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  1. Also to add to this has to be the manta ray where this chassis started and the dirt thrasher it is possible to have a vintage 1990 copyright manta ray as it was produced for around 10 years it could have any of the 4 versions of the gear boxes And the dirt thrasher 1995 also 10 year production run it could be a vintage kit and have either of that later version gearbox tear drop with H Or tear drop with H and reinforced Thanks again Rob
  2. Hey RC crazy sorry I don't post here much but I believe I know the answer to your question From the pics I would say it's definitely 1991 I am currently restoring a couple of top forces at the moment and can tell you the few simple tell take signs if it's a1991 Spire spikes tyres ✓ on 1991 and 2005 Square spikes on rere 2017 and possibly later produce 2005 runs On inside of all wheels in will say made in Japan. Only 1991 Rear gearbox. Circle hole only 1991 All topforces including Evo and Terra Conqueror had tear drop hole as of later 1992 Onwards shortly after the gearboxes changed to tear drop 1992 they also had a H printed on the outside opposite the motor hole tear drop was designed for the skyline speedtunned gear set that was coming out in 93 for the TA01s hence the H for high so tear drop so you could have a wider range of pinon options so all df01 aka top force TA01 and soon TA02 rear gearboxes made after after late 1992 had tear drop hole Very first had tear drop no H than soon after H was added So it's possible to have a 1991 copyright Top force with either three versions Then in around 1995 the rear gear box was reinforced on non motor side outside to strengthen so this is the gearboxs in later Evo kits produced 95 onwards And all releases including rereleased after that Sorry to rattle on I have had a few beers Then the third tell tale sign is body 1991 Had small oval aerial hole Evo had larger rounded oval hole 2005 had large round aerial hole 2017 and current Evo rere no holeB ut it is possible for early production 1993 - 94 TF to have later Evo type aerial hole There are also more nickel plated screws and a few black ones used on rere TF's Lastly the rear drive shafts on 1991 TF are a Matt black or satin black finish rere had a shinier finish And your motor is period correct as rere had an update motor simular but different vent holes And I think that's it So check Gear box✓ Tyres. ✓ Motor. ✓ Rear shafts? Body. ? Screws. ✓ If you made it this far I thankyou For hanging in there
  3. Sorry I should have said first very nice example of a mk1 RR chances are it came with the grey bumper but I understand you wanting a original black one but its still a mk1 which indeed is a special car to have if I had a spare bumper I would send it your way but unfortunately there all needed for other projects but good luck in the search should be a nice restore Cheers Rob
  4. Yes correct but there is also another original black bumper same as the first one listed but has the correct spelling of buggy I do not know which is rarer bugy or buggy but both released with mk1 Riders and Scorchers there was also bugy misspellings on very early Rough Rider body shells and early drivers parts trees Cheers Rob
  5. Sorry how rude of me lovely job on the resto I hope mine look half as good Cheers Rob
  6. Hi read this post the other night very interesting so I checked all my srbs they all have the upright with the cut out at the bottom both mk1 and mk2 versions so I got out my 2 super champs which I purchased both well before rere stuff was available they had both versions of uprights like yours so the are original the one on the left is the later version the right is early super and later srb so definitely not rere I suspect they changed to maybe make it stronger or maybe a new srb type car was in the pipe line that require this change and was scraped but the cast had been tooled so they keep it either way, are there any other changes you noticed is this a can of worms you have opened do we now have a mk1 and mk2 SC only time will tell hope this helps Thanks Rob
  7. do you have pics of sharp knurling on brass parts of dampers or could you explain more as I am trying to restore a very early mk1 and was not aware of this variant thankyou Rob
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