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  1. Dont get me wrong its a great little track! But last time we went even the power was broken so after one set of batteries it was game over Hopefully they have added some new facilities now? That'd be good!
  2. Are their still smashed leaky portacabins trackside? With no electric? Was a total dive last time a went
  3. Cool, always wondered what that combo would look like. I've plonked my bruiser shell on my txt-1 before, looks cool too
  4. I was only showing a friend at work some of your work on the communtiy scorcher the other day!
  5. Got this muddy: Go pro chassis mounted video to follow!
  6. Wow! Never seen that before! Always assumed they only deleted the indicator holes for the mb, and reinstated them on the re re ss. I have a resin copy nose on my scorcher, from back in the day when people could legally sell them
  7. Ive never built a brat gearbox with the solid differential, but every monster beetle or blackfoot I have built has never had the problem. Maybe the blackfoot differential spaces the bearing carriers out further. They do wear badly due to the poor tolerance between them and the gearbox side plates. I only use my modifed MB as a runner and that has the yellow plastic CRP bearing carriers installed. They are a much tighter fit and take out all the slop in that area of the transmission
  8. Do these still come with the same metal uj's as the txt-1? Because they are made of butter! Nice clod wheels though, looks realistic against the black chassis.
  9. Really like that t shirt method for ensuring the brake fluid stays on the shell.. Great stuff
  10. I can tell you @7.2 volts they are torquey and have good pace. Way better than a silver can. They sound nice too, if that makes any sense!
  11. Toykid! Excellent work as ever! Have you considered breaking the design down into a few components and creating a silicon mold for cheaper resin production? At work we rapid prototype things once, then make a resin mold for duplicates Love the attention to detail.. Proper bug engine Edit... Having looked, i can see why you wouldnt want to break it down into more bits! Ahh.. I am very tempted to just got for a set
  12. I remember when one of the bulbs blew in my clod... It looked even more evil with only one headlight Nice resto!
  13. Could you not take the shocks apart, and place a few o rings below the piston, over the metal rod that runs through the shock. That would effectively limit how far they can extend. I've also done the "fx10" mod on my pumpkin, just for fun
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