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  1. The lowest turn your speed controller will allow,hpi 15T or the ansmans are very good value and fast breakin slow and steady if you can
  2. Ive always used 600 wet and dry with a bit of wd40 on a flat surface,it helps make the surface of the ring completely flat and also removes the slight groove you get after running for a while I find the slight roughening you get helps the balls grip,so you get a nice smooth action without slipping If you have two shiny surfaces ie;the rings and the balls, you will have to tighten it more to stop slip,which makes it not so light or smooth Ive used this method on 1\12th 10th and 1\18th and it works well for me HTH
  3. Hi when i raced offroad, we used to soak our wheels in acetone overnite to remove the tyres from the rims its basically nail varnish remover I personally had no problems with it, but i know some people did by leaving it in too long also some types of plastic wheel have known to melt
  4. Hi Sounds to me like your cells are out of balance,the stick packs are tricky to do and you could try running them on the discharger a few times The cells in line,you could get a 12volt car bulb and two bits of wire,find the high cells that way,as long as you dont run them right out they will be ok I used to have a deep discharger for Racing and you disconnected each cell just as they stopped lighting the bulb,the only way you can harm cells is if you run them right out, then they reverse there polarity Hope this helps a bit Rick
  5. Dombrasky

    Kyosho Rs200

    Hi The RS200 was my first rc car,it started a bug with me and 14 years later i still race weekly, and do all the nationals the exhaust screws used to vibrate out all the time,i drilled right thru in the in the end and used proper bolts and locknuts I also removed the valve in the exhaust ,and made a gasket out of card If you ever get an original shell for it,as i did (cost me forty quid) i still have the blue and yellow stickers that went down the side and the bonnet Rick
  6. Thats a shame ive a micro meeting on that night Il defo come over in the new year tho,im racing in with no rule mardaves at the moment ,and my new shell got badword of a bashin already see ya in the new year if ya there Dom
  7. Hi Deane, No i wasnt at chippenham but may go there soon,are there many minis Race there ?
  8. Hi All Just bought a m05 with a TA03 diff,Raced it for the first time the other nite had far too much steering,so decided to tighten the front diff,after removing both driveshafts,could not find adjusting nut,my questions are; Do you have to remove this diff to adjust it ? If so do i have to split the whole car in half to remove it ? Thanks
  9. http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=39323 Its an old post,might be some use
  10. Hi Rob Ive been running lipos for a while now in a micro at club and national level the early ones you could only charge at 1C the ones i have bought recently can be charged at 5c but after asking a few racers the opinion is, that you gain punch and save time but you will shorten the life of the lipo so i only charge at 2c now Hope this helps a bit
  11. Dombrasky

    Tyre Finding

    I had a koyosho RS200 and it was 4wd, normally to prevent wierd handling issues, the front and rear wheel\tyre diameter should be the same im sure i fitted 2.2 buggy wheels and tyres on a front and rear hex
  12. Thanks guys, Im currently racing the micro nationals soon as there finished il start tryiing a few clubs my mini apparently won the carpet thrashnals so should be well set up i hope
  13. Thanks Sosidge,Il check them out as im not far from taunton theres a club there i used to race mardaves have just started racing minis,also tivertons heazle outdoor track should be good in the summer i wasnt sure of how many minis are on here as they hav`nt got there own section any more minis out there
  14. Hi all, New to this forum been racing for 14 years just got myself a m05 mini, I live in somerset where is the nearest place for me to race Thanks Dom
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