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  1. approximatly 2 years ago i got a well used thundershot off ebay, the tires were very worn but the wheels were ok. unfortunatly (for me) the old tires were super glued to the rims, i thought save myself a pound or 2 and try and get the old ones off with a craft knife and a small screwdriver than buy a new set of wheels AND tires. needless to say i stabbed my right hand not once, but twice with the screwdriver! i have a 1cm scar just under my thumb. that hurt but not as much as being hit by my brothers savage while recovering my stricken boomerang, i picked my boomy up turned around to see a savage hurtling towards me full throttle. i tried to jump over it but it clipped my ankle, two days later it looked like an orange was under my skin. now i always make sure i stand right next to r-kid when ever we go out!
  2. i completely forgot i sent this photo to them! im so glad i did though! how many other tc members have 'made the cut'? mine is the blue hotshot, link= http://www.tamiya.com/english/pachi_digita...oto_gallery.htm
  3. i love running my re-release hotshot, but i also running my original release hotshot in standard trim with a servo controlled speed controller
  4. well its been raining all week and my f350 is ready to take on the puddles and a wee bit of mud boggin, which i understand is big in the us and a! i have a rere hotshot thats ready to battle it out too. so i will see you all on sunday at the bbq area!! andy.
  5. hi all, im going on the 25th nov what time do you guys meet up and do ya still meet at the cafe outside the main entrance? i have'nt been to clumber for about 18 months! andy.
  6. i have been running a supershot for the past 3 years and i have never had a nicad gash because of the battery post, there is just one thing that destroys my battery=water! i had a hotshot off ebay a while back that was missing the battery post, i charged a nicad and took it for a test run and guess what, the nicad slipped out the side and ripped the speed control battery connector clean off the wires. It's not okay if the battery gets destroyed by a metal post... yes i agree this might happen and then again it might not, any way markbt73 its up to you and your hotshot build!
  7. i noticed that in the rerelease there is no battery post, but there is an alloy antenna holder for the ariel pipe. so use that as the battery post as well as the provided foam. there are two holes on the bottom of the chassis, these were where the original speed controller plate would have been screwed to the inside of the chassis. i would recomend that you cover these up from the inside with electrical tape to keep water out, or maybe thats just me because mine heads off for the nearest puddle as soon as i turn it on! andy.
  8. that sounds like a great idea, although i didnt attend the first meeting at clumber in 2002. the first tamiyaclub meeting i went to was 2 years after that at snetterton 2004. i havent been out of yorkshire that much lately so count me in mr rc martin!
  9. he he broke it then? i was thinking on how you were getting on wi yer top force and then i read this topic! glad you have enjoyed it steve lad! :-)
  10. ive had gear change problems too, its my second gear though. there seems to be no gear meshing any more, just grinding! i dont really use second gear anyway as i use my high-lift indoors or crawling in the nearby woods. i use futaba servos and receiver with a speedmaster silverstar ultra esc and hpi mt2 wheels+geolanders. cheers andy.
  11. ya can count me in andy mate, its just up the road for me! cheers andy.
  12. cheers for the pics zakspeed lad! i havent got a lift kit but if you use the longest black screws that are in the kit+ some kitbox brass bushings you can lift the radio tray and the rear bed up by 1cm.
  13. hi, have any of you done any steering mods on your f350's? if you have how have you done it and with what parts have you used? my highlift has load slop and i would like to make it a bit more direct. cheers, andy
  14. i so hope that it comes with the box-art gold plated wheels this time round, also the lack of sponsor decals doesnt bother me that much. oooh i cant wait until june/july![H]
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