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  1. Any body want some tickets for the FOS this weekend? I'm going with a group of mates and 1 has had to pull out. I have 1 Friday, 1 Saturday and 1 Sunday ticket. Can be collected from me or at Goodwood as I'll be there from around 10am on Friday morning, or I can post them next day special delivery for £6.50 They cost us £37.50 for Friday and £53 for Saturday or Sunday. All 3 for £100 or will sell separately. If you PM your number I can call you asap to make any arrangements. Cheers, Daz.
  2. dazvr6

    Recommend Me A Rally Car

    I've just seen a new Alpine bodyset on ebay for £18.50 posted!
  3. dazvr6

    First Snow 2010

    Nice video too. Looks like good fun! I'm hoping for some snow this week so I can get some time off work to start my Bigwig rebuild.
  4. dazvr6

    Recommend Me A Rally Car

    The Alpine is a great looking car but I think the Stratos would just edge it.
  5. dazvr6

    First Snow 2010

    Great action shots!
  6. dazvr6

    Stadium Blitzer 2010 Re-re

    Or an Ford Ranger? This is my Stadium Blitzer which has only been run 4 times. The Ranger shell is undergoing some resto work but will be staying plain blue without decals.
  7. dazvr6

    Recommend Me A Rally Car

    I have a nice TT01 Audi Quattro available in the for sale section and now on ebay.
  8. dazvr6

    Fs Tamiya Audi Quattro Grp4 - Tt01

    Is this overpriced guys? Any offers before it goes on ebay?
  9. dazvr6

    Fs Tamiya Audi Quattro Grp4 - Tt01

    Price now added.
  10. Sold Up for sale is a new in its original box Audi Quattro gp4 on a TT01 chassis. Box is a little worn at the corners from storage. The chassis is fully built and fitted with the ESC. The body is untouched and still has its clear protective coating on. All parts are in the kit including decals and instructions. I can take more pics if anyone wants to see anything specific. Offers close to £120 please. A few pics:
  11. dazvr6

    Wanted: Srb Parts Lot

    Pics on way Daz!