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  1. Can't see anything due to fact my eyes have turned green Good buy right there
  2. Another + for Tamico, Great prices, well packaged and pretty quick too The delivery is soooo easy to trace and track as well from DHL
  3. The photo with them fitted looks like you have had some one-off machined at great expense
  4. If you want to go proper vice then Record ones are great. I have a 6" one in my garage. However if it's just a light hobby one I use one of these for RC stuff. Hasn't let me down yet. Its a Draper
  5. Nah, e-commerce sites have many back end automatic notification systems that have nothing to do with human input, apart from stock level adjustments.
  6. Ditto, I set up an email alert a while back to notify me then went on the site by chance and saw over ten in stock
  7. Love the lathe work mate, great stuff
  8. I know surely they can see by their sales they can shift em quick so why don't they get a good load in if nothing else for our appetites
  9. Yeah I read this too, very sad and so glad I have one already, For once I didn't miss out like the Boomer re re
  10. Thanks for the info and the link, may well look at one if these in the future for block colouring Prawn Cocktail...
  11. Nice assortment of RC filth you have there mate
  12. wood5tock

    Hot Shot

    That looks great mate, the gold wheels really set it off
  13. Wow thats a great set up there mate, can we have some more shots of the spray booth? Also which Iwata airbrush is that?
  14. Those shelves are more like a holding bay. One of the other developments I want to get going is a solution to properly display the models as you say. I have the solution just got to make it/them
  15. You haven't seem the rear wing of my Boomer I have just fudged... Just getting used to the new media, the roll cage I have just done is spot on and air brush cleaner makes for a great non harmful way of neatly getting rid of any tiny bleeds you can sometimes get. Don't worry lads I'm getting my airbrushing head back again. Once I have it down again I'll do a full report!
  16. I was wondering that too Lovely display case, great find by Mrs N! wish I have the room for a actual display case
  17. From one of our masters of builds and paintwork that's quite an expectation to live up to... The spray booth is all in one and it folds up into the unit with the handle, the elephant nose just goes through the wall into a clear void of the loft. I am using water based paints so fumes and smells won't be problem. Well at least not from the paint Cheers MJ
  18. Great work there mate, gotta get some dirty action shots next Can't agree with ukfox more
  19. I wanna damper pump now!!! I was already thinking about the shaft pliers when I spotted some on Modelsport Great vids Theibault keep em coming
  20. Just imagine how many Extra RC models you would have to find room for if you decided to get all the Tamiya models that could take part as all the Transformers!!! Even if you just stuck with the first wave of G1 from 1984 we're talking 18!!! Let alone the new "Bay" films...
  21. Not just yet gonna shoot some colour on the Boomer first it's shivering in the corner as it has no clothes on :lol:
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