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  1. Great, it deserves your love! I´m a complete Tamiya nut since childhood, and was lucky to get a Vanquish as a kid from my parents. I loved it, and also the fact that it was the cheaper Avante (and was finally affordable for my family), but had already some improvements like wheelbase, one piece linking rods etc. The last 3-4 years I began to realize the importance of the Avante for Tamiya and also the rest of the period racing scene. We don´t have to talk about the well known fail in success, and Fumito Taki maybe developing in a false direction for the tracks of the time. But what will always remain is the beauty of it´s design, and that the design does not stop under the body. It´s probably one of the most "designed in all details" buggy of that time. I mean, look at the first picture of the great review. The Avante is from views simply stunning, compared to the bulky, edgy designed other cars. And would the Avante be so tempting, if it would have had the success intended by Tamiya on the track? Could also be, that it would be a little boring, to own the car that everybody was using , because it had the best chances to win? I think that´s part of the legend. And legends stay in mind. This said, I feel nowadays more and more the need, to own an Avante some day. In terms of assembly quality, it was for sure one of the best. I remember reading the model car reviews as a kid, and when e.g. a Schumacher or something else was reviewd, they always got good notes on the driving, but building always got some drawbacks and rework of specialparts and details. When it came to recommend a kit to a beginner, Tamiya won most of the time, also because of their excellent manuals, that explained every step in detail, even with a good translation. Just some (for sure not always objective) thoughts from "Tamiya me", but maybe some of you feel the same way, or at least can follow some of my thoughts. And what would we have to do nowadays, when we not had to improve our old Tamiyas for some Vintage competition, to try to get revenge on the track! But seems I always liked to be the underdog, which in fact was Tamiya most of the racing time... Each to their own, but nowadays in my mind you cannot complain on an Avante 2011 because of it´s performance. Everybody knows, it did not win the Worlds championships. If you have it and cannot enjoy it, then maybe you bought the wrong car, or you had the wrong intentions? Just don´t want to offend anyone, it´s still my personal view of the game, developed over many years of "Tamiya love".
  2. Depends on how you define success. A worlds championship for sure not. But The Frog was "German master 1984 in 2WD", and the Astute was also successful with Jamie Booth on the steering.
  3. What´s needed else: A spring, and the special spring sleeve/seat, that is also known from the later Hicaps, as on the Top Force Evo. The spring is a little stiffer for the front and weaker at the rear, to compensate for the shifted axle weights. All tribute sourcing them out to @Collin aka Wrenchdog! At the front, the lower end isequipped with a ball sleeve, some clever choice here. You don´t have to pop it on/off everytime you want to disassemble the damper, just screw it off and e.g. change the spring... Then the best moment: Fitting it on the sexy carbon shock tower: I also like the fact, that the new springs are black, and giving just a different look on the blue dampers. Thanks Tom! They work buttersmooth, and I also assembled the rears acc. the manual, using the 1 hole pistons and 400 oil. From my feeling, the oil density could also get some adjusting on the new weights, but let´s see after the rollout, how the Super Dyna Storm is behaving. I just cannot wait until painting the body, I need to do some run in on grass in the garden, to get a feeling for the car. Ran my std. Dyna during the lockdown also in the garden, so I´m keen to see the difference of the 2 brothers. Have a nice Sunday everyone, Matthias
  4. First finishing my posts for today, but can leak Tom, that I just adjusted the Servo and the ESC 5 minutes ago!
  5. When filling them, you have to place one finger holding the sleeve, otherwise it will come up soaking your workstation with oil in the end. I stayed with the 400 kit oil for the first tests, and also filled the ca. 1mm below the sleeve end amount of oil. I also screwed the cap on with fully extended piston rod, no special position to play with the rebound / return of the rod after compressing. Done! The next special part, the spring seat with profile for the 3mm rod ends known mainly from Tamiya steering systems...
  6. On the fronts you have to put a spacer for reduced length, and the manual recommends the 3 hole piston as setup, which I will follow for the first runs. F For assembling the O-rings, I tend to put the shaft first through the damper housing, and put the O-rings carefully on the piston rods, using a little damper grease. (I have some old MR33, but everyone uses other things, or just damper oil. As sealings in real dampers are also greased for run in, I always do it the same way on RC shocks, when a ssembling from totally new single parts. Background is, this way the risk of damaging the Orings is less, as they are not already compressed by the damper housing. When they are already on the smooth shaft, you can easily press them in by the rod guide and screw it down. And what has to be not forgotten: The little plastic spacer for the rod guides! This is also on the Dyna special Y-parts tree and not included in the spare damper body ste. If you don´t have it don´t know about, you compress the O-rings way too much and end up with a lot of friction. It´s a strange design by Tamiya, but maybe they already had some adjustability in mind, as on the later aeration dampers, where you can adjust the compression of the O-rings with additional shims. Who knows! As on Re-re Hicaps, the cap is not ventilated on the sleeved dampers. Makes sense, as they are Aeration style dampers. They press in the plastic sleeves into the shock body. The final sealing does the black O-ring on the outside shock body.
  7. On it went yesterday, getting curious to drive it finally! One of the best parts started, assembling the famous "sleeved dampers", that are special to the Dynas. @Juls1 described them already perfectly in his buggy damper thread, https://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/89072-the-buggy-damper-thread/ but I wanted to show you my setup here, too: As I built from a brand new kit, I had all the parts available. My plan to build a second set from still available Damper bodies was stopped for the moment by a tiny detail: I wanted to use rere Hicap piston rods, as the dyna piston rods are nearly impossible to come by. But that does not work. Hicap pistons are a tiny bit thinner than the Dyna special pistons, so that you cannot put the C-clip on above the piston. Again something learned... But doesn´t matter here. The unique sleeved piston is rounded nicely on the edges, which makes it even smooth, when the shock is trying to be bent by sideloads: At first, I disassembled the prebuilt shock bodies and replaced the Tamiya orange O-rings with softer ones from Revolution racing, which are superior regarding friction whilst being very long lasting:
  8. Yeah, I just recently got aware, that the Dyna Run super touring is a 13x2 wound (or was it even a 12x2), that is quite some r.p.m.´s for your daughter! I guess something like a Technigold would suit her driving style more, as you described it! By the way, what I find a totally cool design is your main wing section in silver, accomplished with the yellow sides!
  9. Yeah Ian, you´re probably right. I think UV-rays are a big killer on some of the plastics. Mine was stored for years inside the box , so I have some parts that are still o.k., like 2 used chassis, that still have noc cracks, or my old shock tower. Despite that, the donor car I got seemed to have a good shock tower, but it really felt into pieces, when I disassembled the car. Plastic variations can also be reason. Tamiya did that not for the first time. As an example I only name the first TT02 kits with the front knuckles. First kerb, knuckle broke away without hitting anything... I really don´t want to tell you, how to use your buggies! It´s so cool, that you really used your buggies hard over all that years, that brings for sure up the weaknesses of them. And yeah, switch to Lipo is a late update to 8,4V. I try to use my race batteries also in my fun runners like the Vanquish, so I was fiddling to get the Zippy Lipo in the VAnquish, which surprisingly went well. My friend orders these for our stock class from China, and we can have a pack for 20€. So this keeps cost down for me. That´s also the reason why I tried to use the Tamiya TBLE02 ESC, because everybody has some left for low money from buying Tamiya kits. Another 20€, and with some old Speed paasion Sportsman I got cheap for 19€´s I setup my power sources on the cheap side. Also I did want that for maintenance. That is the simple background on my choice. But I also can fully understand you to use Nimh packs, that are nearly indestructable and less sensitive than Lipos, when not handled right... Keep on running those old buggies, still find them the most beautiful ones in the era of 1980-1995.
  10. thank you Ian for posting the pics! Seems I´m with your daughter in the postal race! She really puts the throttle down! Actually the Vanquish sucks a little more debris up compared to my 2001, but because of the wide open rears, this chassis line likes getting dirty! I propose to glue some tire inserts on the body sides, will protect the body and keep some of the debris out from the front tires! And then I place an order at Dad for your daughter: She needs a better servo saver and the Avante race steering set.... I´ll have to dig out some pics of my pair, as I build them up this year for me and my nephew to compete against each other. So I feel with you in your family races, great fun for sure, especially with your professional lap count system. Nobody can complain then! Kind regards, Matthias
  11. Actually, I think you´re right! After the Super Astute, the Dyna is on the list again, I´m sure!!
  12. Hi Tom, it was already announced, but mice to see it´s no fake news! Next batch is coming!
  13. Tamico still has the upperdeck listed for 29€. Lowerdeck I have to look... The lower deck needs a little mod to be honest, if you want to run the original Avante undercowl. But that is feasible, did it on my Avante 89...
  14. Hi mud, just need to comment on the plastics of the Vanquish. You´re totally right, that on the spare parts from the old days the brittleness is really great. I noticed that the first time after buying a Vanquish parts donator. But from owning my Vanquish in 89, this could take alot of abuse. I never broke the plastic rear shock tower and also not the rear upperdeck. What I broke, was the front shock tower, as this is very filigran design in plastic. The steering was already far better than on the 88 Avante, and giving the design plot for the RAce steering set of Egress and 2001. Just the levers were equipped with ball bearings, and the plate changed from FRP into carbon. What I did fit as tuning parts was the race steering levers and the Hicaps. With that setup, I had good years with my Vanquish. Dreamed of the carbon chassis set, but that was expensive in the old days... Also the suspension was completely overtaken on 2001, just roll centers on the rear were slightly different adjusted. Vanquish stabi in rear was so weak doing hardly anything, just like Avante. But that was no drawback. Also in my hemisphere 8,4 V packs were not common, so I never suffered from the battery door. Found it always a great thing, protecting the battery from scratches. And it´s so big, with a slight mod it can take a 2s Zippy Flightmax hardcase Lipo inside... O.k., you know, I´m a Vanquish and Avante and 2001 fan. I think everyone, who wanted a Vanquish CS as the Hightech version proposed in the Vanquish manual last pages, has built his own since rere of the Egress in 2013. Now it´s time for the lightly tuned versions, that fil the gap between Egress std. and the base Vanquish. And for these people including me, the prices is probably still not too high, as the Avante comes in at 445€ again. For sure, both prices will probably go down on some special offer days. I hope Tamico to offer the VQS in their yearly christmas special, and if that will happen I´ll probably grab one for nostalgy. Kind regards, Matthias
  15. Just get the Vajra chassis, carbon, cheap as chips, perfect fit. Same wheelbase as Vanquish, Egress, 2001.
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