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  1. Where you been Wood? Was getting worried about ya ;)

    1. wood5tock


      Hi Buddy

      Yes been busy with other things but having another Tamiya renaissance so will be back with more projects very soon, as I am currently building my Hotshot I bought a while back and I also bought a Monster Beetle the other week! :)

    2. NWarty


      Sounds awesome and great to hear from you! ;)

  2. wood5tock

    F1 Kids Merchandise?

    Awesome job there mate, great work
  3. wood5tock

    Got my Willy! (new pix)

    Dirty... ... I approve
  4. wood5tock

    Got my Willy! (new pix)

    Can't see anything due to fact my eyes have turned green Good buy right there
  5. wood5tock

    Tamico should not get customs if sending to UK?

    Another + for Tamico, Great prices, well packaged and pretty quick too The delivery is soooo easy to trace and track as well from DHL
  6. wood5tock

    Mudblaster 2 build with a twist at the end

    The photo with them fitted looks like you have had some one-off machined at great expense
  7. wood5tock

    Recommend me a bench vice...

    If you want to go proper vice then Record ones are great. I have a 6" one in my garage. However if it's just a light hobby one I use one of these for RC stuff. Hasn't let me down yet. Its a Draper
  8. wood5tock

    Radio gear

    Nah, e-commerce sites have many back end automatic notification systems that have nothing to do with human input, apart from stock level adjustments.
  9. wood5tock

    Radio gear

    Ditto, I set up an email alert a while back to notify me then went on the site by chance and saw over ten in stock
  10. wood5tock

    The not so usual Hotshot project

    Love the lathe work mate, great stuff
  11. wood5tock

    Radio gear

    I know surely they can see by their sales they can shift em quick so why don't they get a good load in if nothing else for our appetites
  12. wood5tock

    Novafox discontinued

    Yeah I read this too, very sad and so glad I have one already, For once I didn't miss out like the Boomer re re
  13. wood5tock

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Thanks for the info and the link, may well look at one if these in the future for block colouring Prawn Cocktail...
  14. wood5tock

    Woodstock's Den

    Nice assortment of RC filth you have there mate
  15. wood5tock

    Hot Shot

    That looks great mate, the gold wheels really set it off