool to follow! Keen on your mod with the Topforce drive shafts! I recently searched 5x11x3 bearings, too. Did you find some shielded ones? and for a decent price? Would be cool, if you share your source! I only found some on Alibaba with moon shipping price. And I think I have also an nice application for them... Will follow your build,, kind regards Matthias
  4. I had an MCI Avante sticker set already, and the Weber, Spacetech, K&N and jackman wheels are included.
  5. Yes, but an old Carson copy of the 916. Not comparable with accuracy of Tamiya. But Tamiya also redid the Carson NSU TT, so why not a narrow 914...
  6. I may add a narrow early 911 body, or a scale 914/6 with narrow body would be so cool...
  7. I´m also waiting for a sheet I ordered end of Novembre, asked this week by mail but have no reply yet. I will just wait for Nathaniel to reply. My feeling is, that he really was overrun the last 2 years. In the past, there was more communication, fast shipment and top service. But with TC and the other collectors all over the world getting to know MCI, it´s probably too much to handle for one guy? O.k., don´t really know how many persons Nathaniel has for support. But MCI still has overall the best decals, qualitywise, colorwise, and the customization of the std. colors, coating choice and even the fact that he prints your custom graphics it´s outstanding. So it´s a little bit sad, how the situation is at the moment, but I will not blame him very much, without knowing the circumstances, especially in this crazy Corona times at the moment... Let´s hope the best, Matthias
  8. Nice update Björklo, one of my most beloved builds. About the gear cover: Have you thought about modding one with windows for the dyed gears? You could close them with Lexan maybe. I guess a complete new gear cover from transparent material is more than hard to create... But what really is mysterious, is the the tube coming out of the driver figure in front? Some secret system? Kind regrds, Matthias
  9. they are in the middle of the c-parts tree: https://tamico.de/Tamiya-C-Teile-Aufhaengung-M-03-M-04-50793
  10. Simple solution is to use M03 battery holders. It´s the mode we used for racing on our M05´s, after worrying about gluing the battery all the time. A slight cut with the hobby knife can be necessary ath the end piece, depending on the square pack length, but afterwards it looks like a Tamiya factory solution...
  11. Yes, the improvement on the Ver. 2 ist the motor being more in the middle of the car, to equalize front wheel loads and the square battery option. But it´s worth it if you already have an M05! Really improves the performance during hard accelerations on the grip limit. And you can save overall weight by leaving out the big counterweight Tamiya made for the Ver. 1.. M07 is cool, but unfortunately not available in 210mm wheelbase. So a Ver. 2 is still a good investment, if you want to run 210mm bodies... That being said, I have 2 Ver. 2, and one M07... Kind regards, Matthias
  12. But not to forget the rear section chassis parts! cannot fit the old rear to the Ver2. chassis section... And checkout a Ver. 2 manual for fitting the gear spacers correctly!
  13. You did it Tom! Seems you used the DF03 clutch from the look, same I used for My Sand Scorcher and Monster beetle!
  14. ruebiracer

    VQS .....

    Do you use a low profile Servo Snappy? If yes, you could mount it from below the topdeck, to gain some space for the arm!? That was my solution to keep the Ferrari driver figure...
  15. ruebiracer

    VQS .....

    Like your driver choice! Did you also create a front fixing to the body? If yes, would you share your solution? Looking really blackmagic so far!
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