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  1. Hi all As above really, which one is best ?...they look very similar
  2. Hi all As above really, which one is best ?...they look very similar
  3. Have a brand new TEU BK 101 still in packaging and never used, is that what you are after ? ....will go on ebay if not
  4. Sure did, those eggs are to die for I got a rising Storm....Bit dissapointed really, car was great to build but has been a nightmare with electrics, I seem to have sorted it now (about 2 hours ago !!....but still not convinced) but the good service by Fusion has been far outweighed today by frustration and annoyance at the sheer unreliability of the car, it also now seems noisy and slower...could all be in my mind though but i have lost the enthusiasm for it. If it had been a straight shop purchase I would have had a refund by now.
  5. Hi all Bought my first RC Tamiya for Xmas from fusion, received in good time and well packaged, bag of Haribo in there too!! Had a couple of probs with the electrics and my god are they helpful. Joanne could'nt do enogh for me, they even upgraded 1or2 parts that needed replacing. Fantastic service, would'nt shop anywhere else !!!
  6. Hi all I have a similar problem on my rising storm package, but waht are crystals ?
  7. As above really, had a new Rising Storm for Christmas and would like to paint it, too cold in garage so was thinking of the house, anyone say how strong the fumes are ? Cheers
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