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  1. Hey Kevin, did you judge only by eyes? Please have a look at Juhunios car with fitted Top Force Universals. They are 70mm, too. The joint position on original Astute universals (not the dogbones) is different. The 70mm version sits much nearer to the rear hub. The 53791 are only the newer design, that´s why they also come with the new Top Force Evo! I can tear down my Dyna Storm axle and kake pics for you. I also couldn´t belive it was so easy after all these years to fit better CVD´s, but the key is the 3mm wide bearing. the rear hubs of Dyna and Super Astute are identical. We talked about it in Juhunios thread with @Thommo, @Juhunioand @Collin using the knowledge collected by @kontemax´s Astute bible. Maybe, read the thread from the beginning... Kind regards, Matthias
  2. That is enough mods for me already! Are you really sure the 53791 dont fit? I recently recommended them for Dyna Storm and Astute! I think in Juhunios thread for his Super Astute. You nedd the 3mm ball bearing on the inner side, then the axle fits and the bone length: In the meantime, I replaced the Top force shaft with the 53791 DF02 parts on my Dyna Storm mid... Would be cool, if you give it a test on the SA?!
  3. Very nice condition Kevin, you made a good deal! The Super Astute would also look good beneth my Dyna Storm and my "still to restore" Astute I got from a work collegue 2 years ago. My childhood friend had the original release back then and still has it, beneath a Re Re. I always liked the look of the Super Astute, and the Slipper clutch was totally new to us. Oh, so High tech felt for us back in the old days! And for a 2WD buggy / truck, it´s still one of the best Hopups, if grip is low or very high... Keen on your next tweaks! As I follow your projects all over rc tech and TC now, I know something special will follow, at least some mods beyound the std. route. Have fun, Matthias
  4. Great build and I like the different way with many non Tamiya Hopups. Eagle Racing parts are top stuff, have had many things from them for my TB03 and my M-Chassis. Especially M06 parts are upper cool. Was not aware, that they made so much stuff for the FF01, too! And I like your chassis setup from the HPI version Kevin, it even looks functional in the printed version. If you need one set more to start a production run, please let me know the details and possible pricing! Nice track at Dasing, must be fun to drive there!
  5. I always forget not to use badwords on TC... Thanks to the automatic correction...
  6. ****! Have not thought, that I´m the most northern guy!
  7. Thanks guys for your feedback, It will be a really a target for the future, but not impossible!. Let´s keep it in mind. So @DarkSonic, you live near Pforzheim then? I´m located near Schweinfurt. I always thought @wtcc5and @Quincy are located a bit more in the north?. And @Sgt.Speirs, is your location near @wtcc5? Have a nice day everyone, Matthias
  8. Wow @Collin my friend, that is some serious stuff!!! Love the blue anodized bulkhead! Unfortunately this guy is only on facebook, where I´m not! Any infos on the pricing? Seems he also does the rear wishbone mounts in blue... Also very interesting with the PC material! I heard Tamiya recently made some VQS parts from PC, too. And the video was great agian, so nice track! Just your power down problem was visible! Maybe a tire problem? Maybe you should try another one! Was your diff maybe on the tight side? I think this can be fixed. Don´t worry! And so great, that you keep on improving the durability of the Dyna all the time, Tom!!
  9. @Quincy that´s indeed a High tech Super Astute! I recently fitted Tamiya 53791 in my Dyna Storm using one 5x11x3mm bearing on the inner side. So I wonder a little bit, how you managed to get the double cardan inside the rear knuckle? Are all 3 bearings on the axle? Kind regards, Matthias
  10. Oh, I stop claiming my lack of time immediately! All the best for child no.4! Distances are for sure critical, south Germany is really big from some points! Also I didn´t want to draw a possible meeting more into my direction. Just think, if the future places vary a little, more people could join / distances for everyone could be eualized? But hey, probably I´m 10 steps ahead. Just saying, if there´ll ever be the interset for some of you like @Quincy to make a Vintage meeting in Sonneberg, I´d be happy to help support / organize it. I was there with my nephew and some friends for a Sunday, and was flashed again by offroad. Have been racing onroad only since 1997, as all the offroad tracks nearby were dying end of the 90´s. And modern offroad tracks are still mostly 1:8 and way to heavy for 1:10 buggies, even for modern designs. But 2 batteries with my restored Vanquish in Sonneberg gave me and my little nephew so much fun and memories as 2 years of my usual racing season. But I enjoyed very much the sessions and videoas of @wtcc5and @Quincy with the Topforce/Boomerang and the Stadium trucks. just great improvised tracks and not too big power, everything you need to anjoy a Vintage model without the fear of destroying too much. (Which would compensate the fun of driving afterwards, at least for me). I took a video of our session in Sonneberg at the offroad track back then, if you like to get an impression? Just apologize for my driving, as it was the first time for me running a buggy instead of a touring car on loose sand and a real big track since 1993... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IlMJPVZiEiE Greets to all of you, Matthias
  11. Hi guys, as I´d call me south germany, too, I really would love to join a TC meeting in Germany! Unfortunately I´m a bit busy at the moment for private reasons. (1 year old daughter, house build). But I will follow this thread for sure! Doesn´t matter too much about regulations on a first meet, but on and offroad would be great, in my eyes. a good vibe and Tamiya talks would be so cool, having a beer with all of you. Probably I´ll not be able to join this year, but would love to join such a meet as soon as it´s possible for me. Would also bring on and offroad cars. When I dream around, for a farer future I could think of a TC meet in Thüringen, which is not too far away from Bavaria: Sonneberg! If you´ve never been there, the Tamiya Euro Race way is worth a trip for sure. They have an very big onroad track and offroad track, which is not too severe and perfect for Vintage buggies. Very forgiving and low risk of damage. And you can book the track for e.g. a whole day for special reasons, so it would be exclusively for the group... Just some thoughts, everywhere would be great, even non professional tracks, as long as persons with the same interests/hobby can meet each other... greets from "Unterfranken", Matthias
  12. If you drive the 1060 with Nimh, did you set the jumper on Nimh mode? if not, just plug it in the correct position... And you were starting driving and after 5seconds it was cut off? shouldn´t be a heat problem then. After relaunching, it cuts again after 5 seconds? Did you check it with a different battery? I could think of a dying Nimh battery and a connector problem, if you still use Tamiya connectors. But nice Blitzer beetle! Kind regards, Matthias
  13. @jeekelementalFeels good, not being the only one!
  14. And it seems I violated all 5 basic rules in my RC life...
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