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  1. The vintage tamiya HiCaps have such a hole in the top cap.
  2. Because it makes a much better runner 😝
  3. No gearbox standard fits a 540. Only needs an adapter for the 380.
  4. Hey nice, spare parts. I will notify the new owner of my ex vanquish 😂😂
  5. Send Nathaniel (MCI) an email and ask him? He build his print collection from scans he got from us RC builders and collectors and usually the print quality is (very) good.
  6. Sorry won't fit, the SRB only fit 6volt five cells side by side or a 7.2 six cell humppack. Other thing for most vintage Tamiya everything bigger than a six cell 3300 mah NiMh will be too long due to cell sizes not being standardized.
  7. Seidel in Germany, the one with the best prices who wont ship international.
  8. 14€ for four? Tamiya - 9808258
  9. I have a runner 103 with two shells and a as new 104 v1 Pro with spares. Pm me your email if interested and I can send some pics.
  10. 150€ isnt that bad, looks like it's just dirty not much mileage. I have a NIB 2005 for sale which comes in an original 58100 box as the 2005 got damaged, its has the spire spike tires and a sheet of MCI evolution Decals.
  11. That list are the standard in improvements the TF has over the MR. Hoe much is that kit, the only difference with the 2017 rere would be spire spike tires.
  12. Get a flysky GT2E, works a charm does multiple receiver and works with 4 normal AA. If you only have a few cars its way easier to use. (I use it with 30+ have a GT3C as well but the GT2E is just easier to handle)
  13. Proline 2.2 Trenchers or dirt hawg I work nice on the rear rims.
  14. Tamiya pinion for the falcon are metric 0.8 module not do the dp are a close fit however. Looks like somebody drilled extra holes into that gearbox normally it's only 2*2 oops the other ones are for fixing the lid 🙈
  15. There were/are even several countries which you can't ship to. All due to Corona, just in case somebody missed this happening.
  16. Yes correct, atm DHL only ships to the US with a premium added and starting at 5kg (for private persons). Started a couple of weeks ago. USPS is DHL US partner for delivering. Business users also have to pay an extra iirc 1,50€ per kg DHL; Current notice The dispatch of parcel consignments to the USA will no longer be offered until further notice. For private customers, parcel delivery is only available in connection with the "Premium" service until further notice. Please inform yourself about possible effects on the international shipping of documents and goods on our info page .
  17. You may have a defekt condensator in the forward circuit, do you have another 27mhz setup to test if either the remote or receiver unit is malfunctioning?
  18. I prefer Helicoils for fixing and reinforcing holes You can get the insert cheap from china and I prefer it over the melting bit. its easier imo to have the thread sitting in the right angle which for the steering knuckles is important to prevent the stepscrews causing to much friction M3 set M4 set
  19. Just paint the old shell, the Clouding is caused by the PS paint, and you won't see most of it after a respray, the outside can be polished, try toothpaste for starters. Or spray the outside matt. Bit of a bummer is that the wing always comes with body attached.
  20. @Finnsllc wasn't ment to be critical, just saying it takes getting used to these little ******s. I even ran them on 6v and they jumped all over me.
  21. No not a road car, it's a racetrack car. Try a slower motor or smallest pinion. I run my f103 with foam tires and it took a while to get used to how these chassis behave. Compared to my ta05 the f103 goes all over the place if you go wild on throttle.
  22. "Durability, ease of maintenance, half decent ground clearance, good looks and buckets of Tamiya fun would be the list of requirements. " DT02 sand viper, or 4wd Manta Ray or just a bucket of fun the GF01 dumptruck
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