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  1. Got the top plate done and added another layer of mesh to the Mad Bull body.
  2. Love this topic, it makes me feel better when I see I am not the only one who starts a new project before finishing the last one. For me, a one piece top plate, interior and driver figure for the Mad Bull.
  3. Had a bit of fun with the Mad Bull. Mad Bull Fury Road?
  4. This is what I thought. I think the Fighter Buggy is the sensible option being that I have a load of spares already. I thought of the Hornet when watching some YouTube videos and hearing glowing praise of the rear axle and gearbox.
  5. Hey all, hope everyone is keeping well. Reason for this thread is that my local club is starting a vintage class of buggy racing apparently. As a fan of the Mad Bull and having a load of spare parts, my first thought was Fighter Buggy RX or Mad Fighter. With all this time to overthink, I have also been toying with the idea of a Hornet and some Ampro reinforcements. So the question for people with experience of both axle/ gearboxes is, which is stronger, the MKI on the Hornet or the MKII on the Mad Bull/Fighter Buggy/Rising Fighter? I know these platforms are not ideal for racing but I am not considering anything else. I like a challenge!
  6. To be honest, I have always had rubber sealed bearings so I couldn’t give a comparison. I think the benefit is to do with the protection of the bearing innards. I will have a google and see if there are any decent threads anywhere on the matter. I stuck with a 17t steel pinion in the Mad Bull as I thought it would be better for the big tyres. For the Fighter Buggy RX I would get both options and see which works best on the surfaces you run. Shock oil is probably going to be quite light as it isn’t a heavy buggy. Again, surface will be the deciding factor but I would maybe start at 20wt and go from there. That’s just me though, I like my buggy’s to be quite soft on the shocks. Look forward to the videos.
  7. I love all things DT-01 so I will definitely be following your progress. I do prefer rubber sealed bearings but that is just me, I got it into my head that the seals were superior to metal shielded but again, that could be wrong. The carbon top plate will be lovely to see, I believe there has been an example of this being done in the past and it looked great. Carbon is quite difficult to work with as you need to get the cuts really precise to avoid fraying the fibres. Interesting to see that you have added a rear shock mount brace. I have always thought this was a robust part of the design. Have you had problems on your chassis? Looks like you have really given this some thought so maybe start a build thread, can’t wait to see some pictures.
  8. Only once have I built something and realised it was not going to be for me. Never with a Tamiya though, the car in question was a TTech Predator that I bought when I was racing. It was a wonderful car to look at but if you had to maintain or repair anything, it was overly complicated. If you break something whilst at the track, you want it to be a quick and easy repair. I thought of the money loss as a learning experience and was thankful nobody had a swear jar in my vicinity whilst building as the loss would have been way more.
  9. Fitted shiny silver internal sprung shocks to the Mad Bull. It has gone from being a squeaky pogo stick into a silent ankle assassin.
  10. Evening all, hope you are all keeping well. During these strange days I have found myself running multiple battery packs through the Mad Bull and enjoying every second. I have been running trail trucks pretty much exclusively over the last few years and didn’t realise how much I had missed a good old blast around at full throttle, kicking up rooster tails and basically hooning around. The one thing I do miss about the trail trucks is their locked diffs. The Mad Bull will just spin its unweighted tyre and leave itself beached, requiring a helping hand to get going again. Now I don’t want to lock the diff on the MB but I would like to get a ‘limited slip’ set up. Has anyone successfully achieved a lsd on Tamiya diffs or am I chasing rainbows? Any help gratefully received.
  11. Gave the lawn its first cut of spring, then ran five packs through the Mad Bull, chasing the kids round the garden in the sunshine.
  12. I sold my li-po batteries when I stopped racing and have only used ni-mh batteries since. The extra weight helps the crawlers and the Mad Bull will only accept certain li-po cells anyway. Never really felt the need to go back.
  13. I made the error of selling my original one. Time to rectify that mistake.
  14. Agreed, when I buy RC4WD parts, I always feel I am buying peace of mind.
  15. Yeah, you are right. Sorry bud, my bad. Have you thought about Losi Mini T shocks? From what I remember when I raced my GB02, the shocks were very similar length to those of the Losi.
  16. Have a look at Tamico. They are showing #40539 in stock at €15 per pair.
  17. Not sure if you have tried already but, the Carisma M14 has a wheelbase of 175 mm which would scale up to 2450 mm in 1:1 Scale. The thing is, they are quite thin on the ground these days.
  18. Awesome, thank you so much for your reply. I will pick up the Tamiya set.
  19. Hi all, I am in the process of reducing as much slop as possible from the M06 and have got to the steering. I am thinking that aluminum upgrade might be a good idea but there are quite a few to choose from. GPM, Jazrider, Yeah Racing, 3 Racing and of course Tamiya own. What are the opinions about the best option? Is there one that stands out as the best or are they all about the same? Thanks in advance for any help.
  20. Loving the new build but can I make a suggestion. The cup racer was such a little warrior, I think rebuilding it with all the parts that went through the enduro (tyres and all) and giving it pride of place on the shelf, is something that it has certainly earned. In years to come, just looking at it will put a smile on your face every time. Just a thought.
  21. That is a brilliant read. I have never even thought about a tt-02 but now I am planning on picking one up. That blue chassis looks awesome. I think a drifter is on the cards.
  22. The conversion kit that is basically the centre skid plate drilled for Maverick Scout gearbox, pushed the motor higher and raised the centre of gravity. I really liked the lightweight handling of the stock gearbox/ motor so I switched back. Lots of other owners have done the 540 mod and love it but it just wasn’t for me. I concentrated on improving the axle internals and steering. I went so far as to release a steel diff spool! If you get one and want to do the conversion, look for HSP gearbox on eBay as it is exactly the same as the Maverick one but considerably cheaper. You can get the steel internal gears for that gearbox either from HSP or for the Redcat Gen7. Also, let me know if you are converting your truck as you can have my centre skid plate, I won’t be needing it again.
  23. Managed to upload the picture of the accessories. Still need to stain the wood and paint the styrene before putting them all together. Some are already done and some half finished.
  24. Thanks Hobgoblin, I got this to drive along with my son who has a pretty capable crawler. I love the FTX, I have never put this much effort into an r/c before. I did try the 540 conversion but switched back to stock as I preferred the 390 motor. For £119 for the rolling chassis, I can’t complain.
  25. I am currently unable to upload the photos of the rifles and accessories but I will post them up when I can.
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