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    Vintage Tamiya cars. Grasshopper, Hornet, Super Champ, Hot Shot, Frog, Boomerrang, Wild Willy, Big Wig and Super Shot.
  1. Looking for new or used CRP Chassis Stiffener for Tamiya Blackfoot, Frog etc..
  2. Really? I used to use it when I was a kid in the 80's. Have seen a few cars on e-bay with them still on it.
  3. Here is a new pic of my Frog. I just started to put it back together with some You-G front shocks
  4. I would try to clean the contacts and then take the top piece off and bend it a lillte so it makes better contact. I used race a Hornet back in the 80's bought several new. A remember those issues. Rob
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