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  1. I got it from Conrad, you could however ask vapextech if they have that size cells and can make you one. I like their stuff. Did you upgrade any other parts, I read that a lot as recommendation for the sportstuned, stuff like gears and axle joints etc.
  2. Fits great and gives it a good balance also works nice in the trike T3-01
  3. Don't forget the first GF01, Willy and his flatbed Toyota FJ
  4. Vapextech 3300 mAh, fit all my older models, and have a great power delivery. Everything with more mAh are the bigger NiMh cells, OD and length increased.
  5. Steel pinion, ball bearings, tire glue and some led. Ah and a JID screwdriver or the Tamiya Tool Kit (blue one) That's it.
  6. Don't worry they probably will, as with NHS, truck, lorry and delivery drivers, mailman heck every underpaid wage worker who got looked down upon and now are saving the world because they cant go into hidding.
  7. You could try to find a mad fighter body and modify.
  8. It's not a falcon chassis, only the tub is similar. Falcon is same family but a lot was changed. Bearhawks pop up every now and then for reasonable prices, as mentioned patience is your friend.
  9. That's for 2.4ghz, old AM and FM need a certain length of wire but if it is way to long you can wind the lower bit around a piece of card or plastic.
  10. Found the blazing star/terra conqueror. Seller penguin
  11. wait, not sure on the ebay sellers name something like penguin, think they do the blazing star and top force shells and are UK
  12. Guess the Canadians are your best bet (TBG)
  13. ok checked i have a A2P3 filter on my dräger kind of works but i still smell a little, so probably better upgrade to an A and B or even A B E and K plus P3
  14. Chrome sceenshot Opera screenshot Seems to be a user related limit as i got it on my PC on multiple browser and on my android phone.
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