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  1. As I´m selling my Sand Scorcher, I don´t need this anymore. Here you can get a nice cockpit/interior which fits into your Tamiya Sand Scorcher. It´s a very nice scale item and will make looking your Sand Scorcher very realistic. Asking price: $32 / £20 / €25 Europe: €11 / £10 insured World: $25 insured
  2. Unfortunately I don´t have enough time to finish this due to other projects. So this Sand Scorcher is for sale. Just drop me a line, if you are interested!
  3. The chassis has been finished now. The shocks were painted and assembled, but they are really ****. They don´t really work. The only thing about them is that they are looking very scale. But I guess I´ll order better ones in the future. The RC box is sitting right on the chassis plate and the wheels are also mounted and looking very good. ;-) I´ll start painting the body in March or April when it´s warm outside. I don´t wanna paint the body inside my home. I´m still high from painting the shocks and wheels some weeks ago. ;-)
  4. Thanks! I saw your Scorcher chassis in the showroom and it was really inspirational. ;-) I like the combination of black and polished parts very much. The powder coating was done by a local in Hamburg, Germany. I´ll use the stock shocks at first.
  5. Thanks, I´m glad to hear that you like it so far. ;-) So, look what happend the last days: The aluminium chassis plate (from TC-member Helge), the tranny box and front axle parts have been powder coated. All other chassis parts have been polished. After doing the whole polishing I was very glad to start assembling the chassis. At first I assembled the transmission (incl. a diff) and the rear axle. I replaced the standard motor by a Tamiya Sport Tuned Motor. Roll cage and rear cage were mounted and after all I fitted the transmission box to the chassis plate. Then I assembled the front axle and mounted it on the chassis plate. The front post with servo saver also has been attached to the chassis plate. I replaced the original screws of the kit by a set of stainless screws by CRP. That´s the status quo. Next step will be assembling the shocks and to complete the chassis. Meanwhile I´m racking my brain over a paint scheme for the body... It won´t be a box art design and I think it will contain some red, orange and white. To be continued... ;-)
  6. Hi! 20 years ago I already owned a Grasshopper and a Manta Ray, but lost interest in rc cars after some time. But when a friend of mine posted the "Fast as Funk at Shell Island with Tamiya Sand Scorcher" video I just fell in love with the Sand Scorcher. I also have a real 65 beetle (follow link) and I´m into aircooled VWs since many years. I decided to buy a Re-Re Sand Scorcher and build a runner inspired by Bugs raced at Baja 500/1000 in the 70s. Some days ago I started the build up. I´ll post some photos of the progress frequently in this thread - so just stay tuned. Hope you´ll enjoy it. ;-) Comments and suggestions are welcome! The Sand Scorcher NIB... I started with the body first and ground the surface. The car will be a runner for sure and I want it to look more like a baja bug raced at Baja 500 in the 70s. So I removed the running boards and window rubbers. I assembled the chassis provisionally just to have a look at the body mounted on the chassis. The front fenders have been modified to look more like the original Bug-Eye Baja kits by Empi. The rear fenders also have slightly been modified. Last but not least I remodeled the body with filler in some areas. To be continued...
  7. Thanks for the info. I didn´t know that. So, I´ll powdercoat or paint the parts... Cheers, Olaf
  8. Hi there, I´m thinking about anodizing the transmission box and some chassis parts of my Re-Re Sand Scorcher. Has anyone already done it? Can I get into trouble because of leaks between the tranny-box halves? Or don´t the friction surfaces of some of the moveable axle parts have to anodize? I´m looking forward for some know-how... Best regards, Olaf
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