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  1. Yup, the 8-wheeler is two TLT-1s bolted together, 8 wheel drive, 8 wheel steering. Front and rear steer independently so it can crab steer. The second one is based on the 1/32 Wild Saurus Styrene is stronger than foam board, and it's pretty easy to work with. Starting with a couple of smaller projects will build your confidence. Get stuck in and see what you can do.
  2. Thank you again, very kind of you. But yeah, I'm not someone who can be trusted with styrene sheets! Strange things tend to happen...
  3. Thank you Yes, it's a Blizzard. If you're interested there's a brief build thread here - Cheers, Rob
  4. Reckon this would be good fun on the school run...
  5. It's the old adage - "if you're not sure, ask." (That might even apply to taking photos - better to check.) I think in most places, especially where quality is a priority, it's better to be 'the guy that asks a lot of questions because he wants to get it right' rather than 'the guy who makes a lot of mistakes because he never asks how to do it right'. Mistakes cost money to fix, questions don't. They must know that it's going to take time to get new people up to speed, anything else is unrealistic. So go easy on yourself, enjoy your new job and let it come naturally.
  6. I seem to fit the pattern here - shaved head, ink, slim/fit, introverted. I'm old enough to know the difference between the people whose opinions I care about and those I don't. I'm happy to share my enthusiasm with others but I have no time for negative people, I just walk away. Apparently I don't have a 'friendly face' so people tend to leave me alone, which works for me. I've had a few incidents over the years, nothing major, just people being mouthy and stupid. But that's life, some people are crap! Some people just seem to think that they have the right to be obnoxious. There's obviously something positive missing from their lives. Maybe they should take up a hobby....?
  7. I don't remember the photo you're talking about but the original Sand Rover had 'Stolen' number plates.
  8. Those look like the right drive shafts - PM incoming
  9. Hi all, I've been digging through my spares and I've got almost everything to start another Honda City Turbo build but missing a few bits The main parts needed are the long rear wheel axles - they're approx. 47mm long, part number 19804870. Seem to be out of stock almost everywhere, and the price/wait time for special order is a bit mad. If anyone has a pair of axles, or a complete or semi-complete Parts Bag A that they'd be willing to part with, please get in touch. Oh, and battery cover holders (part E4). And the little metal spacers from the A-parts bag. If you've got any other Honda City bits, or spare hop-ups, I'll probably be interested in those too! thanks, Rob

    Tamiya 58667 Audi Quattro Rally

    Well this is a nice surprise! I really hope it's the original body. I always loved that slightly cartoon, vaguely monster-truck look of the original car and I think it would be fun to try to re-create that. And hopefully, where the Quattro leads, the Ascona will follow

    58666 Comical Hornet

    Agreed, the front end just doesn't look right. The nose of the shell needs to be deeper, at the moment it just looks like the body is perched on the chassis. If you look at the front of the Comical Grasshopper, the nose is a little deeper. Not much, probably 15-20mm, but it's enough to visually join the front of the car together.

    MF01 Beetle Build

    Enjoying the build, nice job. Hadn't seen the Yeah Racing kit for these before and the rear camber links are a nice surprise - learning something every day Another nice surprise is that the camber links are available separately - http://www.rcmart.com/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=TAMC-022BU&x=0&y=0
  13. I've got some too. PM me if you're interested?

    My M-05 VW Golf tribute to the Porsche 959

    Ooh, that's very nice.

    Speedy's RM01 Lancia Stratos Build Thread

    Great build, your attention to detail is amazing. Regarding run times, I've got a couple of 1300mah lipos for my T3-01 which has a 370 motor. Run times are 20 minutes or more so I would think yours would be similar or better.