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  1. Cool thanks for that will definately give that a go now!
  2. Did the gears not sit in the long chassis piece on the TL. Sorry if that was a stupid question I havnt actually dug my TL out the cupboard yet and havnt seen it for a few years!
  3. How do you go about swapping out the original gears for the tl01's im currently converting my tt01 into a rally car and was told doing this would help so I can get rid of those chunky dogbones!
  4. Car arrived today thanks Mike been a pleasure dealing with you
  5. thanks tony that guide was perfect guna go with the tt as ive got the tl driveshafts thanks again to everone else aswell
  6. thanks fr all the tips so far sorry for the stupid question but how do i raise the suspension is it just a case of setting it with the shock tread if so does that not add anything to the pre-load on the shocks?
  7. what could i do to stop the bindin? What would be required on the tt01 as thats in the best condition!
  8. what would be needed for the tt01 ive got both chassis laying around not being used so not looking at getting a new one but thanks for the suggestions are any mods need to fit the bigger shocks to the tl01?
  9. As the title says what do you guys think the best chassis would be for rallying and what hop ups would be needed to get them there! Any help would be great guys
  10. Im looking for a 60a ezrun speedo version 2 would be prefered if anyone has a spare one knocking around I know its a long shot but dont want to wait the 3 odd weeks if buying from the bay!
  11. Hi there i noticed on fusion hobbies they had a huge selection of 1/24's
  12. Sorry to waste your time guys but for some reason i thought it was 1/10 scale!
  13. woah should have checked that first! Thanks for the hads up about the link aswell think il just keep looking for a tamiya and stop being so cheap!
  14. Hey everyone was having a look on the fleabay for a bargain and came across this would you think its worth the money I know the parts proberbly wont be the best quality but does anyone think it'd be worth a go?
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