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  1. The body mounts are different on the monster racer as well.
  2. Thanks Berman. Those do not look bad but the spikes are thicker. I just saw the pro-line speed paw and look like a good match but are discontinued as well. Dirt Paw has to be next in line as the closest.
  3. Does anyone have a good 2.2 aftermarket tire replacement with similar specs to the stock spike balloon tires for the King Cab? Thanks
  4. Depends on how powerful of a brushless you are going with but even if you plan to be close to close to stock power or a little more i would get a steel 32p pinion gear. That was what I did and all my trucks have steel pinions including my beetle which just has a sports tuned black can. I think you can get away with the stock tamiya gold pinion if it is a mild brushless but you should look into steel 32p 10 tooth pinion.
  5. Thanks Berman. Just trying to learn how to control her now.
  6. I really liked the look of the Extreme body so decided to use the shell and stickers for this one. Truck has CVA shocks, 4400kv brushless motor with steel pinion, ezrun 60amp esc, and 2s lipo. Had to add a somewhat custom wheelie bar. LOL Overall love the way this truck runs and can give some traxxas trucks out there.
  7. Finally got a pic posted of my brushless blitzer. Sporting a brushless 4400kv motor, steel pinion, ezrun 60 amp esc, and 2s lipo. Rear tires on it are a pair of a few different pro-line tires I am testing but not my trucks best looking tire. Over all a badword of a fun truck to drive.
  8. My 23 year old vintage beetle bought for me when I was 11 yrs old. Kept the gearbox stock since it is a self queen but added a full CRP shock tower brace, re-re brat axles, new gold wheels and tires. Wouldn't sell her for the world.
  9. Also, the Super Blackfoot is as close as you can get to a beetle but with improvements. I just got a superfoot and will put a beetle shell on it. You do have to add the rear body mounts from the beetle to fit the shell. The good thing is the you get a rugged gearbox on your beetle. The bad part is that you will have to deal with the fact that the rear shocks line up verticle on the super/kingfoots. In my opinion you should look for a superfoot roller on ebay for cheap. Plus the super blackfoot has the single body mount in the front just like the beetle and original blackfoot.
  10. I have both a 23 yr old Monster Beetle and a King Blackfoot. My kingfoot has a brushless 4400kv motor with a 60amp esc. Like Steelrat mentions the kingfoot gearbox is pretty **** strong.
  11. Wow that is some serious good info Dan. Good job! Thanks.
  12. Actually alot if the newer models are coming with those mabuchi rs540 mtors with 2 vents. Guess the more vintage motors are better?
  13. Oh ok thanks Dan. I thought it was the opposite. Only because the black sport tuned motors have the 2 vents.
  14. Hey guys I didn't find any info on this on here but does anyone know if their is a difference between the silver cans with four vented holes on the outside casing and the ones with just two huge vents?
  15. I have my re-re stadium blitzer with a 4400kv brushless motor and the sucker is fast. I never thought of using my gps to clock the speed. Hopefully this weekend
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