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  1. oops sorry about that, my plans are mostly drifting and some grip driving, this is my only car atm, and budget is around $300. i already have battery and charger. Thanks
  2. Hey guys, i posted a topic about choosing a chassis back in january and i was finally able to get the TA05 vdf i just finished and i have no experience whatsoever on choosing electronics/motors. basically, question is, what motor/servos should i get? and which transmitter is better between the spektrum dx3r pro and the dx3s? Thanks in advance
  3. Thanks for all the input guys, hopefully i'll be able to post up my new setup in the near future expect a TA-05 for the least. i really like the setup of the VDS that taliesin showed me
  4. Sweet, i really like the TA-05 but will i be able to set up an LED rig inside it? and what's your 2 cents on this? vvvvvv Tamiya 1/10 TA03F Pro Drift Spec Chassis Kit it could be me getting fooled by a nice picture lol
  5. Hey guys, Is there such a thing as a TA-05 Chassis with LEDs? im new to the RC scene let alone the drifting scene ive been looking at the TT-01D (LED Kit) and the TA-03F any and all advice is greatly appreciated. besides the point, the main lookout is for a 4wd drift setup drive-belt chassis with LEDs that has a reasonable amount of Hop Ups available. also, any pros/cons for each chassis would also be a plus Thanks in Advance.
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