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  1. Thanks again for the input everyone...
  2. I do tend to have a couple of bodies for each car...
  3. Thanks all - this might just be the answer!
  4. True, but I want the whole lot; box, kit etc....
  5. So, I have a few quid spare for a new kit. I want something current and NIB. My current collection is here: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom.asp?id=34726 This time I fancy something different to what I already have. The choices I am pondering are (in no particular order): Super Clod Buster. Are they any good? A tank. They look fun and different. Sand Scorcher. I am not sure that my painting skills are good enough. XB Buggy Champ. I don't know if I really want a RTR. XR311. Are they good to drive? A Celica and a Pajero Wheelie. Both echos of my youth, but ultimately pretty simple. M-05RA. FWD could be fun. What I really want is an SRB Ranger re-release, but in the absence of that what do you think?
  6. Well it's here: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.a...19&id=34726
  7. I managed to bag another Mardave Apache today. Looks like it is in pretty good shape, but I will have to wait for it arrive to be sure. It seems to have the original battery pack! The shell looks like it has the original stickers too. This will be Apache number three. One runner, one which is pretty much as shelf queen, and this which could end up as either (or a spares donor)... I will add it to my showroom once it is here..
  8. Looking good. I am interested in what you have done with the shocks. The manual for the HB2010 has the rubber tube inside the shock body, rather than visible under the spring. Is the manual different for the SR, or is there an advantage to setting them up this way?
  9. I don't dislike the red, but I do not think the stock decals do it justice. I have been considering doing one with Martini livery....
  10. It's OK if you are careful where you run it. I personally wouldn't take mine on the beach. Here's a video of my original: http://tamiyaclub.com/moviecomment.asp?id=4671&uid=34726 And here's one of my re re (with a 540 fitted): http://tamiyaclub.com/moviecomment.asp?id=4647&uid=34726
  11. I would (and have) run the Hornet and buy the similar and prettier Grasshopper to keep nice..... Well, that's what I did at first. But I ended up with two of each; one to show and one to run..
  12. I have both: 2 originals and 3 re-res. One original built and one semi-built, one re-re runner, one shelf-queen and one in the box for spares. The built up original only gets light use, and is fun but not that capable. The re-re is much more capable, but not that robust. Both look good on the shelf, but the original is better. You don't realise how much much better until you see them side by side in the flesh.
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