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  1. Just so as I'm clear, are you saying I'll be fine charging all three batteries at the same time, or that charging one battery at a time is the safer option?
  2. Thanks for responding, Yes, me too. I can purchase the single battery harness equivalent of the product I linked to previously. See here. If I use a single battery harness will that setup be safe? Is a balance lead only necessary when charging two or more batteries simultaneously?
  3. Hello All, I will soon be purchasing a high powered LED flashlight which is powered by Li-Ion 18650 type batteries. My Cellpro Powerlab 8 charger, which I currently use for charging my LiPo battery for my Clod Buster, can charge Li-Ion type batteries - see here. I have no prior experience of charging Li-Ion but my understanding is that they are as volatile as LiPo if handled/charged incorrectly. I am therefore looking for reassurance that what I propose will work, and work safely. If I purchase a battery harness like this and solder a pair of banana connectors on the wire ends in order to connect to my charger, am I all set to recharge? Given that there is no balance lead like there is for LiPo, is there an increased risk of explosion/fire when charging? Would it be better to purchase a harness for a single battery to reduce any risk? Or should I just purchase a separate 18650 charger unit? Cheers, Rob
  4. Uh, why all the concern? Just make up a new set of moulds.
  5. Thanks TA-Mark and Percymon. Mark: still trying to organise a video for you et al (new camera I purchased the other day does not have this feature) HomerJHandley: I currently run 2 Castle Creations Sidewinder SCT ESC/motor combos and have no hesitation recommending it to other Clod owners. You could not pay me enough to go back to brushed motors, the difference is so much night and day. The Clod has fantastic speed and torque in equal measure. Cheers, Rob
  6. Remember it was the wire forming the Y-harness that I snipped, not the same coloured wire of the ESC lead. I don't mind snipping the former, whereas I am reluctant to snip the latter, for exactly the reason you gave. Remember too that the Y-harness has 1 male to 2 female ends, so I was unable to simply disconnect the red lead from one of the branches of the Y-harness as it was female. The gearing is stock 13t pinion (is that what you are asking? ). Yes, I can use full throttle, and yes it is very fast, though not quite 'insane' fast. It is certainly not possible to turn at speed except for gradual light steering. At low (realistically, not even 'lower') speed you can steer hard. I guess I would classify performance as 'fast approaching uncontrollable, but still controllable with care', if that makes sense. I set 'start power' from medium to high, then to low, and settled on low, which seems to reduce cogging a bit. I then played around with a heap of settings to try to eliminate it fully but (so far) without success. That said, it is now only like one or two jolts before it runs more than cogging so if I find I can't improve starts further I will not be too bothered. I was thinking about the attraction of speed vs torque this evening when bashing (sooo much fun!) and although I previously was primarily searching for speed, I think that actually I rather like the torque I now have. While seeing the Clod shooting along at speed is great, I now appreciate that it is seeing it accelerate so fast when the throttle is punched that impresses the most. Life is sweet. I would love to shoot a small video and post it up but unfortunately I have no means to record video (I think). I expect to be purchasing a new camera body that will have this feature (even though I have no interest in video capability in a still camera), but we are looking at a few months from now. I will investigate the matter and see if I can find a way. Cheers
  7. Well! The adapter arrived today. I double checked each ESC's settings via my computer, then wired everything up, having snipped the red lead on one branch of the Y-harness. I hooked up the battery, switched on the controller then switched on the first of the 2 ESCs. The ESC armed, then gave out an error signal. Then I figured that maybe the ESC that I'd switched on was connected to the branch of the Y-harness with the red wire snipped. I switched on the other ESC. "Housten, you are good to go". Outside the house I cautiously ran the Clod forward and backwards slowly. It does suffer from cogging, but only from a standing start. Once it's moving even a little the issue disappears completely. I'll play with the ESC settings another day to try to address the issue. All I can say is: Wow! I've finally found a motor I'm truly happy with. The Clod is so rapid now, and consequently so much more enjoyable to bash with. Performance is very significantly better than that obtained using Super Stock TZs, even when re-timed, in terms both of top speed and torque. I had a pretty decent session duration and still have 38% battery life remaining. Nice. By the end, the ESCs were not even warm to the touch and the motors were only very mildly warm to the touch. The Clod wheel spins easily, so l'll probably try a larger pinion at some time to eek out a bit more speed and optimise the speed/torque ratio. I also intend to sort out the steering slop issue, which I'll now turn my attention to. I would like to give a really big Thank You to all who gave me advice that helped get me to where I now am at. I can't tell you how pleased with the Clod I now am. Rob
  8. Thanks Mark, Settings applied. Now just awaiting that adapter. Come on adapter!
  9. Hey Mark, Done. It's definitely an option when I connect the ESC up to the computer. If I go to the 'Basic' tab (2nd from left), about half way down the list is the dropdown 'motor direction'. I have the option of selecting 'normal' or 'reverse'. I have one ESC with one setting and the other ESC with the other setting. I can confirm that with the motors installed in the Clod, both 'normal' and 'reverse' motors run the same direction when throttling, which you would expect if the motors run opposite in reality. Note that each gearbox was tested separately since I do not yet have my Deans adapter to run both ESCs/motors simultaneously. It was set at 'normal (10)'. I've changed it 'lowest' as per your recommendation, thank you. Can I ask your advice for a few other settings?: 1. At present 'Auto li-po volts/cell' (cutoff is set for 'auto') is 3.2v/cell. Is there any reason I should not reduce this to 3.1v/cell or even 3v/cell? 2. At present I have the 'punch control' set at 0%, reasoning that my 45C battery can produce the power the ESCs will demand. Do you think this is okay, or do you advise that I set it higher? 3. At present I have 'start power' set to 'medium'. Do you think that I will be safe (again, with my battery being 45C) setting it to 'high'? Cheers,
  10. Folks, I'm still awaiting the Deans adapter (should arrive any day) but have prepared for my Clod's maiden brushless voyage by soldering on the battery Deans connectors and setting up the ESCs. I've also plugged the ESCs into the computer and through CastleLink changed the settings so that one motor runs in the opposite direction to the other. The hard copy instructions that come with the motor/ESC combo states that when using a Futaba transmitter (as I am) you need to turn the throttle channel micro switch to 'reverse'. Am I correct in saying that this makes no dfference in my case given that I am running 2 motors and one of them will always be 'correct' when throttling forward? Cheers,
  11. Folks, Sorry for the delayed response. I returned from a week long holiday yesterday. Thanks to all for helping me understand about brushless motors/ESCs. I have just gone and purchased the Castle Creations Sidewinder SCT combo (x2). I'll purchase the Castlelink separately. I'll check out the combo when it eventually arrives and, if need be, experiment with gearing. But I'm not giving up on outrunner motors entirely! Expect that topic to be revisited in the future. Cheers, Rob
  12. Hmm. I've looked at EZrun's, XErun's and Castle's offerings on ebay as well as Castle's web site and am considering the following combos (x2 obviously): 1. EZrun 8.5t 60A ESC + 4000kv motor combo ~£105; 2. XErun 8.5t 120A + 4000kv motor combo ~£240; 3. Castle Sidewinder SCT ESC + 1310-1Y (3800kv) motor combo ~£140; 4. Castle Mamba Max Pro SCT ESC + 1310-1Y (3800kv) motor - NOT A COMBO DEAL ~£220 I like the Sidewinder combo price but also like the idea of future-proofing myself in terms of larger motors or 3S in the future by going for the Mamba Max ESC. Problem is, that package is ~£80 more. Is it really worth it? Not sure. I definitely like the fact that the leads exit Castle's motors from the side whereas the leads are simply offset with the EZrun and XErun motors. Consequently, I'm a little concerned they may still clash with the Clod stock links (though to be fair the links will be replaced for slimmer metal rods in the relatively near future). A minor point, but I also like the thought of not having to make up connections (battery excepted) with the Castle gear. Customer service is quite possibly irrelevant whoever I purchase from as both America and Hong Kong are effectively too distant and therefore too costly to return faulty goods. Please correct me if I am wrong. I'm leaning towards the Sidewinder SCT combo with the view that if in future I want even more oomph I will simply have to upgrade the ESC. If I do go with Castle I'd also purchase the Casle Link USB cable. However, a program card does not come with this combo, and I gather that setting up a brushless ESC is far easier with than without one. Is the Castle Link effectively the program card, or does Castle not support a program card?
  13. Does anyone know the ESC amp rating for the Castle Creations: 1. Sidewinder SCT; 2. Mamba Max SCT Their ESC manual does not stipulate the value. I'm trying to compare them against EZrun's 60amp ESC (as part of their 8.5t combo).
  14. Thanks Percymon, I've just taken a look at the thread you linked to. I do lurk over at ClodTalk from time to time, but generally frequent here more often. Will take another look shortly. Cheers
  15. Thanks guys, Have you changed the gearing since your thread (you mentioned in the thread that you were using stock gearing)?
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