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  1. I run my TB03 with Tamiya - 54424 blocks in the front diff. This gives a very light spool with the plastic diff outdrives. And it can slip on hard use or crash. Rear diff just loosen up a bit, diff Action can be light. Or just swap the front to the rear and rebuilt the rear. Of course you can overhaul them and built per manual. Never had a problem with them on motors like Sport tuned, Cup Machine or 17,5t brushless. But spool is the recipe for 4WD Touring cars nowadays...
  2. That´s a really small mod and worth it. Nobody will notice, the camouflage of using the original gear cover totally works for me!
  3. Actually no Tom, yours are already on the way to you, but as I´m awake now 22h a day for my new born daughter, here you go with a shot of mine. I already started cutting some out. You can see the inverse printed sheet, and the second pic is my std. Dyna sheet with the darker blue. Yours has the lighter one as the wrenchdog logo. So, Maybe I should have gone slightly brighter, too. Wanted to match the Tamiya logo blue. We´ll see. Very cool Stickers you have designed, and finally I have som Tamiya Club logos for my cars! That was overdue, thanks for that, too! Think you will be pleased with the result by MCI, it makes me wanting to prepare the body already. (Although I´ve no time and want to test the body on the chassis before starting to paint...) Anyway, this will be a fun project and I´m fully convinced that it will be total fun to build and drive! Have a nice weekend, Matthias
  4. Loving the effort and attention to details you put into this project Tom! I hope I can notice everything in the end, when all comes together! Tomorrow I´ll send the decals to you as promised, MCI did a great job. Kind regards, Matthias
  5. Great stuff Tom! I know whe have a printer somewhere in our company, which can lay carbon fibres into the print. Is it such a stuff, or are there short fibres protruded into the material? Like gf reinforced plastics? Not a expert in 3d printing...
  6. Buy new ones? Available from Avante 2011: Tamiya - 9804450, ca. 13€ at Seidel in Germany.
  7. 3s in a Grasshopper with Brushless? Did it ever have contact to the surface, or just flying after launch? The pinion doesn´t look a too good fit to the spur, so I´d say this in combination with the power chosen wore out the counter gear. If you rebuild it that way, you can Count the minutes it will last again… You could try to use a bigger pinion, though. every teeth more in this Rough module should improve contact area for the counter gear...
  8. Well done, cool paintjob, still doesn´t look old against the TRF201. The lines are more pleasant to me. Your rear camber is quite negative? Intention, or does it still have to come on the setup board? Mean machine, for sure it does look the part! Wrenchdog rules...
  9. Another question Muvro: Seems like you´re using Hicaps instead of the sleeved dampers? Any special reasons on this swap, as you are using the car for Vintage racing? Interested in your thoughts/findings. My original DS runs with converted sleeved dampers with volume adjustment. (Back in the days I found it a strange system to run without bladder) Kind regards, Matthias
  10. Haha, and without the motor in the back. Obviously then it has to be: "Play it harder".
  11. Yes, it was this paper. In the part 3 there is the comparison between the Astute line universals against modern universals. And what you can do to switch working with spacers.
  12. If I remember correctly, DS and Super Astute can be rebuilt with Blitzer beetle hubs to modern CVD´s. Kontemax described it in his Astute files. Actually Yeah Racing now makes decent Carbon steel CVD´s for the Avante for a good price. If they´d make a longer dogbone, they´d be my choice for the DS. Yeah Racing, please read this comment and start making... Very nice project and documentation about Tom´s effort to keep this Tamiya classic running...
  13. And if we are already at the shell, where the badword you all get the Vintage Tamiya Racing Stickers from the time, when TRF was still just a spark. Guess I have still lying the yellow one on the wing from the good old days, but I think there were 2 or 3 Tamiya custom sheets around, that I remember. There was even a sticker set with a Dyna Storm from behind, that I still have on my aftermarket racing wing. Guess I have to post a pic here.
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