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  1. I make it: Sand Scorcher Front post : 57.3 mm overall length, Ford XLT Front post : 80 mm overall length. The XLT roll bar is 80mm to the "shoulder", but there's a small 17mm post on top of that ... The ride height of the shell on each post is about 6mm less than the overall length ... to allow for the body clip ... Hope this makes sense ... hope you use metric ...
  2. Sounds like JB Weld is pretty good stuff! Fortunately, I have the broken piece ... It wasn't a bashing/driving accident, I was trying to urge a slight twist out of the tower in a vice ... thought I was being careful ... and snap! I knew I was taking a risk ... Anyways, a fellow TC member says he's got a replacement, so hopefully we can come to some sort of deal. I think I'll still try and repair this broken one though ... Thanks for the help ...
  3. Sounds like it might work if I can peg the joint thru as well ... Thanks for the suggestion, I'll look into it ... ...
  4. I just snapped the front shock mount from my MkI Rough Rider and now I'm thinking there's maybe no way to fix it. Anybody got any suggestions? It's snapped just below the upper threaded portion, where the shock attaches. I was considering bracing it with tin plate ... BTW if anyone has a replacement please reply to my "Wants" post back on TamiyaClub ... has to be a MkI part (right hand)... :edit: Now I'm really annoyed because I just put the suspension back together, all polished and adjusted and it looks great. All the slouch has gone, the front end is sitting really nicely ... but the shock tower is bust. Arrrrrrhhhhhhhgggggghhhhhhh! ... Can't believe I've done it ...
  5. I seem to remember the original release SRB manuals specifying to use silicon to make the tyres/wheels air tight ... it made the business of fitting tyres potentially very messy! Recently I was painting up a set of Super-Champ wheels and I came across a pair of rear tyres that were substantially more robust than the Super Grippers around these days. You could pinch the thickness of the tyre tread and feel quite a thickness of rubber there. They also have no hole. I've recently bought a Grasshopper with vintage Super-Champ rears and these are similarly robust.
  6. Just got my parts from RC channel ... very impressive, nice quality and super fast delivery. I shall be dealing with these guys again!
  7. You'd be surprised just how useful a crumple zone a lexan wing can be ... I took my brushless Durga to Goshen Off Road track (near Bury) one day in the summer, sporting an experimental wing I had made. My first "off" finished the experimental wing and bent my pretty aluminium wing mounts, my second "off" and a number of further indiscretions rearranged my mostly aluminium Durga to an alarming degree. Now, I know driving without a wing is asking for trouble, but I hadn't considered just how much punishment a lexan wing can soak up and the amount of energy it can direct away from the rest of the car ...
  8. ahem ... I now delare this topic officially closed ...
  9. So I wanted to fit a Rough Rider body to a Super Champ ... because I didn't have a Rough Rider in my collection. But now I don't, why? because I bought a very nice vintage RR last night off the flEaBay. That's the answer ... cut to the heart of the matter ... Scythe through the Gordian knot ... etc etc ... What's more it's coming from the small market town I grew up in, which means it's quite likely to have been bought, originally, from the same model shop that I bought my first Scorcher from all those years ago! Small world init? Oh, how we celebrate the minutiae of life! I'm going for a lie down ...
  10. That's the trouble with payday, OH YEAH!
  11. I just ordered the SS box art bumper (nice how it fits to the shock towers), the rear suspension kit and the shockkit ... not sure why I bought the shocks, got carried away I guess!
  12. That sounds like a good technique ... I shall give that a try on a spare shell. Thanks very much.
  13. I've just been reading about "3M 77 spray" ... some guys using it to attach decals to their RC 'planes ...
  14. I've got 2 SuperChamps an XLT and a Sand Scorcher, so I thought I might get a Buggy Champ shell to put on one of the SuperChamps. But will it fit the radio tray etc?
  15. Not sure how useful this suggestion will be, but when I want a shell to look top notch, I use 3M Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish. It's a multi surface cleaner and polish that gives body shells a brilliant "glossy wet" look. A quick rub over with this is great just before taking pictures ...
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