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  1. Offroad ready Little front suspension diy copy of the tamiya hopup Big improvement.
  2. Must be from after 1992, Tamiya did a small collection (6) of F1 cars.
  3. Hello @Mokei Kagaku is there a way to tell the 290x and 1800x apart except for a number on the box. I found one possibilty that is cars with grey/silver rims are the very early 290x and later rims are white. here is also the mention of 290x series cars with transparent chassis plastic? I am i correct that both the 290x and 1800x cars dont have any markings like number, date or tamiya in either chassis or shell? Next do the rerelease 18002 hornet and 94596 hot shot have any markings to keep them apart from the early versions?
  4. Hi there sir, it’s me, Aries. Been messaging you for quite a while now regarding our initial conversation about some mini 4wd built cars but still have not heard from you so, my apologies for trying to get in touch with you. I really hope you can spare just a few minutes of your time to check my messages to you sir. Always stay safe.

  5. The vintage tamiya HiCaps have such a hole in the top cap.
  6. Because it makes a much better runner 😝
  7. No gearbox standard fits a 540. Only needs an adapter for the 380.
  8. Hey nice, spare parts. I will notify the new owner of my ex vanquish 😂😂
  9. Send Nathaniel (MCI) an email and ask him? He build his print collection from scans he got from us RC builders and collectors and usually the print quality is (very) good.
  10. Sorry won't fit, the SRB only fit 6volt five cells side by side or a 7.2 six cell humppack. Other thing for most vintage Tamiya everything bigger than a six cell 3300 mah NiMh will be too long due to cell sizes not being standardized.
  11. Seidel in Germany, the one with the best prices who wont ship international.
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