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  1. Ye I wasn't going to make it ridiculous with brushless and all that. If I'm honest I can't see the appeal of brushless. Nice 16t brushed motor or something and a few minor tweaks for extra strength if needed.
  2. Haha ye I should hope not. Ye I am really considering this as my next car looks sick.
  3. Thanks for the opinions. It sounds like a really good little machine think I might have to get one. I have noticed the tyre's look like they have very fine treads. Very helpful as always. Thanks -MickRosco
  4. Sounds brilliant. Really tempting to go and get one. Ye body clips and wheels nuts are fine I got loads. I have been looking at youtube video's and it seems so planted over rough ground. Are the stock springs any good or would they need uprating as well? Cheers -MickRosco
  5. Hello, Just wondering what everyone thinks to the Stadium Blitzer. I have been looking at it for a couple of days and I think it looks good but am noticing that parts are quite scarce and upgraded parts are also few and far between. Just wanted to know if anyone has/had one and what they think to the performance and suck of this model. Thanks -MickRosco
  6. Ye I was looking at the TL-01B a few months ago. Looks quite good but the DB looks sick. So does the Kyosho but only problem is it's RTR so. Maybe I might get a second hand non-runner and restore it. Hmmm who knows yet.
  7. That looks right good. I am going to stick the servo in the center as well because it is just such a stupid design being at the side like it is. I like your shock tower, I almost started building one but managed to get a hold of some CRP shock towers (thanks shwng1973 ). Good luck with the nerf bars and post up some pics when it's done. Cheers -mickrosco
  8. Ye that's exactly what I was thinking. I am a plumber so it should be no problem lol. Before you hurry on and look at doing that though I shall send you a PM. Thanks MickRosco
  9. One of these? http://www.wheelspinmodels.co.uk/i/65363/
  10. Anyone know what these Kyosho DB's are like? They look quite sick actually from what I have been seeing. Bigger machine as well which could be something new.
  11. Nope they're like rocking horse sh*t mate. Might have to try and make some. Aluminium bar from a DIY shop. 6-7mm or so.
  12. I call it the Subaru BRAP LOL. Just need to figure out a way for the front wheels now.
  13. Ye that's very tough. Will probably do that when the M3 rod bends but at the minute I'm figuring out how to stop the front wheels dropping off. I can't seem to get cold weld to stand up to it. I'm thinking about drilling through the upright and tapping into the axle and screwing it on. Seen someone on here do it and it looks like a good way around it. The main thing though I want to find out how I can put a different set of wheels on the front. I think I would have to change a bit of stuff on the front to get it done. Will all be worth it in the end. Thanks -MickRosco
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