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  1. Yonez

    Rowdy Baja question

    I dont think there´s much chance of them rereleasing a nitro buggy unfortunately.
  2. The radio isn´t that hard to come by actually. I have one that I bought NIB off ebay a few years ago and I´ve seen others pop up NIB.
  3. Yonez


    Long time since I used RCMart. For some other shops, points are not activated until you confirm receipt of an order.
  4. I second that. €500 for a BigWig is something I would readily accept. Some just want the car and then it’s pointless to pay extra for vintage. But some of us want the original, with the Technigold, mechanical speed controller etc. If I had room for more kits, then a NIB BigWig plus perhaps a re-re for running would be high on my list. It probably is second only to the HotShot 2 in terms of NIBs still on my list. And that is just from personal preference.
  5. I bought some ribbon cable to attempt really neat wiring, but haven’t gotten around to doing it
  6. They’ve always had a much broader range of static models, so don’t hold your breath.
  7. I would disagree. This is approximately the same design as modern competitive racers. Not flimsy at all.
  8. If they go for $4000 I should sell mine I now notice the OP would go as far as € 15k, but that is probably a typo.
  9. To be sure, you should post a picture of your servo with the standard connector. But here are some links to get you started: https://www.servocity.com/servo-connector-types http://jacobwatson.com/images/dads images/connectors.pdf It is quite easy to swap the pins to a new connector if I recall correctly. If you want to order an adapter cable, then remember that Sanwa and Airtronics is the same, and you might have more luck searching for Airtronics.
  10. Old sanwas have a fifferent order to the pins. You must swap them around or buy an adapter cable.
  11. There are quite a few QD parts on eBay and some sellers seem to have very large stock. If you can’t find one directly I suggest you contact them.
  12. Primarily itˋs for storage. I only have two lipoˋs for cars and charge them in a safe enough manner already. But I´ve got lots of batteries from various gadgets that I´ve been storing in ammo boxes for now and would like to feel safer about around the house. Maybe I´ll get the regular sized one for charging later. Didn´t get the extension cables for now, but kinda regretting that.
  13. My King Yellow wheels are quite satin and I got some Kongead ones that are chrome/shiny.
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