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  1. Loving the new build but can I make a suggestion. The cup racer was such a little warrior, I think rebuilding it with all the parts that went through the enduro (tyres and all) and giving it pride of place on the shelf, is something that it has certainly earned. In years to come, just looking at it will put a smile on your face every time. Just a thought.
  2. That is a brilliant read. I have never even thought about a tt-02 but now I am planning on picking one up. That blue chassis looks awesome. I think a drifter is on the cards.
  3. The conversion kit that is basically the centre skid plate drilled for Maverick Scout gearbox, pushed the motor higher and raised the centre of gravity. I really liked the lightweight handling of the stock gearbox/ motor so I switched back. Lots of other owners have done the 540 mod and love it but it just wasn’t for me. I concentrated on improving the axle internals and steering. I went so far as to release a steel diff spool! If you get one and want to do the conversion, look for HSP gearbox on eBay as it is exactly the same as the Maverick one but considerably cheaper. You can get the steel internal gears for that gearbox either from HSP or for the Redcat Gen7. Also, let me know if you are converting your truck as you can have my centre skid plate, I won’t be needing it again.
  4. Managed to upload the picture of the accessories. Still need to stain the wood and paint the styrene before putting them all together. Some are already done and some half finished.
  5. Thanks Hobgoblin, I got this to drive along with my son who has a pretty capable crawler. I love the FTX, I have never put this much effort into an r/c before. I did try the 540 conversion but switched back to stock as I preferred the 390 motor. For £119 for the rolling chassis, I can’t complain.
  6. I am currently unable to upload the photos of the rifles and accessories but I will post them up when I can.
  7. First thread in the builds section, but I was feeling inspired by the fantastic work that some of the builders here exhibit and reading some of Jenny Mo’s threads prompted me to buy some styrene and glue and see what sort of mess I could make with the FTX trail truck. This is nowhere near finished but it has already been improved mechanically with the installation of a 20kg servo and custom steel heavy duty diff spools. The rest of the drivetrain is pretty much stock as I like the feel of the smaller 390 motor. The bodyshell is stock but I thought it was a good opportunity to try some weathering techniques for the first time. The shell was painted Tamiya aluminum silver then regular primer before Tamiya Purple for the main body and white for the roof. All this was done on the outside of the shell while the inside got the aluminum and then Halfords truck bed liner paint. As the truck got used and abused the rust effect was done with Tamiya acrylic brown and various other bits I had lying about. Interior is just a styrene bed and a gun rack made using the stock body mounts. The seats came from eBay and I still need to do a dashboard. The guns are done with styrene and wood with the only metal parts being the butt plate on one of the rifles. Anyway, be gentle, this is my first try.
  8. Love all the vehicles based off this chassis. If you search Mad Bull or DT01 on the forum you will have tons of results that will help you in your rebuild and with any modifications you might want to do. From memory, I did the heat shrink mod to the front wishbones to reduce play, the servo link was changed from the bent wire to a proper adjustable link, full bearings, oil shocks and steel pinion. After that it ran great and was nigh on indestructible. It is a great choice for a first vehicle and £3!! That is a steal. Look forward to seeing this one progress.
  9. Apologies if this is old news but it appears that the War Rig has an American relative.
  10. Wow. I am only just starting out with the styrene creations and modifications but it is threads like this that are a real inspiration.Thank you for taking the time to photograph all updates. It really is appreciated.
  11. I got my two a pair of Mad Bulls and they proved to be great fun for learning in the garden. What I found though was that my son wanted to drive over things and up kerbs, that type of thing. I ended up getting a Maverick Scout and it was a huge success. By the way, my son is 4 and now drives the Scout everywhere. Parks, woodland, beach, garden. It even has a set of indoor tyres when the weather is bad he sets up indoor obstacle courses. I know the Scout isn’t a Tamiya but maybe something like the CC-01 chassis might be worth considering.
  12. In the 1:1 cars, there is an adapter plate that allows you to fit a BMW motorcycle boxer engine. Those things shift pretty well. The U.K. 2cv races require you to use original engine and gearbox. Would love to have a go. I think it’s great Tamiya are releasing the 2CV, we already have the Beetle, mini and Fiat 500. Now the ‘people’s car’ lineup is complete.
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