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  1. I am curently very happy with two Vapextech 3300 NiMh, those are/were best amp for money. Also have four Sanyo 2400 NiCd i still use frequently. For chargers I like the ones SkyRC has on offer, fancy the D100. Using LRP Pulsar 3 competition atm, those can do a 10 Amp discharge. (you can still find those secondhand on marktplaats or ebaykleinanzeigen)
  2. waterbok

    Wanted motor mount bt4 for Ff01 car

    Distance is same as the two holes in a 540 can.
  3. waterbok

    Wanted motor mount bt4 for Ff01 car

    The one for the MF01x should fit.
  4. waterbok

    WTB M38 WW or Audi Axle Tubes

    the tubes or the potalloy round ball thingies at the end?
  5. I am not 100% sure on the number but you can use Tamiya - 50579 stepscrews and a ballnut. use that in several chassis to replace plastic upper arms for turnbuckles and ball ends.
  6. waterbok

    Road wizard f1 part

    Shop will.be tough, best chance, this forum and FB groups like tamiya legends. Etc
  7. waterbok

    Led wiring help with TLU-01

    No no no, those have a resistor as well, you just need normal ones for the TLU without presoldered resistor (which internal electronics replaces resistors) Just practice a little on the soldering you will get the hang of it. I did. Oh and i prefer matt lens LED for the orange and red ones looks better imo.
  8. waterbok

    Led wiring help with TLU-01

    Here is how you can check plus and minus when the legs got cut. The TLU can handle 2-3 white LED in series and 2-4 orange/red on one port. (Depends a bit on led and battery, just try) The size of the led 3or5 mm doesn't matter it's the color that determines the voltage. Fun read You can kill a led if you heat them to much while soldering. If led doesn't light up try swap the ± on the TLU port, providing the led in series are all connected correctly.
  9. waterbok

    Wanted Avante 2001 QD tyres

    little project that was on the shelf for a while, adapting the QD buggy rear rims to the same width as the front so M chassis tires fit all around. making an adapter to glue the halves back together after a bit of R&R with my unimat sl tiny bead but it works curing, its also screw together before after
  10. Oh very rare, guess they will be available again after the TF evolution rere or the dynastorm.
  11. waterbok

    Old NiCd batteries

    They should be fine, could be that not all cells are 100% anymore and they die on full throttle. Just test them or try discharging at high amps (if you have a suitable discharger mine does 6-8A)
  12. waterbok

    Wanted Avante 2001 QD tyres

    what parts do you need i got some buggy qd stashed away as donor