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  1. Thanks for the info! Yeah, this whole tire thing is a pain. I just want to get modern tires/wheels so that I don't have to search ebay endlessly for tires every time they get worn, and have some compound/tread choices. It seems like not only are Tamiya wheels unique sizes, but it's surprisingly hard to track down tires & no real compound choices unless you go to the 2.2s for the current high end racing buggy. Thanks for the reminder on gearing - I haven't even started to think about motor/gearing yet... and batteries, to lipo or not to lipo... Whuff...
  2. Looking to upgrade an older 2wd buggy to current wheel sizing (2.2s) for vintage racing & tire options but I despise the bland disc wheels that seem to be the only options. I like a lot of the various recent Tamiya buggies with cool wheels (super hornet, holiday buggy, star dish wheels, etc...), but I find any indication of what the actual diameter of the wheels are. Does anyone know? Or if they are smaller, anyone know of cool looking 2.2s that fit Tamiya buggies? Thanks!
  3. Looks good! I just picked up a hunter (which was my first RC buggy!) and am starting to gather pieces to make it the way I had it back then (not quite stock). My plan is to recreate the mods I did as a kid - Galaxy rear suspension, and somehow at the time I managed to come up with some tiny oil dampers that fit in the inboard system the Hunter used, as well as some RC10 turnbuckle chassis braces to address the cracking issues. If I can't find the equivalent tiny shocks, I may go with an earlier front mod, which Galaxy stuff. Plan is to mostly shelf it, but run at the vintage nationals this fall in the "classics" class. As I recall, the Hunter/Galaxy could easily hold it's own against the Frogs, etc... but tended to be a bit fragile, especially the chassis. Anyway, looks good, and always fun to revisit that first car.
  4. Thanks! I did find that, and finally figured out how to download and print them to fit on a normal page!
  5. Hi, I'm looking for an electronic copy of a Marui Hunter Manual quickly (I have access to a good color printer, and want to take advantage of it!). Does anyone have one? I found a couple online, but they are not downloadable, and I'm having a hard time getting them to print properly off the sites. Thanks! Never mind, figured out how to download and fix the pages! Sweet! Now I'll be ready when she arrives!
  6. Thanks all, so a combination of Super Sabre uprights/towers (for red vs. blue parts) & Boomerang arms/hardware would fit - would it make a difference if it's a rere or original Hotshot? Also, not clear on "step pins"? Which are these, and does anyone know which parts pack they would come in or where I could get them? I've seen the arms and uprights/towers. Also, would that mean that the Radshape rear boomerang kit would also work in that setup? Seems like it would take care of the upright issue. And also again..., what about Supershot arms/uprights - any reason why they wouldn't work, assuming I could sort out the upright issue? Finally, what would the proper length of shocks be for: 1. The HP front end kit 2. The Boomerang/Hotshot II rear 3. the HP rear Sorry for all the questions, but I'm in the project accumulation mode, and want to try to avoid too many dead ends. Most of my past working on RC cars was on RC10s, and everything pretty much interchanged across the better part of 10 years of cars... Best, Sten
  7. Ahh, thanks... missed that. Looks like a small metal bracket that attaches onto the existing arm... bummer, would have been nice to find out that it's as simple as adding a ball joint to the lower arm...
  8. Yeah, I'm good with the front - using the metal Supershot parts, although I will be using other shocks, but the back is what has me struggling. I'd like to convert to dual rear shocks, but short of the rear HP parts falling out of the sky... Speaking of that, how did the rear shocks mount to the lower arms in the HP upgrade? were there new arms? or did the mounts just attach to the factory arms (like the fronts)?
  9. Hi, I'm a bit new to all this, but have a question about the Hotshot Rear suspension for a runner I'm getting ready to build. I have the front end pieces from the HP upgrade, but nothing for the back. All of the threads on here seem to focus on either the RC Channel conversion or the HP kit, both of which have challenges (cost/weight & cost/availability) Short of buying a full HP kit (which I've not seen available recently), is there any other reasonable (cost-wise) option for upgrading the rear? I'm not interested in going with the full metal setup. Can you use Boomerang (or any of the other more available car) parts (tower, brackets, arms)? I have decent fabrication skills, but don't want to reinvent the wheel if there are things that can be modified/adapted more readily. I guess an even more basic question would be, I know that the front has suspension issues, how bad is the back? Would a dual front/mono rear combo be a solid setup? I'm building this as a runner, and understand the limitations of the original design/era, but I'd like to get it close to the Supershot my buddy had when I was a kid. Thanks!
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