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  1. hy, ok that sounds good and right , so i think i have to wait.
  2. hy ! i`m looking to get some parts for my avante ! would need : ->D3 left font arm ->D4 right front arm thanks for helping greets chris
  3. hy , i`m looking to get the hi cap mini 53036 / for my avante i hope somebody can help me! Paypal is waiting ! greets chris!
  4. hy all over there, looking to get some spareparts for avante BP7 front stabi rod thanks , paypal is waiting chris
  5. hy folks, i`m starting a new project ... jeah right it`s a AVANTE 2001.. the only 4wd buggy ;-) so i need your help . would looking for good shocks which are working "good" on this buggy. i think the original are 67mm front and 87 mm rear. should i now take 70 mm and 90 mm yeahracing , hpi or or or.... i`m looking forward to your "productive" response . P.S. sorry about my bad english , i hope erverybody understand greets from austria
  6. looking for completely Shocks front and rear /67mm and 87 mm / i think but i`m not sure.?? otherwise someone can tell me other shocks(yeahracing....??) working on avante 2001 ? thanks!
  7. thanxs for info! this is the same that i was thinking! the reasen why i want the lb tires is to reduce the diameter ! maybe you can tell me other tires which fits to 2,2" rims with a smaller (outside) diameter
  8. Hello everybody, can anyone tell me if I can use the lb tires on the mb rims ? thanks for info chris!
  9. I ask because the monster beetle has original already a motor mount plate (not adj.) on which the motor is built up not in the middle. I`m not sure whether the function is given by the cloud motor mount plate!
  10. thanks for info , all this things i`ve checkt and they OK but I´m not sure if it will fit with the hole intervalls and the radius??
  11. hy , can someone tell me whether the adj. motor plate from the clod buster fit for the monster beetle? thanks for all info!
  12. thanks for info! so i have to look on.... i was on your showroom .. i like your car .. some are looking realy realy great spez. the mud blaster i like .. good job!
  13. i`m looking for some cra parts (adj. motor mount..and so on..) thanks for the info !! greets from austria
  14. Hy, can somebody tell me where i can get CRA Parts? -Adj.Motor Mount and so on ... i think i need this parts to finish my project "Monster Beetle" thanks for all info and nice greets from AUSTRIA!
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