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  1. Your choice of white and back with silver. Easy peasy. PS, I personally disagree with ^, but to each his own.
  2. I don't know if I'm most proud of this car but it's up there. Also, not a Tamiya, but when it comes to drifting, Tamiya has NOTHING to offer (proper RWD drifiting). Thought you might like to see something a little different. Get well quick!
  3. If this is true, I'm excited for all of you who love this car and want one. Me, I think it's a heap of rubbish and after owning an original back in the day, I will not be spending money on it.
  4. That's tough one. I'm not sure I have a solution other than putting the gears from the one that works into the case of the one that doesn't and seeing if it still works. Then go from there I guess. That's what I'd do in this situation. Just be careful to keep track of what parts are from which transmission.
  5. My bit of advice is get one with a chisel tip, not a point. It will make your life SO MUCH easier for what we use an iron for.
  6. Never hurts to take a step away for a minute. Like I said, I'm almost positive it's the ESC setup. Try set up opposite to what you have right now. It can't hurt.
  7. So if the ESC is in the correct mode and the battery is fully charged, the culprit could be your Savox servo. They draw good power and can sometimes overpower the rX. Try unplugging the servo from the rX and see if the motor/esc works. However, I feel it's very likely that the ESC is not in the right mode. This is very common with the Tamiya TBLE (02 and 04) ESCs. It's a bit fiddly changing modes. So hard to differentiate red and orange lol.
  8. As stated, I think when you got in the hobby does play a big factor in answering this question, but for me, I think the Hornet is most Iconic. Most desirable would be the Bruiser.
  9. A little fun with my Super Hotshot and a story.
  10. I find this chart to be helpful. You can roughly go by weight compared to other brands by dropping the last 0.
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