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  1. I second that much better power delievry and constant pwoer then the battery goes away, no power lose as the battery drans down all power then no power. GO LIPO.
  2. There was some ? about shock in this page losi mini rock crawler shocks work great. I just installed a set on my buggy champ/rr/ss . I also have a brushless set up running on lipo. Oh how could I forget my df-03 slipper clutch to keep this weelie machine on the ground. lol. as for the shocks the backs are as long as the fronts for them to work right you need to relocate the top shock mount to the rollbar. Drill a hole in the rollbar so that the shock is fully extended, This makes a big diff. in how the trk handles power. Plus it looks trick on your ride.
  3. beetle your tires are on the way, TA thanks for the help with the slipper clutch. As for the post about the ball diff I took mine out after two day rough and was very notchy as well. im gonna get some balls for it LOL and try the new ones. as for the slipper df-03 works great TA what I did was remove the gear from my sand scorcher and used the shaft from the df-03 , pressed it on and wala it work perfect. I have adjustment in the clutch without shimming it . Had to do some mods with the trusty dremel to the case but its all good in the hood. Im having a hard time posting pics for you guys any word on how to correct this problem. Anyway thanks again you have been great help ion my project. No on to a hotshot/lipo/brushless
  4. i've completed my biuld and it came out great. slipper in ball diff in and brushless tacon 3650kv rippin it up in the dirt. oh 2200 blue lipo from nitro rcx.com
  5. 20.00 usd [plus shipping and I have tree sets left. keeping two for my self .
  6. I run a 2200 mah blue lipo and a tacon3650 kv brushless all from nitrorcx.com ball diff. and a df-03 slipper clutch . The thing really rips.
  7. get your self a cheap bushless system . you can get them as cheap as 59.00 USD through hobbypartz.com they work nice and way more power the brushed. I have even water proofed the cheaper one's . well worth the money. a 2s will make it scream
  8. 20.00 USD though paypal. I will have to find out what the shipping would be give me a day to find out. I contacted DHL they need a full address with zip code. thanks anthony c
  9. I have five extra set of paddle tires for the sand scorcher /rough rider, buggy champ/ hornet/grasshopper or frog models. I know there hard to find and this site has helped me out alot so far, so im looking to help some one here who might want a set.
  11. thanks for the insight. just ordered the slipper clutch from the df03 dark night and the ball diff to boot. once again IM ALL IN. THANK AGAIN GUY FOR THE HELP.
  12. how do your gears hold up, also have you sean a df03 slipper clutch in one. and what holds the motro inplace
  13. thaks for the fast respones but what hold the motor from twisting . have you sean a df03 slipper clutch set up on one yet. how do your gears hold up with the set up you run.
  14. whats up guys just looking for a bit of help. I have been messing with the traxxas slash 4x4 for for some time now. So much i built my own trk and it is sweet. Just bought a buggy champ and want to put a brushless system in it , its way to slow for me. It is by fare the coolest rc I have ever owned. If anyone has some pics of what the have done to modifey the gear case as well as coverting it to a slipper clutch it would be great thamks again happy holidays
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