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  1. Did kyosho ever release a ball biff option for the turbo scorpion? I think that the original owner was probably only buying Kyosho branded stuff... My assumption is this was bought for the optima, or double dare he had at the time, and was found to be wrong and never used. (He doesn't remember).
  2. Hi to all, pretty new here... As per title, I have a mystery ball diff. Was given to me with some optima gear. All bought around 1988-89 in New Zealand. Picture time So gear is, 28T with a diameter of 30mm, width of 7.7mm. Total width of diff 43mm. Outdrives are 9mm OD, and 5.9 ID. If this is close to the gear diff then I assume it must be the ball diff version. I have nothing to compare it to. Thanks Timon
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