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  1. Thanx! Had a lot of fun building, bashing and filming it! It’s a fun buggy. drifts well.
  2. I posted a WAY too long video on YouTube of my Fast Attack Vehicle getting smashed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvbQvPkBttU&t=10s
  3. Hi guys, I recently built the FAV and made a little video; check it out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvbQvPkBttU&t=10s IMG_2293 2.HEIC
  4. thanx! LOL, yeah, but I built it to drive it, so it's okay.. No big damages so far!
  5. Check out my new Brat GoPro SloMo footage. Been trying to work with imovie & my gopro2, so took the brat to the beach for some footage. Was fun!
  6. Thanx! I'll upload an outdoor video as soon as I can shoot one!
  7. No: all standard, but the problem turnt out to be real simple: I just loosened one of the wheel bolts a bit and it was all good!
  8. I was test-driving it indoor the other day, and noticed that the right rear wheel was stopping to spin earlier then the other. Then I noticed that when I spin around one wheel by hand, the other turns the other way, as you would expect with a working differential. But when I turn the left wheel, the right wheel does not turn! i don't see any of the rubber making too much friction.. Is this a problem inside the diff?? Should I take it apart?! Any suggestions appreciated! Thanx...
  9. Finished the lexane body today. Made some fender flares from a plastic bottle and some rubber from a bike inner tire tube.
  10. Ah, thanx, thats a good tip. Haven't been driving it yet, but that seems more logical! Will change that. Been painting the lexane body, updates to follow... Question: I painted the transparant lexane body red. Is it good to back that up with black? Of so; why, so it becomes less transparant? it looks really good now, I'm afraid it will get (too) dark when I back it up with another layer of black.. Thanx
  11. Hi, I am Wouter from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Here some pics of my recent Brat built. ( ) Decided it would look better with the letters on the tires painted white: And starting bending some styrene tubes to work on the lexane body:
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