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  1. Theibault

    Is this real? GF01 Monster Beetle...

    You do realize ALL RCs are toys right?
  2. Shows how much I was paying attention. I'm so used to the butter soft aluminum ones in kits.
  3. Sure has. It's funny as I have an MIP diff for it, but haven't bothered installing it as it runs fine. I just need to rebuild the shocks as they are not performing so well these days lol. I have no clue how many packs I've put through it though but it's got to be at least 40. Probably should look at the pinion as I used the stock one so I'm sure I have a gearbox full of grey goo.
  4. Theibault

    New to this group

    So I used to use a sample of that song as the outro to my videos. "Shooting stars never stop, even when they reach the top." until they started taking my revenue for the 20 seconds used lol. Sad as I always equated the shooting stars line with the Tamiya logo in my head. PS, Steady, when you get a chance, let's see some pics of any cars you may have.
  5. Theibault

    New to this group

    Hello and welcome!
  6. Theibault

    Tamiya 58667 Audi Quattro Rally

    Can't wait to see what TruckNorris does with it.
  7. Anyone catch the awesome driver name? Jumptastic Jas is what I make out. Gotta love the great Tamiya driver line ups lol.
  8. Theibault

    Rally style body for MF01x chassis

    I'm partial to the Jimny. Here's mine and some actual rally liveries.
  9. Theibault


    This Traxxas is becoming my favorite runner.
  10. Theibault

    Any guess on re-re 2019?

    And......we wait some more.
  11. Theibault

    58666 Comical Hornet

    I hope they still include a Willy head with it. If not, Willy will be going in mine lol.
  12. Theibault

    Budget Servo Power HD LW-20MG

    I use those all the time with crawlers and trail rigs. Good servo for the money. I prefer the 13Kg one for all my normal cars and buggies.