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  1. I'm just happy they did something new. Am I going to get one of these? Probably not, but you never know.
  2. Warhammer 40K and other miniature games. Also Gundam models.
  3. Look, if you are going to glue your tires, use glue made for it. All the tire companies make CA glue specifically formulated for RC tires. I personally like AKA premium tire glue, but Pro-Line and others make good glue. The best advice I can give is to use needle tips. You won't make a mess that way. https://www.amainhobbies.com/sor-graphics-precision-ca-glue-tips-10-sorcatp10pk/p991018
  4. Keep the Fighting Buggy. The others can be repurchased later pretty easy should it strike you to do so, but the FB are becoming scarce.
  5. Personally, I think these are great out of the box with bearings. Adding proper oil filled dampers will give you a better ride, but takes away from the charm of the bounciness of this super fun RC. I do run mine with a Sport Tuned for a little more wheelie poppin' ooomph and speed. I had a second one that was widened, had HPI wheels and tires, and oil filled CVAs. It lost all it's charm and fun and was just an ok driving top heavy crappy RC at that point. I want my WW to bounce and pop wheelies, not be some second rate, poor performing RC that's trying to be something it's not. I sold that one off in a hurry lol. Here's my opinion of perfection.
  6. I personally feel that the stock silver can is the motor best suited to these chassis. That said, I do run a Sport Tuned in my Hornet.
  7. The CR-01 is very capable if set up right. It's my second favorite crawler besides my extremely modified Axial SXC-10 II. The best thing you should do first is throw away the garbage Tamiya tires and put a good set of 2.2 crawler tires on. Don't really need to do much more other than go have fun on a trail.
  8. Shows how much I was paying attention. I'm so used to the butter soft aluminum ones in kits.
  9. Sure has. It's funny as I have an MIP diff for it, but haven't bothered installing it as it runs fine. I just need to rebuild the shocks as they are not performing so well these days lol. I have no clue how many packs I've put through it though but it's got to be at least 40. Probably should look at the pinion as I used the stock one so I'm sure I have a gearbox full of grey goo.
  10. So I used to use a sample of that song as the outro to my videos. "Shooting stars never stop, even when they reach the top." until they started taking my revenue for the 20 seconds used lol. Sad as I always equated the shooting stars line with the Tamiya logo in my head. PS, Steady, when you get a chance, let's see some pics of any cars you may have.
  11. Can't wait to see what TruckNorris does with it.
  12. Anyone catch the awesome driver name? Jumptastic Jas is what I make out. Gotta love the great Tamiya driver line ups lol.
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