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  1. Would be great to get together somewhere for a bash for a laugh
  2. Ordered some shock towers ect from fibre-lyte
  3. Cheers, I believe I used to use them to make carbon and composite fins and frames for our helicopters at Quickuk thanks for jogging my memory
  4. Thanks, I'm lol liking for the original not the re-re i may use a new one tho thankyou for the link
  5. Has anyone got a carbon front shock tower for an egress I could buy? or know of one for sale? thanks mark
  6. Following this as I have just bought an egress, and going to get an avante also always wanted these as a kid love how they look
  7. Received the motor today (and the sweets) thankyou so much, fantastic
  8. Lyneham wiltshire near Swindon England
  9. Wanted , new or good condition blackteardrop set of wheels (egress wheels)
  10. Has inspired me for when mine arrives love the black teardrop wheels
  11. Just bought mine, got to wait for it to arrive now from Germany will get some hicaps for it i think im just getting back into Tamiya after a 10 year gap could anyonegive me the part numbers of the correct hicap damper hop-ups are the fronts mini?
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