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  1. All will be shipped with tracking number. 1. B6 pro lipo charger with 5 3s small lipos. All lipos have been balanced and stored. 2 Gens Ace 1500 25c 2 Gforce 1300 35c 1 Sky Lipo 1300 25c 35 Shipped 2. Full Throttle Wraith seats. Made for the New Jeep body. Never used. 25 shipped 3. Tamiya Original Sand Scorcher with Hopped up Body. Parts are used and comes with extra CRP shock kit, Lowered electronics case. Extra driver figure, Axial AE-2 with CC Bec, Tamiya Motor, Vaterra WP steering servo, Also including a AE3 tx/rx. Body was made for by Hoosierdaddy. One of the greatest build I have seen him make. One window needs to be reglued. Comes with the sticker sheet and everything a body comes with. 500 shipped
  2. I meant part number 5155? Thanks Mark. I can always count on you for an answer. Will look into getting the parts.
  3. Okay I have read about the Super Champ one. Is it Item 155? I just wanted to see if anyone else has done anything else? Like maybe use a bearing set up like that on the DB-01, or DF-03. Just thought I might get a just a little more steering. Let me know as I want to fix this in the next 2 weeks before the beach. Thanks for your input. Shawn
  4. I took my old Baldre last year to the beach. Had a blast and it was smooth as butter on the wet sand. So wish I didn't sell it now. Lol
  5. If your looking for a brushed waterproof esc check out Holmes Hobbies in the US. I have had a few and had them on my crawlers that have been completely submerged and still going strong. They look like a castle esc. Hope this helps.
  6. So what motor/esc would you recommend just for the beach runs? Let me know what you think.
  7. I am using Wild Willy figures in mine. I made the seats for him and moved him up a little to reach the steering wheel.
  8. Still looking for these parts. If you have them email me for faster reply shwngillespie@gmail.com Thank you
  9. eBay is the best place. There is a guy who has new stuff up every week Just search Thorp in the toys/hobbies section. He had a set a week ago. Good luck.
  10. Looking for these Tamiya Scale Driver L Parts 58242 for Wild Willys Let me know.
  11. I can help you out. Have them ship it to new and we can work out the details. Will send you a PM
  12. Working on a project and need 2 or 3 Wild Willy drivers. Need them to be complete. Used is good cause going to paint them to match my truck. Please let me know. Have paypal. Thank you for looking. Easiest way to reach me is email. shwngillespie@gmail.com I need 2 or 3 of these. Tamiya Scale Driver L Parts 58242 for Wild Willys Let me know if you have any. Thank you
  13. Lol try using kimbrough servo savers. You can find them on eBay. They are awesome. I use them on my frog. Hope this helps Happy holidays
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