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  1. Good news, hopefully the replacement is correct and you can get back to enjoying the build
  2. Any update? I would have hoped Tamico would have sent out replacement cases the next day !
  3. Oh dear, not a great start. Was hoping to see a long thread of hop ups
  4. Now listed on eBay, if anyone here wants to grab it at £13.00 posted in UK it’ll save you a bit of money and me some fees
  5. Scorcher and 959 are a challenge for sure, at least on the 959 some of the decals cover the blue white transition <phew> I farmed this RC10 one out for airbrushing, never in a month of sundays would i get anywhere near an acceptable standard ..
  6. Speed Passion Competition 3.0 brushless motor 13.5 turns sensor cable and motor wire connection plugs included Absolutely minimal use - i doubt this has had more than an hour run time. Payment by paypal £16 posted within UK - grab another bargain.
  7. Its airbrushed, not rattle can - pretty certain it was Wicked Colors W075 Black Magenta, the coats are thin enough for it to be translucent..
  8. Not the best photo, nor a curvy body but it's a starter for ten..
  9. Gunmetal is a nice alternative from black, very dark grey with metallic flake. i airbrushed mine with a cherry black , made for a surprisingly subtlety different look
  10. The adapters are only needed to widen the front wheel track, bringing the wheels in line with those on the rear axle. This old thread sort of explains their function..
  11. For sale - RC Channel aluminium wheel set with adapters for Bruiser. Very high quality. Part WA30220 - long out of production! Full aluminium wheel set, single piece wheel rims with a separate centre cap. These mount to the normal Bruiser hubs - three bolts, and are not hex fitment. Adapters will correct difference in Bruiser offset between the front and rear axles so you have even track width front and back I mounted tyres to these and test fitted to a Bruiser chassis some years ago - they have never been used , or even put on display model. There is a little residue of superglue in the bead slots but easily cleaned out if needbe. Internal and external faces of the wheels are as new. I dare say these will fit the Chinese clone models as well, and almost certainly fit the Mountaineer / Mountain Rider models too. I will be listing these on Ebay at a higher price at the weekend so a chance to grab a good deal. Offered to TC members at £50 + £3 postage in the UK payment by paypal please
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