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  1. Thanks for reply, width is ok, just need something that will grip. Too much wheel spin and loads of over steer Plus i don't know what size they are?
  2. Hi, Just recently got a Jagermeister Capri. I am running brushless / lipo and it is very quick, too quick for the slick tyres on tarmac. anyone recommend a good tyre for this TT02 chassis. Regards Darren
  3. Hi Steve, It is from Tamiya's own website
  4. Nova Fox 2WD buggy, Fox in the late 1980s, was popular alongside the hot shot is an appearance afresh. Inherits directly or monocoque frame with high dust resistance, such as four-wheel double wishbone suspension and mono shock type front, a basic configuration, change to dog bone type the drive shaft. Is enough attractive now polycarbonate body sharp like buggy.● 1/10 Electric RC Car Series No.577 1/10RC NOVAFOX (fifty-eight thousand five hundred seventy-seven) ★ total length 425mm. ★ Equipped with ball bearings in the rear suspension around and sealed gear box inside. ★ It is a whole new marking, we also renewed package. July release 1 bale Quantity 4  
  5. It is really sad that model shops are going. As a kid i went to 3 model shops and they have gone now.I know it is all internt based now but just going into a good model shop is awsome! (touchy feely)Beatties was great, now i believe it is now Model Zone :-(I would love to own my own model shop
  6. I am always suspicious with ebay. He is no longer an ebay member. I was looking at a Wild Willy on ebay the other day, aution said "selling this on behalf of a friend because he does not have an ebay account" The same Wild willy was sold on ebay about 3 weeks previous (no account eh!) I allways check feedback and look at completed listings Glad you got your money back but the juggernaut would of been better
  7. Hi, Found this on Tamiya's Web Site, hope it is of use. Overall length: 390mm Overall width: 250mm Overall height: 150mm Minimum clearance: 25mm Weight fully equipped: 1,620g (with battery installed) Wheel base: 270mm Tread (front and rear): 207mm Chassis material: ABS Chassis type: Monocoque Steering tie rods: divided in three segments Suspension (front and rear): double wishbone Caster angle (f/r): 15deg/0deg Camber angle (f/r): 3deg/3deg Toe angle (f/r): 3deg/2deg Dampers (f/r): Friction Dampers Drive train: Laterally installed motor with shaft drive 4WD Gear ratio: kit standard- 19T (1:9:49), accessory- 21T (1:8:59) Diff gear system (f/r): three bevel diff Speed Controller: 3-step speed controller Tire width (f/r): 40mm Tire diameter (f/r): 84mm Tread pattern (f/r): pin spike Type 540 motor
  8. Get a set of Ansmann 55mm dampers of ebay for about £8 pair :-)
  9. They are pretty tough. The only thing that happened to mine was one of the 5mm ball joints on the servo saver worked loose, a bit of araldite did the trick. Have fun :-)
  10. It has been a while, but we had a good week of sun a while ago, so it gave me chance to finish of the painting of the body. Applied the decals, just need to finish of the paint details.
  11. The re-re Super Shot has 4 x CVA shocks, undergaurd, Gt tuned motor and fully ballraced
  12. Appologies if this or any other pictures regards re-releases coming soon have been shown. I know the Bruiser and Supershot has there own thread. Uk price list: 58519 TOYOTA BRUISER 4x4 PICKUP RETAIL £799.99 58511 NISSAN TITAN RACING TRUCK RETAIL £165.00 84265 SUPER HOTSHOT RETAIL £315.00 58518 SUPER CLOD BUSTER 2012 RETAIL £335.00 58523 BUSH DEVIL 11 LTD ED. RETAIL £170.00 84265 HOT SHOT GOLD METTALIC LTD ED. RETAIL £255.00 58524 STADIUM THUNDER 2012 RETAIL £175.00
  13. I have just done a resto on MB and i bought a Blitzer Beetle shell, that one is identicle to the MB (regards the mounting holes) The re-re SS shell is identicle to the BB and MB apart from the mounting holes Just a matter of filling and drilling
  14. hi. click on the link below, it might help regards the different bodies http://www.tamiya101.com/article_sand_scorcher_shells.asp
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