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  1. Excellent choice @Saito2! Still you can put the more beautiful VQS shell or Avante 2001 repro from TBG or Penguin on it without further mods. So you can have ll the looks you want: Vanquish "CS", or the ultimate last evolution of the line, Avante 2001 with full Egress std. That´s, were the circle closed in the end on this iconic buggy line. And the effort Tamiya did within 1988 and 1990, to evolute the Avante family to it´s peak.
  2. Crazy cool Kevin, it look´s so compact now with the short dampers behind an d in front of the wishbones. Cool, that you still found the place for steering links etc.. Really stunning, and countless ideas still in your head! Hats off!
  3. Take it as a runner? Guess the R is too precious to run nowadays! I´m just repairing the M03 of my friend Jochen, which failed in our last M-chassis race with diff salad. A hopped up M03 can still heat up some more modern Mini´s in some conditions...
  4. Unfortunately not! I´ve also Augsburg and Laupheim with around 300km´s to go. Augsburg has a total new track acc. to the web, but all Astro turf. I really would like to drive in Kinzigtal with real dirt, sand. Slippery, when dry. I´m still crying that 2 years ago Tamiya Europe closed down the Tamiya Germany raceway in Sonneberg, which was also a real 90´s off road track. I could drive there with some friends in 2019 on both tracks, and it was a great time driving my restored Vanquish there with my nephew. Will never forget this day.
  5. Oh, this will be a so cool project! Will follow it for sure, @ThunderDragonCy!!
  6. Got it!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ISYDgoPrss&t=20s
  7. Hi @Tamiyastef, I´m also checking to visit a Tamico offroad event this year, and Kinzigtal would be my favorite! It is a super cool dirt track with some astro turf sections but not too silly jumps, much like the 80´s and 90`s tracks from my youth. You can see some pics on their homepage, here´s a pic: They even have a glass bridge, very cool. I´ve to search some footage of last year, it looked so nice. But also more than 300km´s from my home, altough I´m located in south of Germany. Kind regards, Matthias
  8. The insert is something long awaited for me! It should also be the key to make a sealed gear diff possible in M01/M02 chassis. Thanks for mentioning these parts!
  9. Very cool Thommo, congratulations on this one!
  10. I really hope to attend a Tamico offroad cup race, too. Hope they come up early with the new calendar. Or did I miss it already? Must be planned long before for me, often there are collisions with our local race series and the personal other dates.. I really would like to attend on the tracks with dirt surfaces, not pure Astro turf. This is more like I rember buggy driving back in the days, not onroad grip level with jumps.
  11. Wow, that´s insane how good the plan worked to blend chassis and minimalistic body together with the stickers and black paint! Now I´m totally convinced of this concept! Only "improvement" in my nerdy eyes could be the starting number in front: A lexan plate ala Blockhead motors on the Hotshot 2 could bring the "2" up and could be mounted with screws or nuts going in the servo posts maybe. Otherwise, I´tend to say it´s a perfect beauty and a true "Super Fox"! Regarding entering a TOC start of this beast, I can understand both sides of the story! I´m also organizing local TC and M-chassis races since 1997, and keeping a reglement strict keeps costs down and that´s unbelievably important for youngsters, beginners and hobby drivers. But also, TOC is up to now understood as a fun project, with many different chassis running together in some classes. If you want to win, you focus on the best/newest model of the Era. I think, the plastic chassis rule was meant good for it, but I´ve my doubts that a Top Force Evo downgraded to a Manta Ray chassis is that worse on the track than with it´s carbon original chassis (durability excluded). So I´d love to see Super Astute´s, Astute´s, Avante´s, Egress etc. in the TOC, too. But hey, let´s see how this develops in future... I´d speak to the race hosts and ask them, if it would be o.k. to enter the class with this Fox. Answer could be yes, or no with actual TOC rules. Anyway, this car is a real beauty and modded as badword, but that´s how the old days were! Rules were quite free, and think of all that mods done back in the days on SRB´s, Frog´s, RC10´s and all the first buggies used for serious racing. Mods on the chassis to run saddle packs, 8,4V packs and so on were quite regular. There were nearly no "spec" classes like today. Within this spirit, this Fox is spot on, although modded with today´s techniques as 3d printing and CAD models. That´s the fun we want and dream of, isn´t it?
  12. When I see this pic, gold vinyl comes to my mind for more Retro and to accomplish the stunning Fox wheels...
  13. I´ve to use a Topgear phrase this time: It´s just glorious! where the badword did you find a new QC3, it´s a LRP legend and very trustable High end brushed ESC. Never got a failure on mine. And the capacitor shows your ambitions! Like the front end result, the shocks are not too long to disturb the Fox sleek look, very cool! Do you cover the front chassis with a lexan plate? Or will it stay half body design? I think both would suit this beast, but with a plate you got more place for sponsors and start numbers. Like the sleek, hide away electronics installation!
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