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  1. As per post title after a new H parts tree from the subaru impreza 1997 bodyparts set. If anybody has one spare or can help me find one that would be great!
  2. I'm specifically after the gears pictured but doesn't matter I got it now.
  3. Subaruhess


    Thanks for the Long arm kit, I received it ok with no damages. Regards Hess
  4. Hi Just a quick post am after two sets of TG10/TB01 bevel pinion & ring gear, part number is #50630 also see attached pic. If anybody has two sets nip I'd be happy to buy them, loose gears is fine too but they must be new & unused! Postage is to UK. Regards Hess
  5. Hi As the title suggests I'm after the bodyparts set for 1/10 1997 subaru impreza WRC part number is 50782. Or failing that the bodyparts set for the 1999 WRC, part number is 50854. If anybody has one that is still new & unbuilt I'd be very interested in buying it! Shipping is to UK Regards Hess.
  6. Wanted: Avante 2001 reinforce plate 4025024 NEW, its the two little side plates that come in the red blister pack that sit on each side of the lower chassis plate see pic below:
  7. Do you still have the items for sale, I really need those gearbox panels for my avante 2001 because mine have cracked. Please contact me at subaruhess@googlemail.com thanks!
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