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  1. Unassembled EP version. Shipping to the US from Norway is going to be quite a bit I´m afraid. PM me to continue the discussion. Sorry for late replies, I´m not on TC every day.
  2. I have one, but i´m unsure of whether to sell it. Just pulled it out of storage. Where are you based and what would you offer for one?
  3. I think I know which store you mean. It´s sad that you don´t feel welcome there. I don´t frequent it much myself, but they always seem happy to talk when they have time and I´ve always felt welcome. They used to have a Blazing Blazer on dsiplay and after commenting on it once, we had a good chat about vintage Tamiya. Even though they are mostly a Traxxas specialist.
  4. To me it looks as if the diff balls have worn flats that make them jump a bit. I´ll be watching this with interest as I don´t have the experience of the guys already helping you out. Good luck @Finnsllc!
  5. My go-to place for such information is tapeheads.net. There are people there who have repaired all kinds of cracked gears and there are even replacements moulded by members for the more popular models. If I recall correctly, a typical problem with these tiny pinions is that they shrink over time and crack. Drilling the hole out slightly before gluing might help keep it together afterwards. But check with the experts. Perhaps by starting here; http://www.tapeheads.net/showthread.php?t=68327
  6. I have them all, but not easily accessible the next few months. I'm dying to know of what detail you're interested in though.
  7. You can disassemble them, but not really non-destructively. Have you considered a water dip to clean it up? Water break in
  8. If you want to make sure, download manuals for both kits and compare the parts lists at the end.
  9. I live next to a small ski slope. Only about 200m. This, some trail and a playground are the best places to run in the neighbourhood. Gotta love the King Yellow. I run it with my 7yo son and some of his friends. Using a 5200kv Turnigy motor combo with an FS-GT5 radio allows me to set the end point pretty quickly. With a 5000mAH battery we get plenty of run time. For the kids I set the throttle to 40% max and the school bus shoots up the slope summer or winter. Sometimes we find a big flat area of snow With no people and I let them go nuts at 100% for a while. But sometimes we hit the trails and drive slowly, doing techical manouvers and avoiding obstacles. I love this kit for its versatility and ability to just go anywhere, anytime. The only things that haven´t been bulletproof are the body mounts that break on heavy rolls and the big bumper, which does the same. I keep the big bumper mostly to protect others from the car. As long as we stay at 40%, that is enough to avoid anybody getting hurt when they crash into themselves or others. And it only really breaks when we open up to 100% and somebody manages to get it to cartwheel.
  10. I´d never dare to do cleanup with a Dremel. Sanding blocks and very fine grit paper work better for me so that I can smooth out the lines. I also use various round objects as sanding blocks for the curved bits. Takes a while, but it gets there in the end. Just don´t slip and sand the outside of the shell.
  11. Interesting. So even with the shaft reversed, the can is still spinning? I haven´t thought of that as an option for cars. the spinning can must be good for cooling, but how will it fare if you get sand between it and the chassis of the 2CV? The increased torque is a consequence of the multipole configuration.
  12. Shimming is just adding thin washers («shims») to a shaft to remove play. Shim - Wikipedia You can get them from hardware stores, or buy special Tamiya ones: Ebay - Tamiya Shims Just make sure you get the right dimension for where you need to put them. And since they´re super thin, you might need a few.
  13. I run my King Yellow with a 5200KV Turnigy and it flies. I´ve broken body posts and bumpers quite a bit, but no issues with the dogbones. I run the Tamiya Alu shocks and some other bling, but just the regular uprights etc. I´ve made hard brakes where it does a front wheel stand frequently. But never an issue with the dog bones or drive cups.
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