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  1. So there are two options available for improved diff outdrives- the delrin and aluminium. Any opinions on which are better?
  2. Ive had trouble with the diffs on my TB02 working loose mid race. Anyone found a gear diff from another model that will fit the car? Cheers
  3. So the most common and budget friendly option for servos near me is Hitec brands, but the Tamiya servo saver sprue doesnt list a Hitec one on it. Are any of the savers on the sprue an exact match for the Hitec, and if so which one? Or do I bite the bullet and shell for a (much) more expensive servo? Looking at installing into an M05, so I figure massive torque isnt required.
  4. Love my tamiyas to death, but with a lot of the cars its a bit fiddly to get a lipo into it. Hardest ive found is my DT 02 which is a shame cos its one of my favourites..... A round case lipo will barely make it into the box, and even then to do so I would need to a)- carve a slot out of the front bulhead for the wires, reducing the strength, and - arrange some method of holding it in place cose the trapdoor then wont shut. So how does anybody else do it on both the DT 02 and any other car?
  5. First, as ive got not manual with it- how do I tell my ebay purchase is a TL01 or a TL01a? Anyone able to tell me the length of the arms etc? Second, it came sans drive shaft, and I'm loath to spring for a carbon one as it would cost as much as I paid for the car! Any suggestions for an original or a good alloy one (ive heard mixed reports about the Yeah Racing alloy ones) Cheers OK, think the first is now answered- the LA arm length is supposed to be 58mm, and mine arent that long. Thanks for the suggestion of making my own drivehsaft- I may have a crack at that.
  6. OK. so ive had a TT01D for some time, and very happy with it. Ive just acquired a TL01. Im thinking that one I will set up as drift, and the other as Touring. Which way round? All opinions would be appreciated. Im thinking TL01 becomes the drift car and the TT01 the TC setup. And BTW when I say TC I mean the car park rally against the mates, not clubracing. Cheers
  7. The sport tune is a surpirsing improvement over the standard silver can. A silver can is rated to 14500 rpm on 7.2 volts, the sport tune is 18500. A 23 turn should give about 23000 rpm and a 21 about 25300. Ive had a 21 turn in my LB, and thats pretty good- for all round fun I reckon a 23s spot on. Ive found with the 21, it has a tendancy to want to flip on an incline. Hope this helps. Cheers
  8. [Parma make both a lunchbox and a midnight pumpkin replica in lexan. Pricing is very reasonable, and they are more durable in a crash (they flex rather than crack) and hold their paint finish better than the hard bodies (I dont think they look as good tho). Cheers Simon '] Hi, I have just finished building a new pumpkin and wanted to know what realistic options there are for alternate bodies. I have no problem making body mounts, but wanted to know, would a sand scorcher/monster beetle body fit? I know that they are 1/10 scale, but would they fit properly? Are there any other bodies that people know of that look good and fit on the LB chassis? I know Kamtec make bodies, but I have heard the quality isn't great. Thanks a lot.
  9. Anyone out there know if anyone is making a wheelbase extension kit for the Lunchbox/Pumpkin? I remember seeing some very nice alloy parts a few years back, but havent been able to find anything new. Im trying to avoid having to make something from scratch, but will go that route if I have to. Cheers
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