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  1. Hey Tom, been again busy around the house, but thanks for the Danny Vega article on his TRF. So you decided to restore the Astute finally! Guess who has the Extra Speed Astute Aluminum kit. So if you need some pics of the singele parts, let me know. I still haven´t packed it out, but I can do it for you. Greets, Matthias
  2. Wow! Didn´t know, that Graham is @graemevw! The old suspects! Great work from both of you, that thing looks really subtle and planted! Must be loads of fun! I´ve too many projects running at the moment, but this concept will stay on my list for sure! So cool, with the Vintage Grasshopper looks and sleeper tech !
  3. Really cool Porsches! Did you ever try to fit Tamiya Rallye Block tires for a more "serial" look?
  4. Lovely outcome, very cool and different with the rare body! The vintage drive shafts did freeze me: 81DM original price!! Holy Moley!
  5. So cool @ThunderDragonCy ! This would be a Grasshopper for me! Do you have a link to the video outside FB maybe?
  6. ESC Power cable was changed to XT 60 style for my 2 Lipo Stick packs. You consequently need a stick pack for the original Avante Undertray, which partly forms the shape of the battery in the rear. A square pack does not fit! I also needed to make a foam block on the battery holder, because the Vajra chassis has a more outwards battery position. I changed that in the beginning to original Avante position, but didn´t want to make new holes in the upper chassis. So the foam was aquick and decent solution for me. The antenna holder I couldn´t find today, there will be a small antenna tube like on my 2001 for the Vintage feeling. That´s it for today, hope you like the news.
  7. Another task was to fit the electronics finally, which should be close from looks to my Avante 2001 and my Vanquish runner. Some day, I plan to do some track competition of the wild trio to find out, who is the boss. So, a TBLE02S had to be the ESC, together with a second hand 13,5t Brushless motor. Again I shot a nice Speed Passion MMM for low buck and pimped it with a golden Oracover foil and a MCI Technigold sticker for the "New Vintage" look. Servo was taken from my TB03R, which I upgraded this week, so a nice Power HD R12 servo was left for the Avante: Wires of the ESC were shortened, equipped with 3,5mm plugs for the Speed Passion motor and covered by some mesh hose and shrinking tube. On/off switch was shortened and replaced by a smaller Hobbywing switch from the rests box. Arrangement is nearly identical to my 2001 Avante runner now. The servo cable of the Power HD is very short from the factory. Good for your Touring car optics, but not for the Avante. I decided to make an extension cable from some rests, so a quick replacement on the track is possible at the track without packing out the soldering iron. The Plug sits nicely on the servo bottom:
  8. Finally some progress on the tasks! First was a rough fitting of the shell, cutted again to custom LWB demands. Rear Tamiya Racing wing with more downforce and width was also cutted to fit. Side Winglets were done from Lexan Scrap sheet first to create the original Avante shape. I´m still a little undecided to go this route vs. the original Egress/Astute winglets:
  9. so cool Tom, so your plan worked perfectly!
  10. That looks fantastic! What´s your plan for the bodyshell/livery? And I remember so well the article from Tamiya Germany with the Hilux climbing up the Großglockner! Epic!
  11. Unfortunetaly, I cannot really help on this specific paint, do you know the manufacturer /brand? Is it specifically suited for Lexan, or just for ABS bodies? The chrome effect colors usually get their effect by a thin layer of silver/chrome effect, backed by a layer of std. black paint for the mirror effect. If this color is aimed for Lexan, I´d give it a try if I were you! Maybe first on a scrap piece of Lexan! Kind regards, Matthias
  12. Great build so far @ThunderDragonCy! We asked for a very special build of a HS2, and you delivered already now! This will be a very cool machine, which adresses the weak spots of the original! Steering a is superb now, nearly no bump steer, and reorganization of the radio box is so nice. Top work, keen on the next steps! Happy new year, Matthias
  13. The dampers are Ace Tom! If you really pull the trigger some day and do the replica of the 411x, that will be awesome! Thes prototypes are so uncommon and unknown...
  14. Looks Ace Tom, cool appetizer for the end of the year!!
  15. Ah, another very cool project from @ThunderDragonCy! Can´t wait for the build!! HS 2 is also my favorite model of the series. Was tempted by it back then, but then there was the Terra Scorcher, too, which I found nice. In the end, my first 4WD Tamiya Buggy was the Vanquish. But this HS2 will be a stunner, I´m sure! Can´t wait to see all the planned performance tweaks. The Yeah Racing shocks look really nice! Maybe you can report, how they build up and the feeling. Have fun, Matthias
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