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  1. You will in due time and more, now you can start worrying 😉😁
  2. Wild Willy/LB size spike tires, were a hopup for the QD monster trucks and the GF01 dumptruck has them installed. Nice soft and gripping
  3. The CVA oil shocks that are standard in the kit. Have been thinking of replacing those for a set of HiCaps. But that's just optics.
  4. Is about and almost the same, exactly the reason better not to mix metric with imperial dp. I only had a good results with 'big' teeth .8 mod and/or 32dp
  5. They don't have a set for the M38 you will have to get the right sizes individualy from them. I just can't find my list which ones.
  6. TBG takes 15$ Standard International Shipping for a lexan hilux shell, maybe ask the seller?
  7. What is that black thingy right side of the adjusters rod ends?
  8. Yes nylon idler can be found in the lunchbox gearset. Bearings I got mine from ballbearings.co.uk Depending on gearbox swb or lwb you will need different bearings, the sizes should be in some other we thread. And you probably will need some shims to keep the flanged bearings in place.
  9. Seidel, great shop has tons of parts, unfortunatly due to all kinds of regulations no longer shipping abroad.
  10. Don't worry, Just run them till they start to disintegrate. And don't forget to post pictures when they do. :p
  11. Try using Google and search for simple green and aluminium. Guess this also applies to Tamiya SRB as they are low flying objects 😉 > Below are excerpts of some of the information available on the web: > Aircraft Cleaners > Simple Green and other cleaners that are not listed in the Technical Manuals are taboo for a very good reason - they hurt the metal used to build the machine. > It has been brought to the attention of the U.S. Army Aviation Missile Command (AMCOM) Depot Maintenance Engineering Team that numerous units are using the commercial product SIMPLE GREEN as an aircraft wash. > STOP! This product has been through Department of Defense (DOD) testing and was determined to be highly corrosive on aircraft aluminum and also a catalyst for Hydrogen Embrittlement in high strength aircraft alloys. While a highly effective cleaning agent for floors and non-aluminum / non-high strength alloy vehicles this product is not approved for aviation usage. If your unit has been using SIMPLE GREEN on a regular basis, it is recommended that a thorough fresh water wash with the approved cleaners per the appropriate airframe maintenance manuals be accomplished as soon as practicable. This should be followed up with a corrosion inspection / treatment and application of approved Corrosion Prevention Compounds (CPCs).CPC
  12. Road wizard, got one too, very nice chassis, old but interesting. Are the decals still on the sheet? If so make a quality scan to save them for future reproduction. Not sure if MCI already has them.
  13. Yes glue them, i usually do a drop every 120° both sides, it flows a bit between rim and tire depending on how big a drop.
  14. Ah darn yes servo saver, you could get a (couple of) Kimbroughs, they come with three adapter and work great.
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