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  1. It's a SMT-10 chassis with full metal gearbox, driveshafts, steel gears and axles.
  2. Thanks guys! Yes it is using a smt-10 chassis, aluminum front and rear axles, aluminum gear box, metal links, and all steel gears and drive shafts. Super Clod wheels and tires.
  3. Almost done with my Monster Beetle, still need to paint Albert and install the off road lights. I made it 4wd also.
  4. Possible Kyosho Supercharged Scorpion concept. Made from Kyosho MP9 tki4 chassis with Tekno V4 conversion and Losi SCBE Body. What do you guys think?
  5. Going to try and race mine in 4wd class White rims for racing:
  6. Thank you guys
  7. My Kyosho Optima Re Release
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