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  1. Yes Mates, that is what i like....... for me this is an incentive for more stuff like this........ Here is the next...... I´ve designed a few more parts in 3D to build them as realistic as possible, to use them as a master or even for Rapid-Prototyping as on the RECARO Seat. the real DTM Wheel .... and the next Pic shows a few parts that i have already bought for my project..... ......hey guys thats not only a dream ......it´s getting more and more realistic .....and today a bonus pic ..... this is how it should look like if it finished ........ RCFuzzy
  2. Many thanks Guys .... i´ve promised you another part of my BMW Schnitzer Project......here it is ....... i always was thinking about a "as much as possible" looking shelf-queen with all neccessary functions of adjustments and which is as flexible as possible. As you can see on the pics ...... i´ve designed my own "shelf-queen-chassis" ....... everything is adjustable ..... steering, camber, body width and wheelbase ..... so you could use it for every kind of body ....... i´ve used standard Tamyia parts for fixing the wheels and custom-made steel, aluminium or Carbon parts for the rest ........ As i have collected more than 20 Tamiya bodies the project would be a less expensive way to show them on my shelf, without buying a 'real' chassis for every body. .....do you want so see more ........ This is a fully scaled RECARO SPA Racing Seat ..... i´ve made a Prototype with a RP-Printer ..... ......to be continiued .....
  3. Hi Guys, here i´m back ....i´ve posted my project a few month ago on my Tamiyaclub-Showroom ... till i got the following Mail .... Unfortunately, your recent entry to Tamiyaclub.com has been removed by a moderator who, after careful consideration has decided it was in breach of the club rules. Your subscription fee allows you to use this area of the site but with the restriction all entries must comply to the rules you agreed to when signing up for the club. In this instance your entry... - Realistic Cockpit - Display Chassis - Part III - Please use the forums for updates to these CAD drawings, not the showrooms Thanks Sorry for that ... i really wouldn´t anger anyone neither brake any rules....i just wanted to share my interresting project with other TC-Members. But after a time of beiing offended i´m back here to keep you all guys up to date......and now on the FORUM. Waiting for your appreciated comments. Many thanks to all. RCFUZZY BMW M3 - Realistic Cockpit - Display Chassis - Part I This is my Prototype of a Realistic Cockpit for my BMW M3 Schnitzer. It was always a wish to build this, if i had time space It will be for my Display-Chassis (Shelf-Queen). to be continued .......but only if you are interrested
  4. Hi Tom, If you are searching for "alternative" carbon egress chassis you have to look at FIBRE-LYTE in UK ..... I've bought a set of shock tower from him (front & rear) Only a few weeks ago ..... ..... And i can deal with a CAD-Drawing for all Egress chassis parts ..... I can send you pictures ...... Let me know if i can help you ..... As i'm a TC-Member too ;-) Greetings from Bavaria, Germany Rcfuzzy
  5. Hi, do you have a "list" of all the EGRESS Parts ? and prices ? Thanks, Christian Please PM me .....
  6. Hi, are they still available ? Regards, Christian
  7. Hi to all, I´m searching for the following parts for my Tamiya Egress. 4305234 Carbon Steering Plate 3455233 Wheel-Hubs >>> Received <<< 5005046 Rear-Coil Springs 5005045 Front-Coil Springs 4305249 Damper mount base BF4 2x 3456229 Spacer BF7 4x 3455228 Rear piston rod BF6 2x 3455227 Front piston rod BF5 2x 6275025 Oil-Seal BF3 4x >>> Received <<< 9005275 G-Parts No one out there who can offer items ??? ........ I´ve a long list of parts to trade, if anyone is interested ???? Thanks and greetings from Bavaria, Germany Christian
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