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  1. daverobbo5


    G'day Gents, here's a bit of Wild Willy action for your perusal.
  2. daverobbo5


    Hi guys. got a new video. Thanks for watching..........
  3. daverobbo5


    Thank you for the nice comment Juggular. Here's is bit more Tamiya action with some funky tunes. hope you like it..............................
  4. daverobbo5


    A little Grasshopper action......................Check the full driver from the Buggy Champ kit
  5. daverobbo5


    Hi wild, you're welcome downunder anytime and a short camping trip from my place will get you to sand dune heaven. those tyres were bought as proline paddles from the US. I paid about $65USD for those on the bay delivered with some thin fronts. they are certainly fun. gotta get them on my Sandy for some fun too. see you when you're here!!!
  6. daverobbo5


    I got to the beach the other day.................
  7. daverobbo5

    Thunder Dragon Brushless Conversion

    Brushless power, even a 17.5 is gonna break that car. Vntage loves silver cans especially brittle black plastic.
  8. daverobbo5

    FordRanger xlt

    The body was $140 AUD + the rear bar and front post about $95 + the wheels. I got creative with the sticker for 805 on the door. A little pricey but I bought over about 15 months. The re re cars are just that little bit more reliable than even the best original but of course the original is the original!!
  9. daverobbo5

    FordRanger xlt

    My Fake Ranger from a Buggy Champ and original Blackfoot body
  10. daverobbo5

    Steering beef-up - re-re SRB and Frog / Brat

    go the chrome mad racer. that is next level!!
  11. daverobbo5


    just a little track time.......
  12. daverobbo5

    58577 Nova Fox

    Thanks for info TC'ers. Traps for young players advice no. 1 always confirm presence of esc or other expected item. bit of guilt coming through there with the suprise reaction. got a hobbywing 1060 on it's way. looking forward to build...thanks agian
  13. daverobbo5

    58577 Nova Fox

    just to frame that question, did the original nova fox come with an ESC?? I've not bought a re-release without one. thanks
  14. daverobbo5

    58577 Nova Fox

    I just ordered and received a NovaFox. Not cheap at $250 USD or $325 AUD delivered and NO ESC!! Really?? Is that how the kits come without an ESC. Rough justice if that's the case. Thanks in advane
  15. daverobbo5


    Thanks for that Problem Child!!