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  1. My trusty (when I've not broken it again) TXT-1 is back on the workbench and I'm looking to slow it down a bit. For the last two summers it has been an absolute hoot on sand and loose gravel with its twin 19x2 motors on board, but that combination has resulted in three bust axle casings now simply due to the high revving nature of the motors. I don't want to turn it into a full blown crawler, but I would like to give it more torque than it currently has to climb up things. Considering puting something akin to a pair of hi-torque 27T 540's in there. What do people suggest, and what's not going to blow the bank (the cheaper the better as I'm yet to sell my TLT-1!)?
  2. Up for grabs on eBay now http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/160783352801?ssP...49#ht_718wt_922 If you're interested and would like any higher quality pictures please get in touch via PM and I'll mail them for you to have a look at. Including a 5000mah battery with about 20 charges put through it now for the lucky winner (it runs for ages on that battery!).
  3. As with my Monster Beetle this TLT-1 is up for sale to pay for new equipment for my racing bikes prior to the race season getting into full swing. This TLT-1 is in absolutely mint condition, and was only really purchased as a mini playmate for my monstrous TXT-1 General Lee special. The TXT-1 does spend a bit more time requiring repairs, but it still is my go to machine for any monster truck frippery, and the TLT-1 only really got used in the house when it wasn't good weather to o outdoors. I brought the TLT-1 as a new-in-box model and set about upgrading it from the off, so it has been built with full ball races (all the original metal bearings are in the box) and the motor was upgraded from the outset with a Tamiya Superstock RZ motor so it has plenty of poke. It is also running full 4 wheel steering over the standard box version. For this it has a Futaba Attack 4 channel radio gear, and brand new Futaba 3003 servos both front and rear. This does mean that it will turn on a penny, or really freak people out by driving diagonally forwards which always confuses the badword out of people watching either my TXT-1 or the baby TLT-1. The real bonus of the TLT-1 Max Climber is the fact that unlike its brother - the Rockbuster - it runs on standard 7.2v stick packs, unlike the triangular packs that the Rockbuster needs. The sale includes the original box, the instructions, all the remaining components (should you wish to return it to front wheel steer only), the full Futaba 4 channel radio gear, and the ESC. All you'll need is 8 AA's for the radio gear, and a 7.2v battery. I'm looking for ideally about £150 for the car, but is this asking too much for a TLT-1?
  4. Now sold Sad to see it go after I spent so long restoring it, but sadly after all my health problems I am now back to full fitness and for the first time in 13 years I've done a full winters training on my bike and have started racing once more. Sadly racing bikes is not a cheap hobby, and as my Monster Beetle is one of my lesser used cars I've had to take a sensible pill and move it on to someone who may use it more. The car was brought by me and restored completely as shown in this thread: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?...c=58522&hl= It has since had the entire gearbox internals replaced with brand new components just to make sure it runs perfectly (the original diff spurs were worn and the brand new Frog dog bones were slipping) and all the originals are included. I also had an issue with the front suspension breaking so I brought a pair of new front suspension arms which are included (one of course has a cracked screw hole for the suspension as the good one is on the car) The original shock absorbers are also included, although the springs are shot hence why I replaced them originally. All the old metal plates are also included. Both body shells, glass, drivers, Futaba Attack radio gear, ESC, and Sport Tuned motors are included in the sale. Buy this, stick a battery in it, and you have instant 80's fun! Would like about £170, but will of course be open to offers, otherwise it goes on eBay.
  5. Whilst re-insulating and flooring the loft I found a bag with this old beastie in! Last time it was used (about 10 years ago) it did work, but as I can't find a transformer to connect the charger to I can't confirm if it still works today. I'm looking to sell it complete with battery, fast charger, Futaba radio gear and stand. It is very well used, and probably about 20 years old, but it is complete. Would £80 be of any interest? Depending on weight I should be able to post worldwide too.
  6. And here is the last of the November clear-out to thin out the collection. I only brought this last month as I was in desperate need of something to build when the FAV's had failed to turn up back in stock at my local model shop. Perhaps it isn't the best bet to make spur of the moment purchases, but I know a lot of people say very good things about the CC-01 chassis so I thought it would make a great addition to the stable........errr It's had a test run around the back garden, and then a run on the gravel a little bit. I then went off on holiday only to come back to a message that my long awaited FAV had finally turned up so this managed to get benched straight away. It does unfortunately have a slight scratch on the bodyshell roof where I managed it roll it on the junction from gravel to tarmac, but it's nothing too noticeable. It's fully ball-raced, assembled with ceramic grease, and with the fully operational diffs (the diff locks are still in the box, along with the instructions should you want them). It has the stock Tamiya TEU-104 ESC on board it, and a Futaba steering servo connected to a Futaba 40mhz speed controller. There is no crystal in the reciever and no transmitter sold with the car. The shell has been painted with a proper trans-blue, with a candy silver underneath it, so it's a real deep metallic blue which is a lot better looking than the standard Tamiya metallic blue, and all the decals are on the shell in perfect positioning. Photos to follow soon Price £140 including postage Piccies as promised.
  7. And so another of the new cars bites the bullet. I purchased the Durga as a partner in crime for my Avante, and as something for my wife to run when I ran the Avante.......sadly she really isn't interested in the fast buggies, and is far far happier playing with the TLT Max Climber than anything else I have in the collection. Due to me being totally in love with my Avante, the Durga has simply been a nice, put-it-together-and-paint-it project for me to build. It has literally seen one batterys use in the back garden (hence a couple of scratches on the bottom) and that has been that........there's more dust on it that dirt! It is fully ball-raced, and fitted with a Tamiya Super Stock TZ motor which was purchased brand new with the car. The radio gear is full Futaba, and it will come complete with reciever and transmitter, as well as the steering servo, so it will literally be a case of pulling the car out of the box, fitting the wheels to it, and slinging a battery in there. It also comes with a few spares due to the fact that when I built it I lost one of the little plastic bits that fit over the rods in the suspension.......when I couldn't find it again I simply gave up and ordered a new sprue so have plenty of spares. Photos to follow Price £200 including postage And so the pics for the Durga too
  8. Having to pacify the good lady wife after taking delivery of my FAV so the office is having a clear-out of cars. First to go here is my TB-01 Subaru Imprezza rally car. This was purchased on a whim to go as a partner in crime for my DF-03Ra Lancia Delta, but after just one run around the back garden I realised that the rally cars were not much fun on grass, and that they're a lot better on loose gravel to have your kicks and giggles with! The Lancia got sold ages ago, but I hung onto the TB-01 for some reason. It has a full ball-race set in it, and all four shocks have been upgraded to oil filled alloy efforts from Yeah Racing. It has a Futaba steering servo, a standard silver can motor, and that is connected to a brand new TEU-104 ESC........in fact everything on this car is brand new. It has literally seen a 1 minute test run on the back garden grass before having the shell sprayed and then being laid to rest on my car shelf on the office where it has been ever since. No reciever or radio transmitter included. Photos to follow Price £75 including postage Follow up piccies I also have all the sprues (including the unbuilt shocks), the drivers, and the instruction manual.
  9. The re-released Lunchbox also had a metal parts bag with proper holders for aftermarket shocks that will make fitting new shocks a lot easier. 80mm shocks fit nicely in a Lunchie (can be brought for under a tenner for a pair from eBay) Swap your tires round though........your treads pointing the wrong way
  10. I'm moving on the last of my Rally cars now. This is pretty much unused.........1 half 5000mah battery around the back garden is all it's managed, and then my wife went back to playing with the 4 wheel steer TLT I have. It's running a silver can rather than anything hot, but it does have some other bits and bobs with it. 3Racing alloy shocks all round. Full ball bearings thorughout. TEU104 ESC installed in the car, and a Futaba S3003 servo No radio gear sorry because I'm keeping that for my next project. It's currently got a 2001 Subaru Imprezza bodyshell on it (Prodrive metallic blue, with the Richard Burns markings), however the original bodyshell (1999 version) is included, and is sitting pristine in the box after having it's colours sprayed on as per Tamiyas manual instructions. The decals are completely unapplied for the German champ shell, but the Richard Burns shell is completed. It will be sent in its orginal box, complete with all instructions, all box bits, original shocks (unmade), spare screws, hex key, and the spare springs of different strengths for the 3Racing shocks. £80 for you good people.
  11. Got to disagree with you there Singapore 959. My original Blackfoot wasn't raced properly (you simply couldn't race those things as they just fell over!), however I used to get through dozens of drive shafts in the thing. They just went round far too easily, and that was with nothing more potent than a silver can in there. My Monster Beetle owning friend and I used to plan out our trips to Shrewsbury where the nearest tamiya stockist was just to get enough drive shafts in to keep us going. My rebuilt Monster Beetle is just used for bashing and it's Frog re-issue dog bone drive shafts are holding up far better than the hex ones ever did. Viva la revolution I say!
  12. To be fair I'm an orthodontic technician by trade, and therefore work with my hands every day and have developed a grip strength that positively scared the Occupation Health person who gave me my annual fitness report! Yet to encounter a screw that my good old trusty screwdriver and serious elbow grease could not drive in, even if the Avante did test me out a couple of times. If it gets used for more than bashing then maybe it'll get an upgrade, but to be honest it's going to be my toy, and my wides when she fancies joining me for some fun running.
  13. One Durga ordered! Question though....... Is it fully ball-raced, or do I need to order some in?
  14. Looks like it'll be a Durga then once I've shifted the Rally cars I know it'll run rings around the Avante, but I love my Avante, and I'll be doing the building of the Durga so it may well not get a motor upgrade for a while Let her get used to it with a silver can, and give my Avante with its Super Stock TZ a bit of a chance.
  15. Having a clear out to line up a new 4 wheel drive buggy to use alongside my Avante, M-05Ra Brand new Renault Alpine A110 bodied M-05Ra. Purchased last year. I built the gearbox and then left the thing in it's box until I brought my Avante and needed to move it on to raise funds, so I finished the build to sell it. It's only been tested VERY briefly on carpet in my from room to make sue it worked. Fully ball-raced, brand new Tamiya TZ 23T Super Stock motor, all round 3Racing alloy dampers, and Futaba Attack radio gear and servo £140 DF-03Ra Lancia Delta Integrale version. Been run for a fair bit, and then run into a post by my friends son which cracked the front of the Integrale shell. Since then its gained gold Scooby wheels, and a 2007 Scooby body shell finished in the classic metallic blue. Fully ball-raced, Tamiya TZ 23T Super Stock motor, 3Racing alloy dampers, and Futaba Attack radio gear and servo. Old Integrale Shell and wheels included £150 TB-01 Subaru Impreza German Champion 1999 Had about 2 batteries ran through it by my wife, hence why it just has a standard silver can motor in it. The original shell is untouched as I brought a 2001 Richard Burns Scooby shell for it and that was used for the runs. The original shell is sprayed to box art colour and in the box included. Fully ball-raced and 3Racing alloy dampers added too. TEU104 ESC, and Futaba Attack radio gear and servo £120 Need to fund a Durga and Futaba radio gear for it...........it'll still get a silver can though if the wife is going to drive it!
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