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  1. Fantastic vid, was grinning the whole way through. Those turns were sweet. I liked how you were daring the waves to get you and drive off in the nick of time! The jackie chan style outtakes at the end were a perfect addition.
  2. I really like the green, that jimmy suits the wheelbase, perfectly
  3. I'm really enjoying watching what your doing with this truck, great build.
  4. Cheers fellas, GregM that reminds me I must have a look at mr crispys build. markbt73, you must of had some cool cars growing up. The reason I wondered was I was briefly in the states in '82 and saw a couple of convertibles the badge was a pair of rabbits doing what they did best, so guess it was a aftermarket badge but later learned of the rabbit handle for the Golf, but wasn't sure. Didn't we only get the Cabriolet a year or two after the Mk2 in the UK? It could be time seemed much slower when I was young.
  5. Great pic Wandy, pure classic lines. Happy B Day, looks like this is a must for your belated present It's going to be a great year seeing all these coming to life, wonder if there will be a bonus of BBSs in the first batch!
  6. I've been watching this one with baited breath, Seriesofmoments, Raman has the answer for the extra mm in the rere thread. Wandy I think your onto something there I've been thinking how it would be possible to do just that, but my skills are almost non existent and I have no idea about the soft shells, they are a thing of mystery to me. I've got to do that gti green! I hope we can get the shells easily for it not have to wait for kit splitters!
  7. Cool, I didn't explain myself properly as usual. Things always make more sense to me when I'm writing them than when others read them. I'm glad you pointed it out, I do try to raise a grin but I do seem to rub people up the wrong way sometimes, so I guess my guard is up a little, sorry if a came off too aggressive. Glad you liked the long one. It seemed a shame not to save it as it was so long.
  8. Thanks Raman sounds perfect, I don't know anything about the m chassis so looking forward to getting one. The original golf shape I love as much today as I did when I first saw it back it the day. Were they all rabbits stateside or just the rag tops?
  9. @ djmcnz : I tried to post it about a week ago it didn't work so I copied it. I then thought I may as well post it, after the message directed at Renken 2000, since I had it I had it but gave a fair warning it was long so what's the problem? I do have a talent to annoy people though so I should of expected someone to complain. I did think it would be more of what I said in the post not of the fact I posted something that had failed to post earlier. If I were out to offend I would class that as a trick shot!
  10. Looks like I was lucky, the golf looks way better in the width of the rear track, but the wheel arches still seem a little bit on the large size, would it be possible to push the wheels out slightly with larger hexes? I know that my other Tamiyas have a mm or two extra to play with before the nut loses thread. I really like the look of the wheels so would want to keep them.
  11. I like all the detail going into this, the more I see willy in other rides the more I like him!
  12. Hey Renken 2000, I had a big long thing to add but it didn't post. I think everyone knows where I stand (For me the hobby is the reres ) I just wanted to say I really enjoyed watching all the 3spds going through your showroom I've been about since 06 so seen quite a few of yours. I could share in your joy even when I have never owned a vintage. I wish I had joined sooner to take part with some of the old guard, but hey ho let it go, I say just enjoy it for what it is now I can get involved with discussions with who's here now. I feel bad for you that some of the spark has gone. It's not a nice feeling when a hobby loses it's flavour. I hope it can come back for you soon just what before you sell of everything, you might regret it. I'm sure if you do let them go you will find people to give them a good home here. Here is what I had first wanted to post I warned you it was long. I hope I don't offend any one. Oh and it might have spelling mistakes so if that makes you queasy please don't read I was lurking around here when the Tamiyaclub scorcher was being constructed. I did not hear (or is that see?) anyone saying don't do it they might rere it. Everyone was begging for a 100% faithful reproduction. Some people were then displeased about the changes when it finally came. If the reres are killing it the TC scorcher must have been a smoking gun. Without Tamiyclub members would have never meet or been able to exchange models, would it have been better to never have had this site? You could have been in isolation with your original not known of it's cash value just happy you had an original that you paid what you thought it was worth? I am very happy with this site, I have watched it develop and change, some have gone to be replaced over the 6-7 years. I enjoy it for what it is and what it was. When I got over my techno fear I joined and subscribed to support the future of the club. Of course my fears became reality when the club got hacked in my first subscriber year. I could have been here for years taking part, with out anything happening. It has given me a lot of joy so it seems right I should support it and perhaps bring some jot to others seeing my some what small collection. I am here as I am a Tamiya fan and have been since the late seventies, I have only supported Tamiya since the reres, I could not afford to before. With out reres Tamiya would have got no money from me. With support now Tamiya will still be about in the future to bring joy to people. I hope that Tamiya will make some RCs that I think are classics, but as my taste in cars seems to end in the late 80's I hope they use some of the licences they have in the model department and others. We are not only supporting Tamiya but a whole load of others as well thanks to the reres, our small part in helping us out of the global economic crisis is thanks to Tamiya. I was a born collector, I have collected thing since I can remember. The items value in this case is not so important to me, if I can't afford it I can't have it, if it's free it's no less collectible. The item itself in my hand is a value to me, the memory of how I came to find the item has another value to me. The collections value is the combination of this. If I loss a collection in a fire I could never replace the exact items and memories I would have to have a new collections. That would even be the same if it were a collection of rere's solely. The new ones would not hold the memories of the first collection but would hold a new one. Even if I lost no money the work I put in would be lost forever, I cannot put a price on seeing something I've made but it maybe worthless to some one else. Back in the days of the yuppies in London city boys pushed the classic car market up to stupid levels by buying well over book price then got burned. No one forced them to but high sell low, of all people they should have known buy low sell high. These were the tail end days of my Tamiya interest. If I want an orchid, I could buy mass produced one locally or I could go on an adventure and get one in the wild, if I had the choice I would be in the jungle, if I could. Would the cost of the trip the cost of the trip be recouped if I sold the orchid?. Does buying one from the shop forbid me going on an orchid hunt?. What of the hunts were I find no orchids should I not enjoy the adventure?. If someone showed me their shop bought orchid on my return from the jungle would I wish I'd stayed at home. No to all of the above. I don't think you can compare the experience of buying a rere and hunting an original. Both should make you happy or you shouldn't do it. If I get the urge to and I can afford to I will hunt down some nib og and build them, the joy of the chase the build and owning an original that has been untouched by others floats my boat. If there was not the risk of losing money you would lose the thrill of finding a cheap deal. If you sell an item for what you paid for it you have had all your enjoyment for free. I you lose half the value the cost was your enjoyment you have had, if you put a £$ value to happiness. If you make a profit you had free fun and some money. Three is not much in this world you can have free fun with, that you have paid for and hope to break even. I saw citizen Kane when I was a kid but still managed to lose so many things, so many rosebuds. Playing 'stock market' with kits should be fun as well or you shouldn't do it. If you intend on selling kits why not just look at it as if you were renting, if you make a profit you were like a squatter and lived rent free for a while. I you own an OG and it no longer pleases you and market conditions mean you will lose money why not put it away until the market picks up again? If it's not the cash value coming down that displeasing you, how is it possible that it has lost it personal value to you it is the same thing holds the same memories and it will only become more rare. To take this to extremes you first child is the original combination of your DNA your second is a copy should you love it less as it is second, or love your first less as it's no longer unique. If you have a second family are your new kids not as good as your first. I feel sorry for anyone that loses love for there hobby, many people find that it can return, or maybe they were looking for a reason to give it up and the reres have given them that excuse. It's also very funny to me that it seems the most lively participants in these threads are fans of the reres, yet it is always the haters of reres starting them off, even when the traffic is slow on the site, these ones seem to run, perhaps reres owners are getting more joy out of their models so can give more back here. and the size of the rere threads in general shows the club has changed. I wouldn't want to think I forced anyone to leave as I come here being exited about reres, but it seems many have bowed out gracefully which is a shame. Anyhow hope that has given you something to laugh at. See ya, skywhelp
  13. Hi fellow TC'ers, I thought I would share some good news with you for a change, after a bit of a bad luck six months or so in rc land, I decided it was final time to get some nuts for some of my rigs, none of the usual ones really grabbed me, I'd been looking a while. I then got my email up date from Rogue Elements and saw these babyies Talk about timing, of course I jumped at the chance, Chris work is top notch as I found when I got my baja wheels for my scorcher, then by chance I found his giveaway, then I won another set! I'm over the moon, to say the least. Best start to the new year I could have hope for. If you love the look as much as me be quick only a couple of days before the cut off. Don't worry I'll be back to my normal annoying moody self soon Cheers skywhelp
  14. It's always good to hear about the good guys, some pics of the carnage would have been good
  15. I'm looking forward to seeing the mr1 golf there in all it's glory, I hope it has a nice display and fingers crossed for a nice shocker of course!
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