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  1. ruebiracer

    What 2s lipo fits egress/avante?

    The Problem with the Lipo stickpacks is often the length. They are always a little longer than the old NiCd stickpacks. On the Avante and Egress, you can leave out the front chassis pin, so the added length gets not a problem. You just have to make an alternative battery stop. Or drill 2 new holes for the pin, which could be seen as a sacrilege on the Beautiful Carbon chassis plates. For running, a foam block could do the job.
  2. ruebiracer

    Vanquish rebuild

    That´s the best way in my opinion, too. Did it with my FRP plates, thought about making the upperdeck, too. Could have the charm of relocating the steering servo a little. Maybe in a later stage. That would really help you to save as much Vanquish ID as possible, without worrying About fragility of the hardened out old plastic parts. Chassis will make no problem. And if there will someday be a Rere, we all can have fresh plastic parts for a good price.
  3. ruebiracer

    Vanquish rebuild

    Here some quick pics, think you got the idea! Br, Matthias
  4. ruebiracer

    Vanquish rebuild

    Hi Graemevw, would you be surprised, if I tell you you can have a 4000mAH hardcase lipo in the original battery tray? I´´ll make some pics for you. It´s a zippy flightmax 4000mAh, which is our spec class race battery, cheap (18€), very reliable and powerful. As I have them lying around, I often try to get them in my Vintage runners too. I just drilled 2 little holes in my (used) Vanquish chassis, to connect the wires to it. I´ll make some pics for you, maybe, it´s that what you search for!
  5. ruebiracer

    Avante and Egress body shells?

    Glad, if I could help a little.
  6. ruebiracer

    Avante and Egress body shells?

    To keep it short: You can run an Avante 2001 shell and undercowl on an Egress, or vice versa the Egress shell and undercowl on an Avante 2001. Vanquish shell fits also the Avante 2001 and Egress. The original Avante shell will not fit the Egress in combination with the Egress chassis. ( wider lower Chassis, longer wheelbase). The Avante shell can be made to fit the Vajra Chassis plates, which gives the original Avante look in combination with the longer wheelbase. (I did that on my Avante ´89 Project in the builds Forum). Kind regards, Matthias
  7. ruebiracer

    Fenix Classique

    I like them too, the look is just stunning and especially the new Lotus! I follow regularly the RC tech Thread about them...
  8. ruebiracer

    Top Force damper options

    I´ve build me 2 Long Hicaps out of spare parts for my Avante 89, as the complete sets have almost disappeared. Wasn´t too expensive either, when Looking for the best offers...
  9. ruebiracer

    Cva shock shafts lengths 42mm

    Yes, I fitted the ball race steering set. It should be everything as on my old Vanquish, when I began to modify it. (without the Vajra Things). I had the Hicaps restored, which are still the one I had on, the ball race steering set, and the Blue color. (although the brush paint PC4 was a Little different to the PS paint spray.) Actually I would have liked a shock Tower on the old Position more, as you plan. Maybe I´ll try it again, when I get my Hands on the Avante Aluminum Mounts to make my own from FRP again... Cool that we build some "Brothers in arms"! Can´t wait to see your Version!
  10. ruebiracer

    Cva shock shafts lengths 42mm

    And here the (bad) pic of my runner in development. Still need to paint the Epoxy parts, and working on new tires and motor/gear setup. Already dirty again. So it has got an overhauled center diff, Ball diffs and drive shafts from the Vajra, and the golden uprights, as I needed the Vintage parts to make my Avante 89 project look older. Hope I could help you somehow. Br, Matthias
  11. ruebiracer

    Cva shock shafts lengths 42mm

    Hi again, checked my left over Original Vanquish dampers. Shaft length is indeed 42mm. Avante 2001 rods are longer: Threaded shaft is longer on the original rods as on the one I proposed (ca. 11mm), for the flange nut: So if you want the original Looks with counter nut, I´d propose you Rere Wild One Piston rods Tamiya - 9808138, which are around 5mm longer. (47mm) So you could use an internal spacer to get the Vanquish length. (Shock Body is Long enough, no problem inside.) If you let the spacer out, you can reach the needed 2001 length to mount the damper as on the Egress/2001 behind the wishbone.
  12. ruebiracer

    Cva shock shafts lengths 42mm

    But for safety I check my Vanquish today, 42mm rod length could be to short from my Feeling.
  13. ruebiracer

    Cva shock shafts lengths 42mm

    Hi GraemeVW, you can go with Tamiya - 9808075 they are 42mm rods.
  14. ruebiracer

    Tires for Avante lightweight wheels

    Yes, that was my choice in the good old times! But they can also be quite grippy when running on grass. I think it´s time for me to try some non Tamiya tires and have look, alzhough I really like the design of the old Tamiya buggy tires.
  15. ruebiracer

    Tires for Avante lightweight wheels

    Thanks for your help, really hard in 2,0 rim size. I think Schumacher is the only way to go. Will look into their cat tires...