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  1. are you still looking for a stadium blitzer???
  2. i was 12 or 13 when i got mine i did not even want that one until my dad picked it out for him self. i saw the box i said i want that too.i also bought a modified moter that day it could not handle it so my dad took me back and got a thorp set up for the trans. i still have my first one and i did by a second one off of ebay 10,15 years ago. its not 100% complete.i lost the fever after that stuck them in my closet lost my job so i got them out to sell them now i cant cause the fever is back . . my dad is real sick so im trying to get his too but he is telling me no i dont understand why nobody else in the family like rc cars just me and him...i forgot to say i had my heart set on the bruiser until i saw what my dad was getting lol
  3. thanks james i hope they do but for now im trying to talk her into letting me buy a hotshot or a fox. can you tell me why they stoped using the chevy grill on the clodbuster? i had one of those too but i sold it a long time ago. im also trying to get my girls into it they are 13 and 12. thanks Adam
  4. any body know if tamiya is thinking about re issuing the monster beetle? i cant talk my wife into letting me by a nib off of ebay for $600 to $700. i have two of them now but they are not 100 % complete. thanks for your time
  5. sorry but im new to this forum stuff. i want to know if they are going to redo the monster beetle like the did with the frog and sand scorcher. somtimes i see them up on ebay nib for $700.00.
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