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  1. With the MR/TF its way easier to get acces to the rear diff than the front. You only need to remove the rear lid(4 screws) and you can take it out for service. However the ball diffs are overrated and it's quite common to run a gear diff in the rear.
  2. Check on the crawler forums, as the CR01 is already a bit older you will find several.optikns. Think one of the tricks was removing some material on the c hubs and the steering knuckles.
  3. I added lead/wheelweights around the rims. Running proline headlock rims and 2.2 flat iron tires.. Front each wheel 360grams total. Rear each 300grams total.
  4. Following were all plane trips. Taken a CR01 to Scotland(1x) and Sicily(3x) Highlands Etna Near Gela KBF to Sicily GF01 to Sicily My wheeler to Kyoto visiting a friend (picture is on the roof of the appartment block)
  5. Probably more in Nuernberg toy fair end of this month
  6. Try the falcon Facebook group. Besides that, I may have a set of rear rims.
  7. Think it will be hard to beat the GF01 truck. I have both chassis but for driving style and fun the GF is the winner imo. A three axle CC02 (CC03) would be something.
  8. This is what Tamiya has in mind, will be interessting to see how they are going to convert that to the G6-01
  9. SkyRC S60 is a nice one, yes you can set it so it charges your battery at 1C. If you want to use a NiMh check the vapextech 3300mAh it best value for money,(£/mAh) has decent power and its size fits the 'old' Tamiya battery shafts. If you are any good soldering have a look at XT60 plugs big improvement in handling.
  10. Search Google for - GT3c power button fix
  11. Thanks missed that one, ain't a big improvement, probably reason I overlooked 😁
  12. Good for you, still have some great working NiCd I regularly use. 😁
  13. Bodies released for the WR/WT 01 WR-4wd Wild Dagger -aka Stadium Raider -aka Sandshaker* Twin Detonator -aka Mighty Bull (xb) Double Blaze* -aka Overlander* (xb) -aka Road Hawk* (xb) Dual Hunter -aka Levant (TB01) WT-2wd Blackfoot Extreme Blackfoot III (aka Blackfoot*) Mud Blaster II* (aka lexan Brat*) Bush Devil II* -aka Landfreeder* WT-01narrow VW Amarok* * available as on 27-11-'19
  14. Flysky/Hobbyking Simple GT-2E With car setup memory GT3b/GT3c Receivers come cheap and you bind the transmitter to the receiver so unlimited cars to one TX. The GT3's can be software hacked for more setup memory and more channels. Also some hardware hacks available.
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