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  1. Cool, will buy one.. one more quick question, is a BEC receiver something I will have to buy as well?
  2. Thanks for all the tips guys, think I will give the electronic speed controller a go, is it hard to install? and do I need to replace the other part of the servo (the arm bit that controls the throttle). Will also take a look at the suspension. On another note, does anyone know of anyone who does repairs/tweaks in Aberdeen Scotland? Would happily pay to have things done properly Cheers again for all the help so far J
  3. Hi guys Wow! What a great site, so glad I found it. I recently bought an Original Hornet which I love... unfortunately I am entirely untechnical so have a few questions. Firstly the back suspension doesn't seem to push the body back up, is it a case of simply replacing the springs? or are they just there to look nice? Also, the speed controller (I think that's what its called) is a little glitchy, when i go full throttle on the controller the speed contoller does its job and moves but the car doesn't, only when i take a little off the throttle does the car shoot into action. Its the same if I try to start it going slowly, seems to do nothing for a few degrees then shoots into action. Could the metal parts simply need a clean? Any help or advice would be great. Cheers James
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