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  1. Scouser

    Mad Max Fury Road War Rig build

    Apologies if this is old news but it appears that the War Rig has an American relative.
  2. Wow. I am only just starting out with the styrene creations and modifications but it is threads like this that are a real inspiration.Thank you for taking the time to photograph all updates. It really is appreciated.
  3. Scouser

    First car for my 3 year boy?

    I got my two a pair of Mad Bulls and they proved to be great fun for learning in the garden. What I found though was that my son wanted to drive over things and up kerbs, that type of thing. I ended up getting a Maverick Scout and it was a huge success. By the way, my son is 4 and now drives the Scout everywhere. Parks, woodland, beach, garden. It even has a set of indoor tyres when the weather is bad he sets up indoor obstacle courses. I know the Scout isn’t a Tamiya but maybe something like the CC-01 chassis might be worth considering.
  4. In the 1:1 cars, there is an adapter plate that allows you to fit a BMW motorcycle boxer engine. Those things shift pretty well. The U.K. 2cv races require you to use original engine and gearbox. Would love to have a go. I think it’s great Tamiya are releasing the 2CV, we already have the Beetle, mini and Fiat 500. Now the ‘people’s car’ lineup is complete.
  5. Scouser

    2x Mad Bulls

    Both sold.
  6. Scouser

    OwainP's Mad Bull Project

    Looks fantastic. The painting is where I usually lose patience and rush to get out and run it. Yours goes to show what happens when you take your time. Nice job.
  7. Scouser

    OwainP's Mad Bull Project

    Gotta love the Mad Bull. Nice to see one getting some tlc. Nice job.
  8. I have always gone for the Hitech waterproof servos. Had them in the TA02 and all the Mad Bulls. I like them because they just do the job with no fuss and I have come to trust them as much as all the FUTABA's I have used for years. They are not the cheapest though.
  9. Scouser

    Stronger gearbox?

    I think it was just a freak thing. It wasn't a particularly hard crash, it must have just caught it in the right place to snap it. I replaced the broken half and have had no troubles since. Still love the Mad Bull and reckon it's the best beach runner ever.
  10. Scouser

    Stronger gearbox?

    Sadly I don't have a picture of the break. Basically the car landed on its roof and the casing broke at the lower central pivot point. A piece about 3cm long had snapped out of the right hand casing. It's the only problem I have had with Mad Bull through countless runs.
  11. Scouser

    Stronger gearbox?

    The front end of the Mad Bull has proven to be super strong. It took out a fence panel at full tilt with no damage to the car whatsoever. I have only had issues with the gearbox casing which is why I wondered about the LB and Hornet.
  12. Scouser

    Stronger gearbox?

    Yeah, the tip over factor would start to be a drag after a short while. The reason I asked is that I have already broken the casing of the Mad Bull just throwing it round the garden. A brasher for the kids means the stronger the better. Thanks for the input, much appreciated.
  13. Scouser

    Stronger gearbox?

    Quick question to anyone who has experience of the gearboxes from the Hornet/ Lunchbox and the Mad Bull/ Rising Fighter. Of the two, which one is the stronger? I mean the gears and also the outer casing. I am building up a couple of cars for the kids but wondered whether the Lunchbox/ Hornet would take more abuse than the MB. Appreciate any input. Jon.
  14. Scouser

    Mad Bull screaming gearbox

    Thought I would update this for future reference. It turns out that it was the motor screaming. It only started after running for a few minutes and seemed worse when the motor was not under stress, i.e. When slowing without braking. Hope this is helpful for someone in the future.
  15. Scouser

    Wanted- Mad Bull friction shock

    All sorted. Many thanks to Vrooom666.