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  1. Sure thing mate, I have pm’d you. Sold.
  2. Still here. £90 posted? Really don’t want to go the eBay route.
  3. You have got me thinking now. I really fancy a rally car. Don’t suppose it is a TT02 you were swapping was it?
  4. This has the Etronix Probe WP Speedo in it. I have used them for years and they have always been really reliable. The servo was over-kill but I always try to fit good ones that I know I don’t have to worry about. Probably a habit I picked up when I was racing.
  5. It is, I am second guessing myself as to whether or not to sell or not. I do love it but the GF01 is getting all the use. What were you swapping?
  6. Hi mate, thanks for replying. Sadly I am short of space so I can’t do a swap, sorry. Sorry it took me so long to reply. Mad weekend of work I am afraid.
  7. With the arrival of the Heavy Dump truck, I have found a new love. Sadly this means that the Mad Bull is sitting on a shelf not getting used and I don’t really have space for a shelf queen. So it is time for the MB to find a new home. I have done all the usual bits. Full rubber sealed bearings, steel pinion, steering link heat shrink, wishbone heat shrink, internal sprung shocks with rubber gaiters, windows and body mesh over the gaps. I made a one piece top plate to keep the debris out of the chassis but no structural mods were done to achieve this so it is reversible if you wish. I also put a different bumper on but again, if you wanted to switch back to the original you can do so without difficulty. It does come with a really good waterproof servo and a waterproof esc so all you need is a battery, transmitter and receiver. I have the manual and the decals as well as the driver figure still unpainted. I was hoping to get £100 including postage. Any questions please feel free to ask.
  8. Hello everyone,

    I'm new to rc and i have a madbull and for some reason it will not reverse any suggestions why?

  9. The Mad Bull is one of my favourite chassis. It is tough and a ton of fun but it can also be a decent platform for tinkering. Mine has diff putty to improve its ‘crawling’ capabilities, heat shrink mod to reduce steering slop, one piece top plate to keep debris out and internal sprung shocks that improve handling. My son started to learn on a Mad Bull and he was four at the time. If I was getting another vehicle for someone to learn on, I wouldn’t change from a MB. They are perfect for this.
  10. There are two main reasons I buy multiples. Firstly, I like to have spares. I run all my cars and really don’t like waiting for parts to turn up. This attitude may come from my days of racing 1:10 off-road when I used to be prepared for anything. The second reason is that when I build a car, I will modify/ paint it in a certain style. eg drift car, rally car, touring car and so on. I will buy a second car to modify it the other way and I buy the same chassis to have spares compatibility. This only happens with a chassis I particularly like. It is worth pointing out that the first chassis is always bought new but subsequent purchases are most likely second hand from eBay.
  11. Not particularly recent but I have just rebuilt it so hopefully that counts! Still got to do the interior and get a decent driver figure but it is getting there.
  12. A mystery package from TimeTunnel. I am forbidden from sneaking a peek but I suspect a GF01 Dump Truck may be lurking inside.
  13. Finally got chance to strip down the M06 and the MadBull. Gave them both a good clean and fitted Tamiya diff putty to both cars. Hoping to get some drift action with the M06 and better crawling ability with the MadBull.
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